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A Breath of Fresh Air For Television Viewers
BoyFromOz15 January 2006
After only two episodes on AMC, this spunky show has already added itself to my must-see TV list. This innovative BBC show, created by Tony Jordan follows the charmingly malevolent capers of five con artists in swanky modern London. The rogues gallery includes Mickey "Bricks" Stone (Adrian Lester), a charming debonair "inside man" who has never missed on a con, with a perfect record of 49 successful jobs, before being jailed on an unrelated charge. Now he's back on the streets and ready to get to work again, calling together the rest of the team. The other team members include Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) a charismatic older con man who serves as a mentor to the young group, Ash Morgan (Robert Glenister) the quirky, yet charming technogeek who is to Hustle as "Q" is to James Bond, Stacie Munroe (Jaime Murray) the alluring female component that is necessary for every caper, and newbie Danny Blue (Marc Warren) a sarcastically charming down and out master of the short con who learns of Mickey Stone and his infamous team through a mutual friend. The acting is terrific, and each team member works to make the ensemble a cohesive and chemistry rich whole. Not to mention a jazzy, eclectic atmosphere which exudes a neo-1920s-esque level of cool. With hip jazz infused music, elegant and suave art direction and scripts that crackle with wit, HUSTLE proves to be an enrapturing and entertaining instant hit!
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One of the best shows on the box
caswelll23 January 2005
I must say I absolutely loved this and did not miss one episode.

I know some people will think it is just a waste of time but I enjoyed the fact that not only did they only single out the rich and the greedy, I now know some things to watch out for so that I don't get conned.

I loved the freeze frames that enabled them to explain what was going on, it meant that you didn't lose the thread by excessive dumbing down but you got the inside facts.

I have recommended this to many people and am looking forward to this years series.
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Why should the Brits have all the fun???
garrard21 July 2006
Thank God that AMC saw the light and, in conjunction with the BBC, allowed us "Yanks" to view one of the coolest shows to come on the scene in decades. When AMC initially aired trailers for it two years ago, I intended on checking it out because of Robert Vaughn, a actor that I've admired since his "Man from U.N.C.L.E. days and the sole American in the cast. However, its airing and my schedule could not get "in sync".

It was until this third season that I started watching the show and what a pleasure each and every installment has been. The cast is flawless: Adrian Lester is authoritative and classy as leader "Mickey"; Marc Warren brings the right persona as "Danny," the "eager beaver" neophyte; Vaughn, of course, is perfect as "Albert," the senior grifter of the group; Jaime Murray holds her own as the sole female member of the quintet, providing the sexual allure but equally adept at the art of con; and Robert Glenister's "Ash" is the group's "jack of all trades," the one that stages and sets up the elaborate situations and locations for the respective "stings".

Major kudos must be given to creator Tony Jordan, as well as Bharat Nalluri for providing the idea.

The story lines are enthralling and the occasional "winks" at and asides to the audience are brilliantly executed, adding to the "tongue in cheek" flair of the show.

The cinematography is such that London has never looked better and hipper. The wardrobe budget must be astronomical because each of the principals gets to "dress to the nines."

It's too bad that because the show is an "import," it's not likely to be eligible for Emmy consideration.

It is truly deserving.

For those of us old enough to remember, there was a short-lived American show in the 60's called "The Rogues," starring the stellar cast of Charles Boyer, David Niven, Gig Young, Robert Coote, Gladys Cooper, and a young Larry Hagman.

Not since that show has "conning" been such fun...until "Hustle"
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Hustle - The Puppies Privates of British TV
spooky-795 April 2005
British Television rarely gets any better than this - with the look and feel of a manic collision between Ocean's Eleven, Catch Me If You Can, The Sting and High Fidelity, Hustle is the only show currently worth watching (if you only possess terrestrial TV).

Season One was awesome and season Two appears set to carry the baton at full throttle. Witty, imaginative, engaging; it puts my faith back in British Television. Not only that but the cinematography is inventive, especially the speed ramping and occasional pauses so that characters may talk to camera, or even each other. The cast are excellent - How about a campaign for Adrian Lester as the next James Bond?

In fact, Hustle is so good, I'm going to teach it for Media Studies next year.!
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BunnyPhobic25 February 2004
This is a crime drama about a group of 'long con' artists, lead by the recently out of jail master, Mickey Stone who get together to make cash quick by scamming the wealthy for all they've got. A shares scam, the arts world, a health spare and a casino will all be targeted by these sexy, confident criminals who can make you say thank you for taking your life savings.

I saw the first episode of this 6 parter last night and it was brilliant! I'd describe it as a cross between 'Ocean's 11' with the high crime, stylishness of it and 'Spooks' with the high tech look, quirky camera angels and plot twists (There are these weird, but funky moment when the action slows down and the characters talk to the camera! It's very cool!) Definitely will keep watching, and I'd advise you all to do the same! 8/10 but bound to get better!
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British TV at its best.
vlevana30 January 2005
British TV at its best.

Great cast, especially Adrian Lester who does an amazing job (and on top of that he is gorgeous!)

Look for the "correspondance" with older sting movies. I really loves the references to "The Sting".

Witty plot, beautiful settings, clever lines and many surprises along the story line all combine to make a great show.

American TV can take a lesson or two by studying this show.

And did I mention Adrian Lester ???

Look for it !!!
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Everybody be cool. You be cool.
Embridioum28 September 2004
Here in Sweden the second chapter will be seen this evening but from only have seen the pilot I must say that "Hustle" is very, very cool.

A couple of gentlemen thieves fraud rich people who really deserves a lesson and can afford to lose some money :-). Nothing is (or was in the first episode anyway...) as it seems, except for the brilliant acting and cool surroundings. The perfect league of anti-heroes lead by Mickey "Bricks" Stone, a criminal master-mind. The best in what he does. Teamed up by old friends good at different things which complements the group perfectly. I know what I will do the coming Tuesdays!
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Makes Oceans 11 look like a joke
copperncherrio13 March 2011
There are 6 episodes per season and each episode (although not congruent with one another) are made to a movie caliber. There's some amount of wink, wink and hint, hint at the cameras, breaking the forth wall. But it's subtle and not overwhelming. The pace and chemistry of this crew is electrifying and addicting.

There's not much of an overall story plot, other than a con per episode and there isn't too much of a background on all of the characters, but you will learn to love them within a nick of time.

The cons are justified although not like freaking Leverage where there is a sappy scene giving the money to the less deserved. No this crew is after the money among other things, and do not make excuses for their own gain. However, they are so charming, smart, and yet humane that you learn to love them and watch them as they take down the greedy. Take note, that they do not go after those who have always wronged others, but just those whose greed leads path for this crew to take their money away.

Hustle is my favorite "fun" TV show by far, because you just learn to love the con as well as the characters. Also the plot per episode is just so smart and outside the commonality of the con plots that it is astounding that this show isn't the number one show of all time.

Also, I love Jaime Murray (who plays Stacy), I think she's puts sexy, smart, and beautiful all into one character and person.

Lastly, they all have British accents. Just the notch that you need to bring you head over heels about this show.
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Absolutely fantastic!!
emily_glenister13 May 2005
I think Hustle is a wonderful series! Its your typical British con show which isn't as slick as your typical Hollywood con show (or something similar - you get the picture). In this version, almost every episode, you think one of the characters is going to get caught, or indeed all of them - which if course they don't but nevertheless! Its gripping with a new storyline every episode so you can tune in halfway through the series and understand what's going on immediately (although I recommend you watch the whole series). Apparently there's a new one beginning filming in August 2005 so we can look forward to more Hustle around this time next year - YAY!! P.S: Marc Warren (Danny Blue) is one of the sexiest actors on TV since I don't know when... YUM!!
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Why we can't have more episodes a season
Izzit2496 May 2005
Tony Jordan was briefly confronted in a low key column of a tabloid newspaper about why there are only 6 of Hustle.

If you are like me and desperately want it on for longer, Jordan claims that he is a Story consultant for Eastenders, writer for Bafta winning drama Spooks, and a writer of Hustle, which means holiday breaks are limited. He just can't find the time. A shame!

Hustle has become one of my most favourite TV dramas of all time. Although the last episode of series 2 seemed to be a slight rip-off of Entrapment, it was probably the best one they ever did! However it does leave the question of how can they top it?
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I thoroughly enjoyed this series!
happymaryellen22 January 2014
I have watched almost every show of this series and I LOVED it!! Seeing Robert Vaughn has been a treat (I am old enough to remember him in the Man from Uncle), and Adrian Lester is spot on for this role. Every show I am waiting to see who they will con, usually bad guys, and how it goes. The show is cleverly written, well acted and directed. It is not typical by any means. Not something you can multitask and watch either since they have twists and turns in it you do NOT want to miss. I like the addition of the brother and sister following losing the first gal (who was also brilliant)...but bringing in the newbies and showing them the ropes was cool. Also, if you watch the series and get to know the cast, be SURE to watch the last show at the end, it is SUPER. I will miss this show, glad for reruns, for sure! Good job cast!!
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Hustle is a spicy update of the 1960's Mission Impossible
suzena125 June 2011
"Hustle" is a rush! It borrows heavily from the 1960's American television, "Mission Impossible", but it was a great formula 40 years ago, & it is a great formula today.

Instead of running a con to bring down a corrupt foreign government or rescue a Cold War spy like Jim, Barney, Rollin, Cinnamon, Willy & Paris, the "Hustle" crew selects a corrupt, evil or just plain nasty wealthy mark and plays a long con to rob them of a piece of their ill gotten fortune. Robin Hood would be proud of this London based crew.

The composition of the crew is similar in both shows; a handsome, charismatic & ultra intelligent leader, a femme fatal, an electronics expert & a man on the street. Quick change artistry abounds!

"Hustle" is a delight, & the occasional break of the 4th wall with a glance or wink to the television viewer lets us know that we are a welcome part of Mickey Stone's crew.

The dynamics of the crew keep the energy flowing. Elder statesman Albert (played so well by Robert Vaughn) has passed the torch to Mickey who has Danny nipping at his heals. Everyone loves Stacie, & Ash keeps the ball rolling with quick location transformations.

"Hustle" is what television used to be when there were quality actors & writers on the small screen. "Hustle" gives one hope for the future of television!
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Very engaging
GimliMcGuire31 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am thoroughly enjoying this show; I find it slick, stylish and interesting. The direction is unusual, with strange camera angles, a regular slowing or stopping of time, and characters that occasionally speak directly to the audience.

This team of con-artists are all portrayed brilliantly: there is not a weak performance in them. Leader of the gang is Mickey Stone, a clever, experienced man who is nonetheless cautious due to a previous spell in prison. He clashes constantly with Danny Blue, the youngest member of the group who is a headstrong man and has yet to discover the 'art of the con'. Albert is the eldest among them, a smooth-talker who everybody looks to for advice. Stacey is the obligatory sexy woman, but she has a fun side and she always keeps track with the boys. Finally there is Ash (my personal favourite), a middle-aged man who sets up a lot of the cons and provides the function of walking encyclopedia.

The cons are interesting and dynamic to watch(even though they 'rip off' other shows), but even more interesting are the dynamics of the group, especially when their various pasts come into play. These pasts are never fully revealed; hints are dropped here and there, and I for one would like to know more.

Even though the first episode of Series Two was not as sharp as that of Series One, it was a nice taster and left me looking forward eagerly to next week. With a distinct lack of decent British television at the moment, 'Hustle' is a welcome breath of fresh air.
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Everyone loves a great con.
iamazad2412 March 2012
Hustle is one of the best TV shows that exists at this time. Its an honest opinion from someone who have seen 24, Homeland, Chuck, Prison break,Sherlock and many more. However, each TV series has its pros and cons. But in this show you can find absolute fun and not a boring moment. You will love Marc Warren without any hesitation. I have seen 3 seasons in a row and missing Adrian Lester and I don't know why he is not in the show. This TV series has wit, lots and lots of tricks, a whole bunch of teasing which anyone will find absolutely hilarious. Robert Vaughn gets loads of respect for his presence in the show. He plays the big daddy who has experience in conning almost anyone. Glenister is dazzling as a technical genius and the truth is whatever he is expected to do in the TV series is believable. He not only does the computer, he has to act and react to convince. Jamie is like a filler in each episode and later I believe she has gained a reputation of being very important. This show reminds me Oceans movie big time. Its my second British TV series and I have become a fan of their accent. If you haven't seen it, just take a ride with the first episode. Trust me, every one loves a great con.
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The Con Is Done
Mr Bad Guy26 February 2012
I think the one mediocre season people are referring to may well be the one when Adrian Lester took a break and Ashley Walters stepped in as Billy Bond for that season. I personally never took to him as a character but then in fairness to him, Mickey "Bricks" Stone was a tough act to follow both character and actor. Maybe they are referring to the first series without Danny and Stacie (Marc Warren and Jaime Murray) who were also very hard acts to follow. Again I never quite warmed to Emma and Sean Kennedy (Kelly Adams and Matt Di Angelo) although she was very VERY easy on the eyes. Not as easy as Jamie but easy nevertheless.

Despite all these changes I continued to watch because it was such a fantastic breath of fresh air with great stories, likable characters, brilliant writers and exceptional acting. The other reason to stay with it was of course the A & R Team of Ash and Albert played by Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn respectively. Until this show I had always really disliked Vaughn. He was a smarmy git in Man From U.N.C.L.E. and a nasty cowardly git in The Magnificent Seven although he did redeem himself at the (pun intended) death. Who would have thought that he would pop up in Britain's most famous street?

Then there is Ash, my absolute favourite character throughout the series. He was just great to watch all the time and one got a sense that if push came to shove he would be the first to take a bullet for the others. Remember the blow fish scene in Eddie's bar? Also, I am a great lover of actor consistency in shows and the fact that the A & R Team were in the series from day one to day done was a biggie for me.

One has to give a nod to Rob Jarvis who played dear old gullible Eddie. Can't really call him the comic relief because the show was intertwined with humour anyway along with the action, drama, mystery and sometimes great suspense. Eddie was simply the backbone of the gangs social life from the start. He was their one constant, solid safe haven and perfect straight man for the tricks and itsy bitsy teenie weenie playful mini scams they played on him. They all loved him intensely though, which was clearly evident in a very subtle and touching dialogue from Ash in the final episode. If not for Eddie's bar I think they would have split up years ago so can I get a big Amen for Eddie?

A couple of things I did miss were the way all the action would freeze and members of the gang would freely walk around through a motionless scene and talk directly to you and me. Whether to show us something we may have missed, tell us what was going on or just simply for the pure hell of it THAT, was a great part of the show for me. Also the way every now and again one of them would just give a subtle smile and or facial expression directly at the camera when something was afoot so to speak. Oliver Hardy would do that and it made me smile EVERY time. These little directorial gems were halted in the early years of the series although those looks and smiles did thankfully return in the final. I loved that style of direction in "Alfie" (original with MC) and loved it more so in "Shirley Valentine" but not as much as I loved it when Mickey, Danny, Stacie, Albert or especially Ash did it. It felt like this look or smile was just for me and I believe some of the shows charm was lost when that stopped. Ah well, each director to his/her own I guess.

So the Con is Off or the Con is Gone. The great Hustle is done am I.

This was supposed to be a couple of sentences but as you can see, I got carried away.......or I should be.....carried away that is.

Okay, Bye.

P.S. Great theme tune as well.

P.P.S.......Just kidding.
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Sad it's ending, best show that's been on TV for ages!
animalmad917 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hustle had me drawn in from Series 1 right up until the very last episode of Series 8, It's one of the very few shows that hasn't had an episode that i didn't like. Very few TV shows on at the moment has gave me that feeling.

Every episode has a well thought out plot, and the con itself can sometimes leave you thinking "How did they do that?", which i always like. You never thought it was fake. As well as all the business end of things in this show, there's always the idea of humour to be added in, and it is applied where possible, and where it is applied it is excellent.

The characters in my eyes couldn't have been cast any better. Robert Vaughn and Robert Glenister were my personal favourites, but full marks to Adrian Lester & others for keeping me entertained over these past few years, Yes, that includes Eddie the barman as well. What i also liked about the characters is that they all got equal parts, which you don't always get in these types of shows where the main characters are in some kind of group or organisation, an example is Primeval, Series 1 & 2, where Stephen hardly ever got any story lines, apart from his affair with estranged Helen Cutter. It's different in Hustle, throughout i think every character got at least one episode that revolved around their life.

Overall Hustle is one of my favourite shows that's been on TV, and i'l sorely miss it. Well Done producers, well done.
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Awesome series
ernestine211441 November 2006
This series is refreshing, engaging, thought-provoking and just plain fun! I haven't looked forward to a television series this much in many years.

The chemistry amongst the cast members is apparent, and seems so natural and unstilted. The players are well drawn out by the writers, giving them depth and personality. The plot lines are excellently written with the solution not becoming apparent to the viewer until the end of the show. The background music is perfect. This show has just the right balance of humor, mystery and intrigue, and yes even humanity. I appreciate too the lack of brute violence that seems all too prevalent in many television shows these days.

I can't wait for AMC to air the next season in the series! I feel like I have a thirst as yet unquenched!!
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Breaking the law never looked so good
bajan_gem11 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I watched Hustle I was hooked. I love how everything comes together at the end, and how the picture freezes and the characters talk to one another or to the audience. Sometimes the characters look directly at the audience so you feel that you are a part of the picture. It is so refreshing.

My favourite character is Mickey Stone played my Adrian Lester. He always seems so calm and collected which is a complete contradiction to Danny Blue, a headstrong young man and prefers the 'short con' whereas Mickey prefers the 'long con'. The other three, Stacey, Ash and Albert, compliment the picture totally. Albert is called upon whenever they need a distinguished, rich-looking gentleman, Stacy is usually as distraction because of her stunning beauty and Ash is just an expert at everything.

I wonder when they will stop tricking the bartender (I can't remember his name).

My favourite episode so far is "The Henderson Challenge". Both Mickey and Danny were tricked (Danny was tricked twice). My favourite con in that episode occurred when Danny stuck a sign on a ATM reading "OUT OF ORDER. PLEASE GIVE ALL DEPOSITS TO THE SECURITY GUARD". He stood next to the ATM in a security guard uniform and eagerly accepted the deposit envelopes. That was hilarious. And also the fact that Mickey won from the quarter that Danny gave to him while showing off.

The show has comedy and drama. In a nutshell.....WATCH IT AND DO NOT MISS AN Episode. I haven't.
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rossrobinson10 March 2004
I think Hustle is a fantastic series, i first watched this when it was on the united kingdom channels which would be BBC ONE last month in February. i thought that the actors were perfect and i thought the series was brillant. I give this series a great score 10 out of 10 because i think it is a fantastic series to watch. For those of you who haven't watched hustle yet, for those of you in the uk, get watching now because it's on tuesday nights at around 9pm on BBc One.

If you are a very huge big fan of Hustle, there is a website you can visit. heres the site:
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Classy and Slick
mailme-4223 July 2007
Well, BBC Entertainment finally got this series to India. Its probably the best crime drama i've ever seen. Classy and Slick makes you feel like you should be one of em. The music is awesome, shots, color grading, everything is EXCELLENT. Saw two episodes and ordered the DVDs from Amazon. Do not miss this. If you've not even seen on episode, buy the whole DVD set. God I'm a fan...... Absolutely love it.....

I loved the crown jewels episode where they steal a diamond. Though stealing a diamond is one of the most stereotype heists, but the way they fooled the police was amazing....

The other cool episode was when they pull a long con on this property dealer who tries to run ahead of con men. Well not Mickey and his team. Hats of to Bharat Nalluri for the concept. Now stop reading this and go watch Hustle....
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Something Great From The UK
brianmurphy999-19 September 2006
Well, with so many great TV shows coming from the US it is great to finally have one of our own, if you have the chance to watch the BBC'S Hustle make sure you do, each season is superb, great acting, great music, great stories.

The photography and scripts are of film quality and the great thing with the show, is the scripts, the writers ability to make it unpredictable, trying to guess who is going to do what and how they are going to do it just extends the shows enjoyment value.

When we finally get a black James Bond, Adrian Lester must have great shout, he is cool, smart, yet capable of a complete range of personalities and acting styles.

Skillful comic performances don't come much better on TV than that shown by Marc Warren, a film actor of the future for sure, beauty and superb acting from a female lead done come any better than the wonderful Jaime Murrey, you may not know the name now, but you will, not only is she gorgeous she can really act, with her father also an excellent TV actor I guess it runs in the family.

The cast is rounded out brilliantly by the experienced and ever popular British actor Robert Glenister and the acting legend that is Robert Vaughn, Hustle is genuinely a quality UK show, it's available on DVD so if you have not seen in make sure you do.
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Con-Artists Who Out Smart Themselves
whpratt127 April 2006
Recently viewed this TV Series and enjoyed the great acting and story about a bunch of con-artists who are extremely smart to the point they actually out smart themselves. Veteran actor Robert Vaughn does a fantastic job of acting and his facial expressions are the true characteristics of a silver fox Con. The professional cons are always willing to let newcomers into their group and sometimes these newcomers give them a run for their money in more ways than one. The gals are very sexy looking and in this TV Series, the gals do most of the background work and play rather low key roles. This is a great show and in many ways, these con-artists are only doing what most big business perform on a daily basis.
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Smart, clever and dripping with genius.
mynameisneo17 March 2006
Hustle raises the standards of television; television that has recently sunk into the depths of reality shows, repeats, and more reality shows. Hustle also shows that originality goes a long way.

This program contains three essential legs that keep it upright. Firstly, the idea. The idea of the show is so brilliant that it feels as if a breath of fresh air hits you in the face every time you watch it. It is produced superbly and the atmosphere of the program is modern, original, smooth and sophisticated.

Secondly, the script. Week in, week out, Hustle delivers something new and exciting. The writing is witty and gives the juxtaposition of characterization freedom to move around, while being tied down by the umbrella that is the genre and idea for the program. The dialogue is also good, by the second series the writers seemed to have let characterization seep over the wall of initial curiosity about the acceptance of the program.

The third point is the acting. Everyone plays their character perfectly, as if they are straight out of a jigsaw puzzle, everyone fits brilliantly. The actors gel well on camera and give a positive atmosphere when all together.

The only real thing i can say negatively about the show is that sometimes you have to take a step back and say, wait a minute, they are stealing. That is the greatest con on the program, they completely cover up the fact their stealing and rename their actions as HUSTLING.

But still, this program uplifts BBC's reputation and actually produces some healthy viewing. 99% of todays television is copied, processed and dragged out to the death, It is junk . Hustle is new, original, fresh, smart, packed with twists, and good entertainment. If reality TV shows are fast food, Hustle is an exotic fruit.
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When it's good, it's very, very good...
giraffe17310 July 2006
but when it is bad it is trite, clichéd, and reminiscent of something better. I enjoy this show. The characters are fun, the twists are (usually) good. When it is at its best, you never see the turns coming. You get inspired and might even want to try a con yourself. I love the way the characters wink at us, the observers. I like the interactions and the relationships that they have built. But occasionally I watch and I know that I have seen this con before, in some movie or book, where it was done better. And occasionally the writers have tried so hard to come up with a surprise twist that you cannot help but see it a mile away.

So, when it is good, it is very, very good. And luckily this is most of the time, because this show is fun, and I enjoy enjoying it.
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The spirit of Lew Grade is with us
ubercommando14 April 2005
Once upon a time there was a man called Lew Grade, then Sir Lew Grade and finally Lord Grade. He was king of a magic land called ITC/ATV and he felt it his incumbent duty to fill the land with enjoyable, slick and stylish television and to fill the TV with a new breed of stars. So he begat "The Saint", "Man of the World", "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "William Tell" and "The Buccaneers" and "Danger Man" which in turn led to Patrick McGoohan creating "The Prisoner" and "Man In A Suitcase" and "The Champions" and everything Gerry Anderson ever did, and he doth create much merriment with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore in "The Persuaders". And there was much rejoicing around the world.

But in the 1980's, the mighty British networks eschewed all this to give us 2 hour long plodding whodunit dramas in small English towns, and depressing "urban" dramas, and dire conspiracy theory dramas, and flouncy costume dramas with ham acting and the evil ones said that soap operas were the highest form of drama and that the future was reality TV where the public and spotty youths with hand held camcorders would be the stars of tomorrow. And the people were not happy.

Fairy tales aside, "Hustle" is something Lew Grade would have presided over, with perhaps Monty Berman on producing duties and Dennis Spooner as script editor and it's what British TV has been crying out for since, oh, maybe the demise of "The Professionals". It's fun, acted with aplomb, witty and uses a lot of wink to the audience trickery that "Moonlighting" was so adept at and if anyone knocks that great show I'm going to have to ask them to step outside. And just to re-enforce the idea that "Hustle" is a return to classic escapist TV entertainment, it's got Robert Vaughn in it! I'd gladly watch this over the overrated "No Angels" and "Shameless".
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