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Adam Sandler Attached to Star in Narco and Offered the Role in The $40,000 Man

Adam Sandler is attached to star in a film called Narco, which is a remake of the 2004 French film The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp. The original movie is about a man with narcolepsy who, each time he falls asleep, dreams of action heroes like Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Sandler was also offered the lead role in a film called The $40,000 Man. Robert Downey Jr. was interested in taking the lead role in this film at one point, but he's too busy right now making a ton of other films.

The script was written by Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World) and recently rewitten by John Francis Daley (Horrible Bosses). The story centers on a legendary astronaut and ‘true American hero,’ who is horribly injured in a car crash and is rebuilt by the government to be a bionic man but on a budget of $40,000, which makes him not that bionic.

It will
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Adam Sandler Is A Narco

Adam Sandler Is A Narco
Two high-concept comedies have recently dropped through Adam Sandler's letterbox, but thankfully neither of them involves a merman or a talking baby (or a magic remote control). First up, Sandler is officially attached to Narco, a remake of the 2004 French comedy The Secret Adventures of Gustav Kloppe. Not a narco in the drugs / cops / Cypress Hill sense, Gus is a narcoleptic, which means he falls asleep at inopportune moments and dreams of action heroes (including Jean-Claude Van Damme in a cameo appearance). Attacked by figure-skating assassins, he's left in a coma and eventually wakes up cured of his propensity to constantly nod out. But he finds it convenient to pretend otherwise, uncovering a plot against him involving infidelity, comics art and stand-up comedy.Clay Tarver (Roadkill) is currently at work on the script for Sandler's Happy Madison production company. Early days yet, so no mention of a director so far.
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Adam Sandler set to take the lead role in French comedy remake

Adam Sandler set to take the lead role in French comedy remake
Pajiba is reporting that Adam Sandler is set to take the lead role in Narco. The film, which is being developed by Sandler's production house Happy Madison, is a remake of 2004 French movie The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp. That movie features a narcoleptic protagonist who leads a boring life, only to become an action star during his (frequent) snoozes. The French film apparently featured Jean Claude Van Damme as one of the dreamtime alter egos. We can imagine that Sandler would want to take on the roles himself if this was his...

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