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Addictive Viewing!
twiggysayshi15 October 2003
Here in australia we only just recently got our version of the "idol phenomenon" and it's gotten us all hooked. Sure there's the bad few apples that still think it's karaoke, when u can see the band every episode! This, like the other 'Popstars' and 'starsearch', is just a way of manafacturing pop artists, but it's gotten so much deeper than that with seeing the contestants perform on stage everyweek and have their songs touch us or make us cry, and we get disappointed when our favourites leave, or get in the bottom three. It's become such addictive viewing they need it on everyday of the week to keep our household happy!

The show is much more than a reality tv karaoke, if we wanted that we'd switch over to channel 31 and watch 'Kangaroo Karaoke' ps GO MILLSY AND PAULINI!
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WakenPayne21 May 2012
Australian Idol, The One Show That Was Once On Australian Television That Shows Just How Much We Are Prepared To Listen To America's Taste And Copy It, I Won't Complain Whenever We Become Independent Its Visa Versa.

I Just Have To Ask One Thing, Who Has Actually Been On This Show? I Am Trying To Figure That Out "Who Has Become Famous In Australia Yet Alone Worldwide Off This Show?" At Least With Ida Madsen From Denmark's X-Factor Her Record Has Gone To #1 In That Country And With Good Reason, In This People Sang And Won Then They Had To Deal With "Who Are You Again? I Think I've Seen You Before?" I Know No Artist Will Stand The Test Of Time(Thats Right, None.) But You Expect Someone To Last More Than Overnight.

Overall If You Want Good Australian Talent I Suggest Listening To The Metal Band "Sick Puppies", Those Guys Are Fantastic.
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Australian Idol: The Phenomenon
exoticmonkey17 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I love Australian Idol and if fact auditioned for it myself this year. It is a really great program and always gets an emotional response, even if the performances are verging on the banal. Each week you are found cheering for your favorite contestants on Sunday night, crying when they leave on Mondays (which from experience is even worse when viewed in the live audience) and learn more about them as people on Inside Idol on Thursday nights. I thoroughly recommend this fantastic display of human emotion. Enjoy the soaring heights that gain touchdowns and the shattering lows that show people the door. In 2003, Guy Sebastian was crowned the Australian Idol as was Casey Donovan in 2004. This year we have some real contenders with Anne Robertson, Dan England, Daniel Spillane, Emily Williams, Kate DeArauge and Lee Harding still in the competition after the shock departure of James Kannis (and all his lovable "Greekness") from the competition tonight. Enjoy the rest of season 3. In my opinion, this show is a lot better run and much more entertaining than other shows in the same genre like 'Popstars' (which was a huge flop in Australia) and 'Starsearch'.
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One of the best shows on telly
kutie-19 November 2004
Australian Idol is currently in it's second series and growing from strength to strength. With the appeal of a variety of song genres and a showcase of raw Australian talent, it is easy to see why this show is fast becoming a "must-see."

This year we've had genres such as Pop, R & B, Big Band (my personal favourite) and Australian- Made and of course the 60s, 70s and 80s. All of these genres have allowed us to realize the potential of these amazing performers (GO ANTHONY).

Not that this year hasn't had it's controversies. Few expected the departures of Daniel and Ricki-Lee in consecutive weeks earlier on in the season. Dicko also has had his fair share, announcing his planned departure as judge at the end of the series. All of the controversy, however, does not lessen the appeal of "Australian Idol", rather increasing it.

Overall, this year has been excellent, even better than last year.
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Variety is the spice.
Diverted Praise17 February 2004
Early on in the semi-final stages of the Australian Idol competition the judges, and indeed the serious viewing public were worried that AI was going to be a competition of "boy band" singers. Luckily, and perhaps conveniently, by the time the Final Twelve had been decided there was a variety of different singing styles battling it out to become the winner.

Unfortunately the demographic of people watching this competition favoured looks and character over talent and for this reason contestant Rob Mills progressed further than he probably should have, and over performers who could sing better than him. This was further exampled when Runner Up Shannon Noll made it to the Grand Final with a weak voice, but large amounts of charisma and after the exit of Mills, the teenage girl fanbase.

The final twelve were all fine performers. Some outshone others. Some couldn't handle the schedule (Contestant Rebekah LaVauney fell apart for the majority of her final series, whilst Cosima De Vito had to withdraw all together), whilst others went from strength to strength (Winner Guy Sebastian was, by the end, far beyond the other contestants in performance). But what made AI the success what it was, was the controversy. Contestant Paulini Curuenavuli's dress which sparked a public outcry, Lauren Buckley's emotional breakdown when she was eliminated, a contestant's disqualification and Daniel Wakefield's withdrawal from the final series, giving Levi Kereama a chance to shine, and create controversy himself when he was eliminated. And who can forget everyone's favorite transvestite Courtney Act, who had every guy watching the show lusting after him until she was revealed to be, in fact, a guy. Can AI2 live up to this year? I'd have to say no.
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Where is everyone from?
lunchbox_snoogins5 November 2003
Hey all, Im a big Australian Idol fan. i was just wondering where in Australia is everyone from, i come from Beenleigh (its between The Gold Coast and Brisbane) I so hope Guy wins and am so glad Cosima has left. i was so annoyed that Matt Chadwick didnt get further (he was 12th i know him and hes so sexy and talented.
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Australian Idol
seekerish22 October 2003
Whats the big deal about Paulini and Guy, GO COSIMA! It's too easy if Paulini and Guy win, I think if Shannon and Cosima are the final two, the last episode will be interesting, not soo predictable!!
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