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Season 7

27 Sep. 2009
Episode #7.1
Dan is questioned by the Gardai over Niall Boylan's death but is eventually released only to incur the wrath of Daisy about his involvement in supplying cosmetic surgery products at inflated prices. Lorcan supports Dan which Daisy doesn't understand but Dan is holding a trump card - Lorcan's HIV status. Elsewhere, Lorcan's daughter Madison moves in with him.
5 Oct. 2009
Episode #7.2
Daisy starts monitoring the Clinic's cash-flow and is less than happy with her findings. Dan takes on the complicated surgery of a young African boy with a deformity that could kill him. Ruairí's dad Franny goes to see Patrick and he encourages him to enjoy his last few months by drawing up a 'bucket list'. Meanwhile, Cara forges a prescription for a long-standing patient but is found out leaving Daisy with no option but to give her a verbal warning. Elsewhere, Dave blackmails Lorcan to giving him cash in return for him staying silent on his HIV status.
11 Oct. 2009
Episode #7.3
Dan is up against the Medical Council for his hearing. Alice is upset when she finds Dan has turned to Daisy for support on the day of his hearing. Dan blackmails Lorcan to be on his side when he is called to testify but will Lorcan comply? Meanwhile, Ruairi helps his dad Franny build a sun-deck for Grace but Franny's condition gets progressively worse but does not tell Ruairi.
18 Oct. 2009
Episode #7.4
Ruairi's dad Franny's condition deteriorates faster and after seeing his old friend Al in the early stages of dementia asks Grace to up his morphine to ease his symptoms so that he doesn't have to depend on Ruairi and Terry. Madison develops a crush on Fergus. Dave continues to use his knowledge of Lorcan's HIV status to get preferential treatment. Meanwhile, Alice becomes jealous of Dan's attention to Daisy. Elsewhere, a striking blonde visiting the Clinic arouses Dan's curiosity. Franny dies in his wife's arms after his big party and Ruairi discovers afterwards that...
25 Oct. 2009
Episode #7.5
Having had his advances turned down by Daisy and having broken up with Alice Dan turns to gambling and meets the mysterious Lucille. Ruairi and Daisy become closer as they paint the clinic's conservatory. Lorcan is brought further under the influence of Dave and ends up dealing with a known drug dealer to get methadone for him. Clodagh's first stint as a medical radio D.J. marks an eventful time for her and a patient she deals with online. Meanwhile, new doctor Dr. Edel Swift has major plans for the clinic, Alice quits as nurse in the practice and Grace has to deal ...
1 Nov. 2009
Episode #7.6
New general surgery doctor Edel Swift deals with a litany of emergencies that walk into the Clarence Street Clinic and Dan is quite taken by her but he is also obsessed with Lucille and even more so when he finds he cheated at poker and she now owns his shares. Elsewhere, Lorcan finds out that Annie has tested positive for HIV and has to break the news to her but the stress of it makes him take it out on Clodagh. As a result of Annie's test Dave turns up and threatens him again with exposure but Clodagh intervenes and tells Dave that he also is HIV and she had him ...
8 Nov. 2009
Episode #7.7
Rumour and speculation spread like wildfire about The Clinic's HIV-infected doctor causing cancellations and panic. Lorcan disappears and it is up to Clodagh to tell Madison about her dad's condition before she hears about it from others - she takes the news badly but in the end she and Clodagh track Lorcan down. Dan tells Daisy that he and Cathy knew of Lorcan's HIV status and asks now that they take action and have him removed from the Clinic before the practice goes under. Dan performs a double mastectomy on a young woman whose family has a chronic history of ...
15 Nov. 2009
Episode #7.8
Dan's last day at the Clarence Street Clinic is anything but uneventful as his nemesis Diarmuid and Lucille arrive at his surgery and demand that he treat a bullet wound that Lucille has received. When things don't go Diarmuid's way he takes the Clinic staff hostage and makes Dan and Edel operate under gunpoint. When Daisy argues with him he hits her forcing Ruairi to attack him which results in Diarmuid shooting him in the stomach. Daisy begs Dan to help Ruairi and although under threat of being shot he brings Ruairi outside and calls an ambulance as the Gardai storm...

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