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The best director for the young generation
Henry_hui_hui6 March 2005
I have just seen the movie, presented by its director Radivoe Andric, at the Sofia Film Fest and I'm still missing words to describe it. He is definitely the only director from East Europe, who creates contemporary movies, that all young people and not only young people can enjoy. Screenplay is creative and vigorous, dialog is smashing, at some places You might need a respirator. This is definitely a step forward after Munje. The movie is based on three different stories, that unfold in such a manner, that You rarely see in the movies anymore. And nobody would expect such ending. A masterpiece of its own. I wish I could bring all the Bulgarian directors to see that movie and learn how to be adequate for the audience. Once again, Thank You for the sincere pleasure.
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A Movie So Perfect!
cagic-130 April 2006
Not wanting to repeat other users' comments on the story and its messages, I would just like to underline another important issue: This is the first and only Serbian contemporary movie being absolutely DONE! When I say this, I mean that every each character is a hundred percent authentic, that there is no word in this movie being said without a full background and deep meaning, that every single detail is being detailed to the mark, eg. music clips and MC's comments playing from the portable radio on the Roof, or the bet-house owner "entering" loudly on his PC, or the "Sladjana" cry always being placed at the right moment, etc... There are not so many even A-production movies being so precisely and brilliantly produced. All I can say is "Bravo" to Rasa Andric... didn't expect A Movie So Perfect. I liked his "Munje" a couple of years ago very much so... but in comparison to "Kengur", it was almost an amateur production. Congratulations!
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Who likes Lock, stock and two smoking barrels, will adore this!!!
Mili1314 June 2006
Extraordinary life of a seven school mates in their 27-th year of life! They have changed in years but deep inside of every one of them they still are schoolboys, they still want to hang on a roof of a near building and do nothing!

Very enjoying film, the one who starts watching this movie will want to own it on DVD or VHS, because the movie is not to see just once, it's hilarious and full of jokes thath aven't been heard on west, that's why this film is so special!

It's very characteristic for Serbia and Serbian youth, because in the past few years maybe the only way for a young man to work out, to succeed in your life is to be a football player or to be a criminal! The first one is more harder but it's at least secure!!!
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great hood story
markovici9 January 2006
This movie is quite nice in a way. Its humor, typical characters from a hopeless generation, present story which is not happy or funny at all.

Although during the movie i laughed all the way, this movie carries a sad, complicated story about purity/depression/fear/hopelessness of a several young people.

Several stories of several people who live next door, about their dreams, hopes, and fears and the time they waste.

Nothing's good in their hood. All they have is each other, whether they realize that or not. - that movie sets this kind of mood.

This everyday story brought to life by good actors is presented in a humoristic movie, which is sure to bring you some laughs.

It's a fun movie, non pretentious.
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You must see it more than once.Actually,you'll want to see it again!
Sladoled7 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
***Original,natural,fun-3 words that best describe this film.***

I saw this movie numerous times and each time I notice something new. The direction was really good and the crew paid attention to details. The cast and the performances are great. The movie is funny,but it's more than a comedy.It gives an important message and for those who don't live in Serbia,its portrayal of a Serbian hood is very realistic. The whole movie feels natural.This is one of the most quoted films in Serbia. The dialog are interesting and like I said realistic and natural,so very often in everyday life you(if you lived in Serbia that is :D) will hear someone making a reference to this film.

***Spoiler now*** There are some elements that a lot of viewers find confusing about this film-such as the UFO. This movie isn't Science fiction,so I suggest to everyone who didn't get this bit,to watch the movie again,or not judge it.

This is my favorite movie.Maybe not the best movie I have ever seen,but the dearest.

You should definitely see it.
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Highly recommended
alexcubata10 August 2017
The only thing in this movie, which is not for 10 of 10 is related to money and equipment. That's why I give 10 out of 10! I have watched this movie numerous times, alone, with friends, with my wife and it is always so fresh, funny and at the same time reminds me much of our own reality(as Bulgaria and Serbia are in the same region) and I can recognize myself in the movie characters. The story is typically Serbian, which means unpredictable and surprising. The cast is absolutely great, great actors, very authentic.
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With a title like this u can't go wrong. Hilarious comedy with some unexpected cameos.
andrejakc-121 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Triptych of stories connected with recognizable characters from the previous hit "Munje (Thunderbirds) in the present Belgrade. In the first story a local hero from the "Vozdovac" ghetto is trying desperately on a shoe-string budget to impress a high society catwalk beauty. Charm, renting an empty cinema, and counting on your best friends to help you out are just some of the tactics how he is trying to seduce his date. What is impressive in this segment are his inner demons which are on the verge of taking him over the edge, and these inner voices do take over in the worst possible moment. In the second story two best friends place an impossible bet on a result where the mighty Manchester United supposed to loose against the less favorite Ipswich, and all that because the goalkeeper of the Ipswich club is their school friend Kangaroo who made it famous in the big- league. The atmosphere in the local restaurant where they are following the live game is razor-sharp tense with some funny commentaries and some unexpected cameos. Who will win the game and who will win the bet is on you to find out. The third story is simply a roof-terrace philosophy take on the life in the depressive Belgrade. Avax and Hybrid's motto is I'm the most useful while I'm not doing anything: because there are no incomes but than again there are no outcome's either. After so many joints and beers one of them spots a close encounter almost like an X-files and then the whole meaning of life fits into place. These stories are perfectly describing a survival- level life in Belgrade. There is not so much to do, but the things which are available have to be exploited to the maximum. Loosely connected to the original characters from the first movie we do realize that the cop did not end up in Portugal, that a loony Santa got lost, but then again we do realize that the there is a never-ending vibe in this city, just like it's impressive nightlife where everyone party's till dawn with so much energy. All this is very nicely supported with a brilliant soundtrack selection, and with great direction and acting makes this comedy very enjoyable. Hopefully in couple of years we will see the ending of this trilogy.

Radivoje Andric is almost like a veteran on this festival. His debut movie THREE PALMS FOR TWO PUNKS AND A BABE received all the possible awards at every Yugoslav film festival and was a sold-out screening at Raindance 2000. Couple of years ago he came back with MUNJE ( THUNDERBIRDS ) which was very well received too, and "Kangaroo" his third movie is a loose sequel to that movie. Born in Sarajevo in 1967, he acquired his experience working as an assistant to renowned Yugoslav directors, very friendly guy works with B92 radio and TV station.

Andreja Kmetovic.
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Best Serbian Comedy of 21st century
ShikiPA12 September 2018
This is one of the best Serbian movie of 21st century. Movie is funny and satiric, but the message itself is totaly different. It's about group of friends that live in the same neighborhood for whole their life, without a regular job, money and girlfriend. They are dreaming about better tommorow in their contry and their life. If you decide to watch this movie, you'll laugh for 90 minutes. This is the movie that marked a life of a many generations in Serbia.
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Great movie
malinovic-zoran7 September 2018
One of the best Serbian comedies of all times. Perfect script with every line written very carefully and yet so simple, brilliant actors and director!
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dyingstarz22 May 2015
I don't like to watch any movie more than 2 or 3 times, but I've seen this movie more than 7 times. And every time I saw it it was funny and interesting. I can also quote almost everything from this movie, that's how interesting it is. When you have so many good actors in one movie, that movie must be good then. It has 3 stories: a guys from the hood are trying to win some money from betting, while betting on their childhood friend who is playing football in England. While watching that football match, a lot of interesting things are happening. Meanwhile, two lazy guys nicknamed Avaks and Hibrid are chilling out on the roof, waiting for something interesting to happen. And it happened, believe me. Also, a local guy from the hood named Braca is trying to score on a date with a model. And all of those 3 stories are connected, which makes this movie so awesome. Great acting, great directing, great everything. Probably the best Serbian movie after 2000. 10/10
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Excellent first step for young Miroslav Momcilovic!!
zkatalinic30 March 2004
When I first went to see this movie (journalist projection) I didn't know what to expect. This is just Rasa's third movie but, as Zoran Cvijanovic says, we've got "Wim Wenders from New Belgrade's blocks". This is also first movie of Miroslav Momcilovic (as writer) and I can just say "bravo care". The movie consists of three different stories describing life of youngsters in modern Belgrade. We had an opportunity to see many Yugoslav movies with similar subject in the past, but none of them had such great mix of romance, comedy and drama at the same time. If you have already seen "Munje" (and like it :)) you will be thrilled by this movie. I fully and sincerely recommend this funny and entertaining flick to everyone and give it 9/10. BRAVO!!!
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A nice youth post-socialistic comment
beastwarsfan20 April 2006
"Kad Porastem Bicu Kengur" (2004) – again Serbian comedy, again directed by Radivoje Andric, again aiming at the young audience. The characters are quite similar, most of the actors are from the "Munje!" cast, the vision and the style are identical too. The story here is situated in a common Belgrade neighborhood. Braca is trying to get a normal date with the model Iris. Somi and Duje bet on the London football club Eastwich, where their school friend is goalkeeper, against favorite Manchester United. The guys from the neighborhood are gathered in the local Café to watch the game, cursing and debating. Hibrid and Avaks spend their days killing time at the rooftop, drinking beer, listening to the radio and smoking weed if there's any, holding tight to their philosophy – "We don't have any incomes, we don't have any outcomes." Oh, and there's an UFO ;) The movie feels close to the reality of the majority of the young people in the ex-socialistic republics (among which is also Bulgaria). The characters are confused when their childhood is gone and they realize that life goes on very fast and they haven't achieved anything. They keep their dreams, trapped in the reality where their efforts are rarely rewarded. With this comes the lack of motivation and they find themselves fighting with their own laziness and weak will. The movie makes a good social comment, without trying to be harsh or edifying. It is a cheerful film, optimistic at some degree. It's not a masterpiece but it a refreshing piece of cinema.
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Fantastic movie
rakicbv18 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Even 10 years after making I still enjoy watching this movie because of 2 main reasons - the authenticity of characters and the way it presents a diagnose of the state of (mostly) youth in Serbia at the time (though 2014 is not much different). The great jokes only come as a top layer, and don't represent the main point of this movie at all.

The way it portrays how of all the youth talents (Somi being great at math as a kid and Braca who was very talented in literature, as shown in the movie trailers) ended up without any future, throwing their days away, only being able to observe life - not live it. That's fantastically shown with everyone watching a football match being played hundreds of miles away, by observing the UFO, earthquake etc. And they can only observe - they are not involved in influencing the present at all. The most extreme metaphor are Avax and Hybrid living of nothing, but being 'most rentable' by not spending anything at all, just sipping beer and smoking pot on the rooftop of an urban solitaire. And all of them are still waiting - to grow up and become someone. Apart from the youth you see the older generation that has created this world for them too, and they are no better. The kids growing up in their neighbourhood are portrayed as well and looks like they won't turn out any better.

On top of that it's a good laugh as well - hence most people see it as a comedy. But as it should really be - it's a fantastic tragedy of lives wasted due to a messed up system and broken country. A movie well worth seeing. Worth so much for me to create an account here just to give this review :)

Don't miss it
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mixture of everything and nothing
IvetteB19 April 2004
... bad casting logics??? where have u disappeared*? commercials which have taken 1/2 of the screen during the whole film... commentator who knows that "EVEN HITCHKOCK WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THHHIS"?!?!?!??!?!?!??!? ufo? come on! it should be at least a bit more professional...
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