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Artless cash grab, could have been so much more
MissSimonetta23 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved games of all time and one of the most compelling in terms of its narrative. Its story touches upon the themes of the grand epics: love, war, death, family, and courage. The characters all possess depth; by the end of the game, you feel as though they're people you've known for years. The ending was perfect in its ambiguity, which is why I was initially hesitant to approach Advent Children. Now having seen the movie, I know I should have been apprehensive for different reasons: it's a soulless cash grab.

I do feel like there was a good story in the basic material, touching on Cloud's estranged relationship with his friends and makeshift family with Tifa and Marlene, as well as his lingering guilt over the death of Aerith. The big issue is that the filmmakers don't care about these things; the whole movie is about propelling us to the next action sequence and re-introducing characters you liked in the game in flashy scenes designed purely for fan service. The new characters are all bland, basically a joke. The story and characters are pushed aside, an excuse to show off the animation (which has not aged well) and have Cloud acting cool for the sake of it. Given how lazy the writing is, it is easy to tell that creating a good story was not the goal of the filmmakers.

I'd give Advent Children a little leeway if the fights were any fun, but their execution is terrible in every aspect: the editing is so rapid that it is hard to discern what's what, the faux-shaky cam making that effect worse. The fight choreography is laughable too. In the original game, at least the characters were stylized, so you could buy them doing impossible things at times. But when everyone is realistically proportioned and they are all essentially weightless, jumping miles and miles into the air holding eighty-pound weapons-- I'm sorry, my suspension of disbelief can only hold so much before it snaps. The big climactic fight between Cloud and Sephiroth at the end is supposed to be cool, but it looked so over the top that I was beside myself with laughter. Though people are bruised and stabbed, I never felt anyone was in any real danger. When someone falls off of a skyscraper and they are able to land on their feet with not even the least bit of disorientation, I'm going to stop caring quickly.

It's really hard to recommend this film to anyone outside of the FFVII fan base and even then, I'm shocked so many people there love it. It could have been so much better. It actually makes me fear for the remake, which is going to have plot alterations from what I have heard. Hopefully the end result will not be as humorless and dull as what we got back in 2005.
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A feast for the eyes but not for the mind.
vilhelm_hogfeldt867 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of this movie I was thrilled. Then I calmed down and started to fear that it would turn out badly. I was right. The movie is stunning visually and the music is the same as in the game but the story is not just bad but close to non-existent. They do not even try, they just string together a series of events without explanations, reasons or logic to support them. They resurrect dead characters just to please the fans and only include most of the protagonists as an afterthought. So the story is crap. What is good then? The action. There is so much action in it I doubt you will ever want to think about an action movie again after it. Everything from the motorcycle fights that take up about 40% of the movie to the matrix-esquire martial arts fights they do brilliantly. The only bad part really is the sequence where Cloud (the main protagonist) jumps to reach an enemy and gets boosted in mid air by all of his friends.
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Fantastic CGI and great fight scenes can't make up for a plot that's nigh incomprehensible
Mrohnoes20 June 2011
I had heard about this movie many a time, and to me it seemed to be a movie that you either loved or hated. I had heard that the movie had no plot but sometimes I heard that it had a great plot. I decided to take it upon myself to take a look at the movie. The summary up there should tell you what I think of the movie. For one thing, the CGI is absolutely mind-blowing! I mean this movie came out in 2005! You would think it came from the future, like say, 2020, but no, it's 2005. Also, the fight scenes were a blast to watch and there's plenty of sword play and explosions to keep you entertained. Sadly, though, that's where the positive ends. Out of all the movies I've seen, this movie had to be the one movie where I couldn't begin to understand what the hell was going on. If you wanna know the plot, get an FFVII fan to tell you. At least in EVERY OTHER MOVIE EVER MADE, you could, at the very least, get a vague idea of what's going on. This movie, however, will confuse the hell out of its audience, unless they're FFVII fans, then they'll probably understand a bit of it. I'm not an FFVII fan, so I didn't understand, so I'll play the games instead, like you should. I did say this seemed like a love-hate movie, but honestly, I don't hate it, as the good things about the movie are really good. The movies I hate are ones that enrage me in one or more ways (looking at you Hoodwinked Too!). This is not one of those movies. If you love the movie, good for you, you'll probably need to explain the plot to me. If not, that's also fine. Whether you love the movie or not, is up to you. Mrohnoes, out.
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So Much Action, Not Much Plot Warning: Spoilers
When I heard of a sequel to an acclaimed video game called Final Fantasy 7, I wanted to check it out. I expected it to have a fantastic plot mixed with excellent character development like its prequel, but unfortunately, it came out to be a disappointment............

The movie starts out well with an opening of the events happening 498 years after this movie with several red animals in a greenery- filled land. Then it goes back to the time of the movie. A young girl's narration while chants echo throughout is very well done.

But it the plot gets confusing as we are introduced to a sick boy in bed with leaking black fluid coming out of his forehead. Downstairs, a young lady is handling the bar and gets a phone call. For people who have played the game, they will know this woman. But for people who haven't played it, they are confused.

We are then introduced to a young man in the desert, he appears to be hiding a condition under his left sleeve. For some reason, there are three silver-haired teens with cyberpunk wear and motorbikes. Where they came from? It is mainly stated in a FFVII novella, rather than the movie itself. This only adds to more poor storytelling in the movie.

Where do they get their flashy outfits, weapons, and motorbikes from? And who are they working for? It is vague at first to the non-players, but they are related to the main antagonist to the movie's prequel.

The villains in this movie are poorly developed. The three mysterious teens are evil by terms of their sinister looks but they do not have much clear motivations other than finding their Mother. The only morally abhorrent actions they committed were torturing two agents for info, infiltrating the diseased President's base, attacking that same young man with the left sleeve, summoning a destructive monster that endangers the city, kidnapping their "siblings", etc.

While it is justified that they are just "remnants" of the actual main villain of the movie, that does not excuses their poor character development besides one being hatred, allure, and strength.

The other characters are not much better. The protagonist is basically a broody man who constantly thinks he cannot help anyone, a young girl who is an ingenue, a sick diseased boy waiting for the man to come back, a young woman who is sweet one second but is suddenly a martial artist, a stereotypical angry black man, a smoking pilot with a spear, a talking cat puppet, a red furry animal, two comic relief agents, a crippled President, and finally the main antagonist is...well... just plain an evil, arrogant god-wannabe.

Much of the movie is wasted on the visuals, special effects, cool outfits, animations, remixed soundtrack, and ESPECIALLY fight scenes that will make many FF7 fans squee with joy.

This sequel was a half-done work that could have added in more character development and story in order to make this movie a masterpiece to please both movie critics and gaming fans alike. But unfortunately, it mainly pleases the latter.

Video game movies are not for me, next.
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Best Animation, Medicre everything.....
azim543129 May 2012
Japanese animation section are always a top-notch quality and pure fun. today i watched their finest animation yet named Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I am amazed by the animation and motion capturing quality created by Square Enix studio. It just looks picture perfect and seems like pixer is way out of its league. But when comes to the story character development and other issue, FFVII seem to lack what's necessary to build up a animation.I know it's an game adaptation but Sqere-enix needed to more detailed on story rather than fighting bonanza. It's felt like matrix reloaded movie where everyone fighting for too long and too much. but i still hoping t see some other game made by SE to pop up in future to create some bad-ass competitor of Hollywood fun based animation. Cheers!
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Amateur at best
DoctorMuffins6 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In the special features for "Final Fantasy: Advent Children," the film's producers admit that they have had no experience making feature film. It definitely shows in this unnecessary ode to Final Fantasy VII, the video game that can probably claim to have first popularized emo hair among American teens. Advent Children continues the tradition of Square's earlier effort, The Spirits Within, of creating astoundingly realistic CG models. However, throughout the entire movie, the viewer does not get to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the film, because the incompetent, over-stylized direction never brings the camera wide enough to see what is going on. Quick jump cuts and silly slow-motion insertions further add to the poor pacing of the incomprehensible, irrelevant plot involving the resurrection of Sephiroth, the game's famed villain. Like many anime series, Advent Children starts with an absurd premise and ends with abject confusion. Along the way, there are a few moments of enjoyable visuals, but ultimately it's a pointless and frustrating affair.
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waited 9 years for this movie and this is what i get
sovvolf25 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I give this movie a 4 cause I'm a die hard fan of the video game series. the graphics and animation are excellent and its nice to see the whole gang in CG form Sephiroth's still cool

now the reasons it only got a 4 well the characters feel like planks of wood with some of the worst voice acting I've ever seen(I've watched epic movie)

the movie just seems cloud orientated so much so that it make even the fans embarrassed with cloud this and cloud that. clouds mentioned so much that it make you not want to see him in this movie

the villains have the award for the worst villains ever (i was more scared by the wicked witch of the west)

all the other characters in this movie are simply put in the movie for a nod to the fans and doesn't take it further then that

wtf's with the chilly chally???

summary: waited 9 years for this movie and this is what i get a large pointless and boring cut scene i beg the head of square cenix to shoot the man responsible for this burn every copy of the movie and any one involved in it and create a new movie from the ashes's (it would be nice to make the movie in live action and based on the original game)
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Just A Non-Interactive Video Game?
strong-122-4788853 July 2014
When it came to its fantastic CG animation, I thought that FF7's attention to detail was ridiculous to the extreme.

The fact that I could literally count (if I really wanted to) every single hair on the heads of every character didn't interest me at all. It only distracted my concentration away from the story and this, in turn, began to annoy me like you wouldn't believe.

Not only that, but, I really began to resent the fact that not one of the main characters in the story seemed to be over the age of 17. And, what's worse, I couldn't tell the males from the females. It was only when one of them actually spoke that I realized "she" was in reality just another little, frail-looking pretty-boy.

On top of that, I also had a lot of trouble trying to distinguish the bad guys from the heroes. From where I was sitting, they all appeared to me to be a cloned bunch of belligerent, confrontational delinquents with pretty hair.

What there was of FF7's story-line amounted to being basically nothing more than a big, black hole.

Like a non-interactive video game, FF7 was just a sheer overload of non-stop violence where the characters were all quite capable of performing one gravity-defying stunt after another.

And, finally - Far too often this film's violence (which seemed to entail no blood-letting) was shot at rapid-fire speed from multiple angles. At first this fast-paced approach was something of a novelty, but, before long, its overall effect left me with the "dizzies".
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Hardcore Fanservice
Blazehgehg6 December 2016
If you didn't play Final Fantasy VII, you're not going to know what's going on in this movie.

And if you did play Final Fantasy VII? Well, there's a less-than-zero chance you're also probably not going to know what's going on in this movie.

Advent Children is two hours of manic fight sequences, innumerable flashbacks, and a plot that looks deep on the surface but is otherwise quite thin. A new team of bad guys has emerged to finish what Sephiroth started back in the original game, and most of the movie is spent doing battle in order to stop them from bringing about the end of the world.

Why do they want to bring about the end of the world? Just because, apparently. Sephiroth's motives were many in Final Fantasy VII, but Advent Children's Kadaj and crew don't really have any motivations or even any actual back story. They literally materialize out of thin air and that's all you get. We're told they are "remnants," as if that actually means anything in the context of this movie or the game (it doesn't). They're villains for the sake of having something for our heroes to fight.

And fight they do. Fight sequences are frequent and long, with the movie's back-to-back-to-back final battles taking up nearly a solid hour of the overall run time. Unfortunately, fights lack any impact -- characters fly around environments totally weightless, punching each other with enough force to send the recipient sailing across city blocks. Mostly, this damages property more than it causes any real physical harm. It's like watching a child play with action figures.

But the real culprit that destroys this movie is how much it relies on the non-linear delivery of information. I am not exaggerating when I say almost every other scene in Advent Children is a flashback, either cutting to a scene from the Final Fantasy VII video game or to a scene that happened earlier in the story that we only see through a character's memory of it happening. There are so many that one flashback will interrupt another, and at one point, a character's cellphone seems to experience its own flashback. Not only is it hard to keep all of this straight in your head, at one point I wasn't actually sure if what I was seeing was actually happening in the present or if I was seeing another flashback (I eventually deduced it was the latter).

It's a mess, basically. Non-linear storytelling at its worst, with flashy-but-vacuous fight scenes, and zero motivation for anything other than to invoke a navel-gazing sense of nostalgia.

I put more than a hundred hours in to the game back in 1997, and Advent Children is a struggle for me to watch. It is 100% focused on being "cool" and "epic" leaving everything else to fall by the wayside.
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I didn't think it was possible, but now we have the first CUTSCENE being marketed as a movie. My God
soloriamagic0825 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This *movie* proves two things. 1. It is the SUPREME poster child for the phrase all style and no substance,and 2. As long as the title Final Fantasy is slapped on something it will be hyped and adored to high heaven by SquareEnix's walking dollar signs A.K.A. fanatics no matter if the actual contents are complete and utter B.S. Ahhh I'm glad I rented this and didn't buy.

Plot: There isn't one. No seriously there isn't. There are these clips from the atrocious looking video game this *movie* was based on to try to explain what will be going on in the *movie*. Good luck trying to figure THAT out. Then when the actual crap begins there's a 1&1/2 minute storytelling bit from one of the characters in the game who still tries to get you to understand what you are about to see. Note to Enix if you must try THAT hard to get people to understand something maybe you shouldn't have marketed this as a movie in the first place. It seems that only people who have played the game will get this,but from most of the reviews I have read even THEY don't understand it. That's not good Enix. Anyway,hear how the loyal p*ss is gold fanatics tell it this is in fact a masterpiece of a movie. Yea..and I am the creator of the universe. No.. In truth this is a 90 minute CUTSCENE that was marketed as a movie so fans of the Final Fantasy games could slobber at the mouth at it. The one's who's brains have not been fried by the *Gods* known as Square- Enix know better.

Characters: Well It doesn't have plot so of course it doesn't have character development either.I mean really it's not like PLOT and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is important in a movie. Isn't that right Enix? Cloud: The main character in the literal sense of the word. He fights all of these long and BORING to watch battles all by himself while his friends sit in the sidelines watching. I'm serious. Tifa: Er..she was there for something. Um I guess she was there for the eye-candy factor Oh.. she said some things(That sounded like a whole lotta nonsense) to Cloud to make him feel better. Marlene and Denzel: Two orphans living with Cloud and Tifa. Do they have a point? No. Does this *movie* have a point? No. By the way they both get kidnapped by this clones of Oh I stabbed a girl through the back so I am the biggest baddie in gaming history a.k.a Sephiroth. For what reason? I have no idea. And now to the clones in question: Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo. Three effeminate looking guys(This seems to be and ongoing theme in the Final Fantasy games. A man NEVER looks like one, and from looking at the character creator on the special features I can see why they never do) who have SERIOUS Obediah complex tendencies. They are looking for their mother and trust me you will NEVER forget that fact. They say it for ohh about a good TWENTY times. Their mother is this green goo in a box,and they are so royally p.o.ed they that can't find her so they infect every one in this city with this geostigma which can only it seems be cleansed by this powerful WATER(Rain?) from the sky. I have to mention that the stigma looks like DIRT. Seems to me all they needed was SOAP and WATER. Areith: A dead girl. Seriously. Who keeps showing up in Cloud's mind and even helps lift him in the air to fight this monster(Who also serves NO purpose). Did I mention she was DEAD. She had more screen time then some of the living characters. Reno and Rude: From the way they acted I suppose they were supposed to be the comic relief and yet they failed miserably on that. Very useless and unfunny characters. All the characters in this mess were useless. They were just more useless then others. Rufus Shinra: A man who I hear DIED in the game( In such a way that you were in NO doubt he was dead) just like Aerith and yet magically appears ALIVE in the movie. Okkay. Sephiroth: The supposedly ultimate baddie. He shows up at the end of the movie in all his 4 minute cameo glory just to die yet again. He'll be back though. I mean they killed him in the game,the *movie* and he still came back. Final Fantasy characters just don't STAY dead. There was some other characters to. Supposedly some of Cloud's friends we were suppose to care about,but they were in the movie(after showing up LITERALLY out of NOWHERE)for about 1&1/2 minutes so they don't bear mentioning.

Music: I liked most of it. It had this epic, creepy tone to it. Too bad the scenes this beautiful music was playing in didn't match it.

Dialogue. NO. Just NO. The phrase Dilly Dally, shilly shally (I'm Serious) is just one of the nuggets of incomprehension that will be uttered in this *movie*.

Visuals: Supreme Eye-candy. Very beautiful and mostly realistic looking. Now if only these beautiful visuals had some substance(Plot and Character Development)to make it complete.

Lastly Cloud and Co. can fly without wings for LONG periods of time.Cut through MOTORCYCLES with a sword. Get thrown through buildings without any kind of injury,get hit with buildings again with no injury. Get SHOT in the face, again you guessed it. No injury and so on and so on. I know it's called Final FANTASY,but come on. Even Fantasy have rules. At NO time will you be given the impression that Cloud and everyone else are anything but HUMAN and yet they can do all this stuff(The flying REALLY got out of hand) without no injury whatsoever.

Bottomline: This movie was a in actuality a cut-scene to satisfy Final Fantasy Fanatics around the globe wet dreams.
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The rating for this is ridiculously high. Any normal person would despise it.
zetes31 July 2006
Weak cinematic follow-up to the hit Playstation game. I think a majority of people who have played the Final Fantasy games consider VII the best (I slightly prefer VI myself), so this was certainly a good idea. Unfortunately, the execution is very poor. Video games and movies are different media, but the filmmakers here don't seem to realize this. They also seem to think that the most entertaining part of the Final Fantasy series are the endless battles, because that's all this movie is. The plot is largely incoherent. This is a mainstay of the series, that the story is somewhat difficult to follow. However, you play the video game for hours and hours and you start to get a sense of the mystery and mythology. You just can't do that in a two hour movie (I always imagined that it might work well as a television series). The film looks awesome and sounds awesome, but otherwise it's kind of a piece of junk. Even the American Final Fantasy movie was better.
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This is an actual film?
podryan8 July 2006
Since I fudge around with Maya more than any other program on my computer (even more than the games), I figured I might as well buy the newest FF film, even though I hate the games. I kept in mind that this was a movie and not a game, so the boring turn-based gameplay could not play a factor in keeping me from liking this movie.

Well I popped it in and, to my surprise, the CG did blow me away. About a half of an hour into the film, the "wow" wore off and I was faced with the shame of buying one of the stupidest films I've ever purchased. As a game, the story is not a big deal to me, and the gameplay (if it's good enough) can make me forget about the stupid plot.

Unfortunately this is a film, and unless the plot, characters, setting, and overall drama of the film can outweigh the special effects, it's nothing more than a B movie.

As great as the look of the film is, it's just another stupid anime in my eyes. Yet another sci-fi/fantasy hybrid portraying a solitary, slightly-feminine-looking hero to bare the weight of his world's future on his shoulders.

While the essence of the plot is viewer friendly, the film is only completely understandable to the people who know the story of the previous game. Thankfully I forced myself to read up on the original story myself, however I know little reason why to release such a public-unfriendly film to....... the public.

While I can see a positive side to the movie, the CG is brilliant and it feeds the hunger of the series' many fans. When comparing this to other films within AC's corresponding genre, this film is a piece of eclectic junk. I cannot stress this enough, creativity does not mean throwing in a bunch of meaningless, however cool-looking things.

Unfortunately, that doesn't entitle me to a refund.

So an obvious question is, do I like this film better than the first? The answer is: Hell-freaking-no. While both films suffer from a poor story, the realistic design of AC is marred by backwards motorcycle driving and unrealistic flipping and jumping around.

Come on, people, a film doesn't need mindless action to be good... least for most people.

I'm saddened to say this film is a waste of brilliant 3D talent, in the eyes of anyone who isn't ignorant enough to mindlessly follow such poor franchise.

This film is stupid, simple as that.
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Money- and time-sucking machine. Avoid this aberration! Unless you're a die-hard fan.
Pu84015 August 2006
Dear Final Fantasy VII fans! We have been cheated! The FFVII original game was, certainly, a masterpiece for its time - no one who played it would question that. I anticipated that the movie could only be two things - either great, or crap. Unfortunately, it turned out to be crap.

Taking into account all the positive feedback that Advent Children has received from FFVII fans, you, probably, would like it too. However, if you're like me - that is, quickly getting tired of achingly similar, protracted battles, poor dialogues and a weak "existentialist" story - you shouldn't watch it. This horror doesn't have anything to do with the original game, it's just another FFVII money-time-draining franchise.

I can't imagine the reaction of someone who, despite not having played the video game (i.e. knowing the characters beforehand), would have risked to see this nightmare of a film.

Not recommended. Unless you're a die-hard fan.
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Sadly overrated
ciremo29 September 2006
First of all, Advent Children is a movie telling a story 2 years after the events of the ever successful Adventure Rpg Playstation and PC game: Final Fantasy 7.

The reason Advent Children fails to deliver, is mainly because of it's heavy title. Final Fantasy 7. A movie supposed be the succession of the greatest story ever told. It's simply an impossible task. What makes it really bad though, is that in this movie, the story is bland, incoherent with the past and simply boring. It's as if they realized how paltry any attempts would be, and simply gave up on the idea of trying to do something that would at least look like a sequel to FF7.

The movie did look very pretty, with Square Enix's best CG animators taking pride of their work, rightfully so. The action scenes are beautifully coordinated and overall it's an original piece. The musical score, mostly a remix from the tracks of the original game, fits well with the action and keeps the pace up. Although some of the calmer music isn't as well composed, it still serves it purpose. Keep in mind, however, that this is a Japanese movie. Expect some unrealistic content, anime-style. The editing is well done, and exciting. Now if only they could fix the story.

The saddest thing about this movie is how die-hard fans of the original game accepted this movie even before it was released. But while some loves it beyond comprehension, so does also some despise the movie for all that it didn't live up to. A supposed sequel to FF7. It made a lot of people have sky-high expectations, for naught. If you've played ff7, then you might want to see this. There's a 50-50 chance you'll like it or hate it. If you haven't played the game and are completely unfamiliar with the pre-existing story of Cloud and his friends, then the movie will makes less sense, but might still be interesting to watch, as it has fight scenes that are pleasing to the eye.

If any mediocre to professional reviewer without bias would rate this, it certainly wouldn't get a grade above 6.
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Terrible Plot. Boring Action. Beautiful CGI.
dr7flow14 July 2006
First off I'd like to say this movie looks great and there's no denying that. However, once that's sunk in the movie really has no substance. There's almost no plot to speak of whatsoever. Just a bland and generic tale of some guy blaming himself for something that no one else does but he's got to blame himself otherwise there's no plot. If that doesn't sound like a forced plot then nothing will.

First off I'd like to say this movie looks great and there's no denying that. However, once that's sunk in the movie really has no substance. There's almost no plot to speak of whatsoever. Just a bland and generic tale of some guy blaming himself for something that no one else does but he's got to blame himself otherwise there's no plot. If that doesn't sound like a forced plot then nothing will.

But honestly I'm able to look past things such as "plot," or "coherency" in an action movie. I can understand that maybe this movie's not really about the plot. It's just an excuse to have known and loved characters from a hugely popular game come back and give the viewer some crazy awesome action. Sadly the movie fails on this level as well. The action is "XXXTREME" in nature, as in people flying everywhere, defying gravity and all the like. This again can be entertaining but, quite frankly, these "fights" become boring before the first one even finishes. Nothing actually happens during them. People jump around, fence, punch kick and other random stuff but in the end nothing happens. They move on to fight another day. They might as well shake their fist at one another saying "Next time I'll get you Gadget, next time!" Finally at the end of the movie you have the climatic showdown that anyone could have predicted would occur. But by then you've seen everything this movie has to offer.

In the end the movie has no plot, the action is just plain boring but it looks amazing. So honestly you can just watch the trailer and gain the same pleasure for it. As a fan service I think all the votes of 10 stating this is the best movie in all of existence make it clear that yes, this is indeed a great movie for the rabid FF7 fan. As a movie this is just bad.
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Cromulant72 May 2006
This was a one and a half hour long commercial. Kate Moss looks like a bloated hippo in comparison to how thin the "story" was. If I had to sum up the movie in one word, it would be "forced." There was no point to pretty much every character in the movie with actually being in the movie, other than to appeal to the fans. And I'm a huge FF fan, have played every one of them multiple times. PLyed FF7 four times. If you haven't played the game, you'll never have a clue as to what is happening. And if you loved the game, you'll be like, hey that's cool they showed this move, or hey, it's Bahamut. Which should quickly follow with, well, there wasn't any point to that.

It's visually impressive. There's a lot of action. Lots and lots of pointless action. There's a story somewhere there. At least, that's what I've been told. But in actuality, the whole point of the story is to merely get to another Cloud vs. Sephiroth ending. If you're an FF fan, buy the movie, and then put it in your microwave on high for ten seconds. Take it out, throw it in the trash, pull out FF7 from the shelf, pop open the Playstation, and play it over again.
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Only for fans of the game Warning: Spoilers
So many things are wrong with this film. Firstly the most prominent factor regarding your enjoyment of the movie hangs on if you've ever played Final Fantasy VII (and enjoyed it), so for those who have never played the game I highly recommend that you do not watch this film as you'll most likely have absolutely no clue what's going on. That being said, even as a huge fan of the game I had difficulty following what was happening a lot of the time due to the films rather messy and barely existent plot. The whole thing seemed like an excuse for a bunch of characters to beat the living crap out of each other for 15 minutes at a time, and while each fight sequence looks awesome literally nothing else of relevance takes place.

Fanboys/girls will adore the film though no matter how good or bad everyone else thinks it is, so if you're a FFVII fanatic and you haven't already seen Advent Children you have nothing to lose by at least renting it.
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Not fantastic.
melekcrescent28 June 2006
This movie feels like an incredibly beautiful video game cinematic the entire time. 20 minutes to half an hour would have been a good length.

As a showcase for the state of the art, and as a Final Fantasy ad, it does well; As a movie, it is poorly thought out. The dubbing wasn't very good, so perhaps I'd have liked it a bit more had I seen the subtitled version. I'll continue to say how I think this falls short as a movie, since thats how it bills itself, but know that I more consider this a show-offy cinematic short on steroids.

Advent Children's plot feels clipped, not really a fullblown movie plot. Nearly nothing happens, several big fights and minimal plot development, just enough to get to the next storyboard section. For a 'movie' little to no effort is given to develop any of the characters. The plot itself appears as a neat thought-experiment in potential FF7 aftermath, but ends up being rather vague and simplistic, with similarly abstract closure at the finale.

Of particular note was the music and sound. While the compositions were nice, music was literally like the video games. Fight music was loud and shot up right when a battle started, fanservice was done with an 'FF Victory Song' phone ring. Sound effects felt over-emphasised, and when the music wasn't jarring me the sound effects the ambient/environmental sounds lacked realism or were altogether missing, leaving awkward silent moments. (Which usually ramped quickly into Fighting music.) I think this movie would have sat MUCH better with me had the sound been better produced.

This is NOT a good movie. But, as I said, the eyecandy is marvellous and the fight scenes are grand. That is what this movie is about, so enjoy it - for what it should be taken as, a movie length short, or even more, a really long game cinematic, designed to get oohs and ahhs and appeal to FF fans.
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Well, it took them 3 and a half years but they made it, was it worth it?
darkel10127 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First i will say that i am going to be as subjective as I can.

There will be some potential spoilers ahead so beware.

I hardly ever review movies, but this one in particular i felt i had to review. This movie Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, based off the ultra popular rpg (Final Fantasy VII) for the ps1 has been in the works for quite some time. After the years of hype and the dozens of trailers (none of which i ever saw, i had only seen stills) this movie got the legions of fans really excited about seeing their favorite characters on the big screen. I myself had played and completed the game a few times like any good fan, and being such a movie freak i was pretty excited myself. So i had thought to myself, "WHAT COULD GO WRONG?".

Well, the movie started out OK in the first 20 minutes, but then things get out of hand as the movie progressed. Without a doubt, this is the best looking CGI animation around, but that won't help a weak plot, undeveloped characters,and over indulgent action scenes.

Here is the story basically. These three silver haired nancy boys in leather who have nothing to do with the game, are supposedly clones of Sephiroth (he's the villain of the game who had supposedly murdered all his supposed clones)are trying to kidnap all the children for some reason that was not really explained all that well, probably to make an army (of kids?) They also center some of the story on some kid named Denzel, i don't know who this kid is, or what his point is, he just seems depressed all the time. So the sephiroth clones also are involved in some kind of scheme involving some disease called geostigma, that only affects the children, this disease seems to cause boredom and small amounts of skin discoloration.

So now Cloud must save the day from these guys. Apparently Cloud and his fellow team mates have learned the ability of flight, i felt a little insulted that these characters where flying around a city fighting a dragon and landing on there feet all the time. Maybe if the movie wasn't so over the top, then the view relax into it and then they can be amazed by something incredible. The real problem of this movie is logic. Now i know what you are gonna say, "But it's called Final FANTASY! it should have those ideas in it!" well that is a foolish way to think, the game based itself in some kind of reality and the movie should follow through in that CONTEXT. Context and logic in this movie is inconsistent, i could explain it all, but if i did, i would end up writing the screenplay.

Also some scenes in this movie were extremely contrived and trite. like when all of the characters from the game show up just in the nick of time for their obligatory screen time so as not to upset the fans. They show up, do there bit and pretty much have no point in the story.

If this is too long here is the simpler review-

the pros- the first 20 minutes top-notch cgi animation decent action scenes visually stunning

the cons- illogical over indulgent action/ unbalanced action (leaves the viewer jaded at the climax) weak plot super human characters=no suspense the j-rock soundtrack/score (what happened to the orchestra?) Horrible ending


Now the ending of this movie really disappointed me. they could have had gone the really cool and sweet ending where cloud dies and meets up with aeris in the after life but after the great battle at the end cloud gets shot in the back, the kinda wound where the bullet blast out through the chest. then cloud has his 100th flashback in the movie and then wakes up in a pool of lifestream. (now i remember the lifestream in the game, but it did not have resurrecting properties, if it did, they could have brought aeris back to life, thus making a completely different story) so cloud is brought back to life and everyone has a party and dives into the pool and we have a ultra cheezy hallmark/ lifetime type moment.

not that the movie doesn't have it's moments. its is worth seeing for its visuals. but thats all.

other than that it's not really a good movie. it is strictly for blinded fans of the game. not for people who care about plot and character and story telling.
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Supremely poor sequel
lawwellsy17 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty visuals and a lot of fights make not a good movie. And that is precisely what happened here.

First off, let me admit, I am yet to play FFVII (I intend to order it soon). However, I did do research to familiarise myself with the characters and the story. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to research things like this, and Advent Children demands that knowledge of FFVII is required.

In spite of incredible visuals, I can't say there is too much thats new. We've seen it in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and apart from some better movement, I can't say they've done lots of super-daring stuff with this.

The fight scenes - well, they are a bit of fun. Still, how could we ever doubt the result of any of them. This one was boringly classic - there were three fights with the bad guys, following the standard procedure (the hero, Cloud, gets smashed, then he almost gets there and gets smashed, and then finally wins). The reason I say it was boringly classic was that it is used a great deal, but in this case is poorly executed. I'll touch on that later.

The English dub seemed fine to me, though I didn't watch it in Japanese, so I shan't judge the Japanese dub, but only the English one. I'll say this - I've heard plenty of better ones, even in my limited repertoire.

And now, the plot. Ummm... what plot? Let me be frank, this movie is nought but a fan service, a chance to see the FFVII characters on the big screen with lovely eye candy. As I said earlier, the fights seem to just happen for no reason. The opening fight is never explained, Kadaj seems to have neither ambition to destroy the world himself nor any real motivation to do anything nasty. Cloud sits around moping for the entire film, and pretty much everyone else gets an obligatory cameo.

Really, FFVII was an ensemble piece. Advent Children is anything but. If they'd managed to give everyone some significant story role (Star Trek: First Contact proved it was possible, I might add), then this could have been a lot better. Naturally, that would have changed the plot too, which, lets be honest, is almost set to be better than the one we got.

Characters were also generally either unused or virtually forgotten. The members of Avalanche (thats the group Cloud worked with in FFVII, for those who don't know) get 2 scenes (3 in the case of Vincent Valentine, and some get even less). Hell, the bad guys get more lines than these guys, and that is pretty bad.

The music... well, I don't care if Nobuo Uematsu is God Himself, he botched this film big time. Advent One Winged Angel was the only decent piece. Otherwise, he couldn't decide whether to be epic (and orchestral) or fun (with electric guitar). When he switched from one to the other, you felt it as though he'd taken a sledgehammer to your head.

And that last point on whether this movie was epic or fun... it tried to be both, and failed miserably. Honestly, you can't please everyone and do everything. The movie also tried to be deep (you can go epic and deep, or fun and deep, but all three is too much), but failed here too. The last scene, which is reminiscent of a baptismal ceremony, was thrown in there for what looks like the sake of it. You don't need to be a Christian to just shake your head and cry there. That scene just didn't belong in the film (and nor did Aerith's frequent appearances - she's dead Jim!).

Given just how fantastic I've heard Final Fantasy VII to be, this movie is nothing short of a gigantic disappointment. Because of the beautiful visuals, I give it a 2 out of 10.
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Only for the Initiated
FADrury6 June 2006
I will be clear up front: I am not a gamer and knew nothing at all about the story for Final Fantasy VII before watching the movie. However, I did enjoy the first Final Fantasy film, so I was interested in seeing what this one had to offer. My summary says it all.

As was noted in many other reviews, in order to really comprehend the plot, you really need to know the game. I was able to get a rough idea of what the story was about (I think). But it's obvious that the film makers expected this audience to come prepared. Because of that, for the uninitiated, the film is hard to follow and whole sequences leave you wondering "What the hell was that about?" In addition, characters are either just sketched out or, in some cases, they simply show up and it's expected you will know who they are and why there are there. So I'm not describing the plot since I'm sure I got some of it wrong.

The film is visually impressive. That's what kept me watching it. However, the second half of the film is devoted to endless combat sequences that are notable for their graphics, but also for the lack of any actual injury coming to any of the combatants. Unlike many other reviewers, I believe the fight sequences dragged the movie down. They became repetitive and, in many cases, were somewhat pointless. I've got to believe that it would be a heck of a lot more fun to actually play the game and fight those fights then to simply watch them.

Overall, the rating I've given this movie is very much based on my being one of the uninitiated. The earlier Final Fantasy film was much better to a non-gamer
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Excellent on all fronts...unfortunately, I doubt it will reach an audience outside of FF7 fans
piotyr12 September 2005
Graphics: brilliant, obviously. The most stunning things were definitely NOT given away in the trailers. Fight sequences move extremely fast, but after watching a couple of them your eyes should be used to it and it won't seem so confusing. Cloud has a wide array of swords, and I kinda wish things were moving a LITTLE slower just so we could see them, because they were each incredibly detailed. Oh, and we finally get to see exactly how one equips Materia...

Music: brilliant also. I was a bit nervous about it, since (from what I've seen) Nobuo isn't the best at writing music to go along with action (remember the Steal the Tiny Bronco sequence?), but it's brilliant and it fits perfectly. I'm glad I preordered the OST. They changed the lyrics to One Winged Angel though, so you won't be able to sing along if you know the Carmina Burana Lyrics.

Plot: the first half of the movie sets up things and introduces everyone in a fairly complex tapestry, but the second half is almost entirely fight sequences, once all the players are in place. I wouldn't call it a weak plot, but it's nowhere near as convoluted as the game's plot was. I think this is in an effort to avoid trying to overshadow the game, and I think that's a good thing...the movie is its own entity, and shouldn't try to top the original in terms of sheer plot.

I admit, I was kind of hoping that this movie would bring FF7 to a wider range of people, but this is NOT a mainstream movie. I was going to give it only nine stars, just because it doesn't even really try to explain anything to newcomers...Marlene (at least I think it was Marlene...sounded like her) gives a bit of background at the beginning, but it's more of a refresher than a crash course. But then I realized, for me this movie is a 10/10, so why should I take off points just because other people probably won't like it as well...if you've played the game, or are at least passingly familiar with it, you should see this movie. But you don't need me to tell you that. If you're not familiar with it, go out and buy it, sit there for twenty hours and beat it, and then see the movie...although even without any background, it's still stunningly beautiful. You just won't get any of the inside references...which make up 50% of the movie (that is, everything that ISN'T a fight sequence).
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An Excellent Finish to A Grand Story
Judas-Savior-66614 September 2005
I do not have much to say than this is a great finish to the story. Most people have said that there is not enough plot and its just eye candy.But think about it, everything was explained in FFVII you cannot add more plot to such a grand story it would ruin it. They did the best that they could do and I think that this should be taken more as A Final FMV.. the last fight.

Graphics - 10/10, Absolutely amazing

Story 8.5/10 - don't think they could of expanded it that much more. And the stuff they could put in there was clever enough I thought.

Characters 9/10 - Well most of them have already been explained during the game but still could not fit it all into 90 mins.

Sound - 10/10, since i am a metal fan I loved the fight music.. and piano just reaches right in there..It is a great ST and I was not disappointed.

Tilt/Replay 10/10 - Enjoyable every time.

Overall- 9/10 (FF Fan View 10/10)

I personally think this is what was needed, a fight to end it all.. the plot was already in place. The action was necessary as much as people complained. I loved every second of this movie. It was a pleasure to visit the world of FFVII just one last time.

Just remember this.. most movies that have been made form a game have been directed by movie directors i think this is pretty great for a team of game directors.. Don't think I've seen a better game to movie..

Thankyou Square, I think you did it right!
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crescentcomics113 June 2007
This movie was absolute garbage. Sure the animation was nicely done, but once you got past the "ooh-ahh" factor of how you can see little details like the characters' reflections in puddles of water, you realize this is a movie with little characterization, choppy editing, gaping plot holes and characters you could care less about. Unless you are a fan of the game of course. This is the main problem with the film: unless you have played or are passingly familiar with the game, none of it makes any earthly sense whatsoever. The viewer is given very little background or motivation for the characters or the plot itself for that matter, so even when there are spectacular battle scenes being staged, they have little or no impact because you don't really care about the outcome. There's no tension, no anticipation, no nothing. Just pretty pictures of people doing the impossible and kicking the crap out of each other or some demon or other. I actually bought this movie after having seen and marginally liked Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and on the recommendation of some friends of mine who are fans of the game. I was assured that, since this one was more faithful to the game than the previous movie, that it would be much better. I beg to disagree. Because it wasn't tied too closely with the Final Fantasy mythology, the first film was infinitely easier to follow. I was at least interested in the plight of the characters and intrigued to see where the story would go, even if I was ultimately disappointed in its conclusion. In all, I found this movie to be terrible and a complete waste of my money. My copy of it is now probably resting comfortably in the discount used DVD bin at some second-hand video store.
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Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally
dlpburke16 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am being generous giving this abomination a 2. It's getting 2 because the characters were portrayed more or less like in the game (which was, for the most part, a well written fiction), and the graphics were nice.

Everything else about this film is wrong. Like with reviewing all terrible things, it's hard to know where to begin.

1. Localization is BAD. Let's start with my title: "Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally". This is a symptom of a terrible localization. You'd think that after the original game's problematic localization that at least THIS would be up to scratch... but no. I won't waste your time telling you what the Japanese was meant to convey—just Google it and find out. The nonsensical phrase above indicates the localization team was either on drugs or mentally deficient. The whole localization is poor. It's actually a slight improvement to watch this film in Japanese with English subs. I say 'slight' because that won't fix the crap script, plot, pacing, or anything else, sadly.

2. The plot makes absolutely no sense. Part of the reason is that Final Fantasy VII is a massive game with a huge story and, any sequel, even if well scripted, would likely need to be three hours long to tell a coherent tale. No effort was attempted. I watched the "Complete" version of this film and timed the amount of scenes dedicated to meaningless, out of control, and totally implausible battle sequences— it came to around 1/3 of the film. When you see things like this, you should instantly be aware that the writers are compensating for a lack-luster story. In this case, they are also appealing to FF7 fanboys, who will buy anything Final Fantasy as long as it has cool graphics. Square Enix has churned out a lot of Sequel-Prequel cash-ins since 1997. And fans just keep on biting.

3. The pacing is dire. The film is so busy trying to disguise its short-comings with battle sequences that it forgets to tell a story or have a proper narrative. No sooner are your characters in a setting where some meaningful dialogue can take place than something happens to thrust you into another coma inducing battle sequence.

4. The film is written like it is a game. Sigh... The genres are completely different, but some morons at Square Enix (including some of the original staff) thought that it would be a good idea to use game elements in a film. As a result, physics, gravity, logic, and reason are thrown out of the window. Characters are smashed into walls at 100 mph without a scratch... Look, I'm getting fed up with this review already. Just like the film, it's boring me. Needless to say, if you are intelligent enough to understand why believability matters to a fiction, you are too intelligent to watch this insulting film. In the game, battle elements are often treated as non-story elements because that's desirable—a player uses logic to decide how to interpret the battle in the wider scheme of things. The story in the game maintained the suspension of disbelief and didn't go too far, too often. This pile of rubbish doesn't care. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of debating this issue on a fan forum, and the overwhelming majority agreed that logic doesn't matter and that any and all things that happen in a story are acceptable. Little wonder, then, that these same people praise and defend this garbage.

5. Apart from Cloud (who is now an emo), the characters were well designed and acted like their game counterparts. Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end. The game versions had proper motivations and lengthy conversations. This film just wants to get you to the next battle sequence. It doesn't help that the fanboy servicing required numerous retcons (like dead characters returning - itself a sign of lazy, crap writing) to take place, and for every established former character to make an appearance, no matter the justification.

I am one of the biggest FF7 fans. I have recently finished a complete relocalization for the original game, found here: But unlike some fans, I am not deluded by fanboyism. I know the short comings of the game and of this movie (if you can call it that). This film was made for the sole purpose of exploiting mindless fanboys - to make a quick buck. And on that front, it worked. If you aren't familiar with the game, I dread to think how much worse this film will be for you.

This film is an ABSOLUTE example of what NOT TO DO.
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