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12 May 1983
America Undercover examines prostitution. It talks to call-girls, nude models, and streetwalkers who discuss the difficulties of the sex trade. It interviews prostitutes in the dominance, the owners of a nude massage parlor, and a pimp working on the streets.
7 Sep. 1983
When Women Kill
America Undercover talks to seven women who were convicted of murder and are currently serving times behind bars at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women and the California Institution for Women. The women speak of their crimes and the circumstances that led them to prison.
9 Sep. 1984
The Nightmare of Cocaine
America Undercover looks at the 50 billion dollar a year industry surrounding cocaine. It examines the drug's dangerous and corrosive effects on people from a broad range of social and economic backgrounds including a psychiatrist, a basketball player, a store clerk, and a Southern beauty queen.
21 Oct. 1984
Toxic Time Bomb: The Fight Against Deadly Pollution
America Undercover examines the disposal of toxic waste and the long term dangers such waste pose to the environment and to people's health. It also talks to three brave citizens who are leading the battle against pollution in their communities.
15 May 1985
Acts of Violence
America Undercover examines the psychological and sociological aspects of three violent crimes in America's history. It examines the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's massacre where 41-year-old James Huberty shot and killed 21 people and injured another 15 . It also looks at accused serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and the 1972 assassination attempt on Alabama Governor George Wallace by Arthur Bremer.
10 Sep. 1985
UFO's: What's Going On?
America Undercover examines the UFO phenomena. It looks at the supposed UFO Crash in Roswell, sightings of UFO in the Hudson Valley of New York, and the Cash and Landrum sighting. It also talks to several people who claim to be victims of UFO abduction include Rosemary Osnato and Travis Walton.
12 Jan. 1986
The Gift of Life
America Undercover looks at two children who were born with a congenital heart defect known as "truncus arteriosi". It examines how the stresses of chronic illness can transform the lives and attitudes of families. It also visits the children's ward at the Medical Center of the University of California at San Francisco.
13 Mar. 1986
Kids in Crisis
American Undercover looks at the escalating number of teenagers who are hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.
10 Sep. 1986
Kids in Sports: The Price of Glory
America Undercover looks at children who compete for athletic fortune and fame. It interviews young athletes and he parents and coaches that push them forward. It looks at how children must sacrifice some of the joys of childhood in order to endure the rigors of serious athletic training.
4 Nov. 1986
Surveillance: No Place to Hide
America Undercover examines the growing problem of electronic surveillance in the world and argues that it is threat to people's privacy. It looks at the growing use of electronic monitoring by law enforcement, government, private citizens, and even criminals.
17 May 1987
Drunk & Deadly: A Day on America's Highways
American Undercover chronicles all the deaths caused by drunk driving accidents on highways in the United States during a random twenty-four hour day May 17, 1986. It looks at 81 deaths in total and interviews family members of both victims and perpetrators.
15 Jan. 1988
Murder or Mercy: Five American Families
American Undercover looks at the families of five terminally ill patients and examines how they deal the with question of end of life care. Some families choose to facilitate the death of a loved one while other choose to extend life at any cost.
23 May 1988
Execution: Fourteen Days in May
America Undercover examines the death penalty. It talks to convicted murderer Edward Earl Johnson who was executed for a crime that he claims he did not commit. It also talks to lawyers, prison staff, and inmates about the ethics of capital punishment.
18 Jul. 1988
Confessions of an Undercover Cop
American Undercover examines the story of undercover police officer Mike Russell who helped to bring down an entire organized crime organization in one of history's largest sting operations. Russell's undercover police work was crucial in bringing to justice several members of the Genovese crime family.
2 Aug. 1988
Warning: Medicine May Be Hazardous to Your Health
American Undercover looks at medical practices that may be more harmful than helpful including unreliable medical rests, unnecessary hysterectomies, problematic prescription drug interactions, and dangerous vitamin and radiation treatments. It also looks at the growing problem of alcohol and drug abuse in the medical profession.
7 Sep. 1988
Why Did Johnny Kill?
America Undercover examines how some seemingly normal teenagers can sometimes commit murder. It profiles several teenage murderers including John Justice, David Mancuso, and Ryan Unruh. It also interviews that family and friends of their victims.
21 Dec. 1988
America Undercover examines the controversial issues surround organ transplantation. While transplantation can create medical miracles, it also comes with a high financial and emotional price where doctors must decide who will live and who will die and grieving families must make the difficult decision whether to donate a love one's organs.
6 Jul. 1989
Into Madness
America Undercover looks at three families that he been shattered by schizophrenia. It looks at a 35-year-old former Latin scholar Bob who is committed to a small group home by his parent, 27-year-old Missy who lives in a halfway house in California, and 28-year-old Steven who lives in a psychiatric hospital in New York.
13 Sep. 1989
America Undercover talks to some real-life victims of domestic violence. It also looks at several case studies of women who were terrorized by their husbands and boyfriends and interviews several men who are undergoing counseling for battering women.
10 Nov. 1989
Crack USA: County Under Siege
America Undercover goes to Florida's Palm Beach County in order to investigate the growing crack cocaine epidemic in the United States. It talks to police officers and follows them as they work undercover to make arrests. It also talks to drug dealers and drug users.
6 Aug. 1990
Convicts on the Street: One Year on Parole
America Undercover looks at the life of Long Beach, California, parole officer Alex Estrada who oversees fifty burglars, sex offenders, arsonists, drug dealers, and murderers. It follows him as he keeps an eye on his charges and investigates those who might be going astray.
2 Jul. 1991
Rape: Cries from the Heartland
America Undercover looks at the crime of rape in the United State. It takes an unflinching look at seven cases covered by the Memphis Rape Crisis Center. Victims both young and old talk about their experiences while crisis center investigators attend to their well-being while trying to determine what actually happened.
11 Sep. 1991
Attempted Murder: Confrontation
America Undercover follows the story of Gary Smith who wants to talk face-to-face with the 20-year-old man who nearly killed him Tommy Brown. Smith seeks to understand why a Brown a total stranger with no motive attacked and almost killed him with a baseball bat on a busy high school playground.
17 Nov. 1991
Death on the Job
America Undercover examines four cases of work related accidents that cost the lives of numerous workers. Utilizing news footage and interviews of survivors and family members, it look at the events leading up to the accidents and discusses how the deaths could have been prevented.
The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer
Richard Kuklinski was a devoted husband, loving father--and ruthless killer of over 100 people. You'll meet him in this powerful documentary that features one of the most vivid and disturbing interviews ever recorded--taped behind the walls of the prison where Kuklinski is serving two consecutive life sentences for multiple homicide.
14 Jan. 1992
Suicide Notes
America Undercover looks at the suicide notes of six white middle aged men, five of whom committed suicide and one who attempted to kill himself, but survived. It examines the messages left in the notes in order to get insight into why these men were driven to end their lives.
10 Mar. 1992
America Undercover goes to California to offer an inside look into Patton State Hospital. It focuses on the daily activities of five inmates of the facility who have been judged criminally insane and examines the treatment and care that they receive from doctors and hospital administrators.
5 May 1992
Abortion: Desperate Choices
This documentary walks viewers through the history of abortion in America from the beginning up to the date of filming, 1992. This unbiased piece shows all sides of the issue including women telling their story; a back alley abortion, a friend who helped another friend with an unwanted pregnancy, a adoption, and the child of an unwanted pregnancy. Filming of the procedure is included, I do not recommend this for those under 17.
16 Jun. 1992
My Mother's Murder
America Undercover follows TV news producer Charles C. Stuart as he attempts to discover the motive behind his mother's murder. Emily Stuart was a divorced mother of two who was stabbed five times in the back while living in her house in Princeton. Charles talks to friends of his mother and examines the theories behind the case.
17 Aug. 1992
Never Say Die: The Search for Eternal Youth
America Undercover looks at what people do to stave off the aging process. It examines spa treatments in Germany talks to those who advocate the use of vitamins and nutrient supplements. It also looks at diet specialists, plastic surgeons, and the possibility of cryogenic suspension.
27 Oct. 1992
Women on Trial
America Undercover looks at the cases of four mothers who lost custody of their children to fathers accused of child abuse. It focuses on the family court system in Harris County, Texas, and looks at several gross miscarriages of justice perpetrated by two family court judges.
Multiple Personality Disorder: The Search for Deadly Memories
In this provocative documentary, 3 victims expose their often dangerous "alter" personalities, uncover long-suppressed memories of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Through these compelling cases, the film explores the phenomenon of multiple-personal disorder.
9 Mar. 1993
Mob Stories
America Undercover interviews five former Mafia insiders about their lives of crime and discusses with them the events that led them to become informants. Interviews subjects include Dominick "Big Dom" Lofaro, Joseph "Joe Dogs" Ianuzzi, Giacomo "Fat Jackie" Dinorscio, Thomas "Tommy Del" Delgiorno and "Brother" Frank Minucci.
4 May 1993
Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War
America Undercover goes to Alabama to take an inside look at the Aryan National Front an organization of neo-Nazi skinheads. It interviews white supremacists in an effort to understand their worldview and to see what motivates them in their hatred.
1 Jul. 1993
The Broadcast Tapes of Dr. Peter
America Undercover presents the video diary of Peter Jepson-Young a Vancouver physician who is dying from AIDS. It shows Dr. Peter's slow deterioration from disease, but also displays his tenacious determination to continue to live his life despite his illness.
10 Aug. 1993
Why Am I Gay?: Stories of Coming Out in America
Three gay men and a lesbian couple speak about their lives: a New York City police officer, Michael Callen of The Flirtations, a client of an "ex-gay" ministry, and a lesbian couple leading a gay/lesbian youth group. The episode ends with footage of most of them at the 1993 March on Washington.
7 Sep. 1993
By Satan Possessed: The Search for the Devil
America Undercover looks at the phenomenon of Satanism in the World. It talks to practitioners of Satan worship and interviews those who claim that they have been victimized by it. It also talks to some of the people who want to stamp Satanism out for good.
11 Oct. 1993
I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School
America Undercover goes to a rundown neighborhood of Philadelphia to talk to the students, teachers, and administrators of M. Hall Stanton Elementary School. The teachers and administrators discuss the problems facing the students many of whom are black and from homes distressed by poverty.
14 Dec. 1993
Shock Video
America Undercover examines the video revolution that has put an estimated 40 million camcorders in the hands of private citizens globally. It looks at a dying father videotaping himself for his unborn son, cameramen documenting life on the Gaza Strip, and hidden videos that record assault and abuse. It also looks at how tabloid journalism uses video for more salacious purposes.
Autopsy: Confessions of a Medical Examiner
Can the dead speak? Yes...but only to those who know how to listen. In this riveting documentary, Dr. Michael Baden, one of the country's most celebrated forensic pathologists, reveals the stories behind the cases of unnatural or suspicious death that he helped solve. In more than 20,000 autopsies over the past 32 years, Dr. Baden has uncovered the secrets of the dead and brought killers to justice, earning him the nickname, 'detective of death.'
6 Jun. 1994
Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island
America Undercover offers an inside look at New York's Riker's Island, the country's largest penal institution. It talks to prisoners who discuss the convictions that put them in jail and talk about the uncomfortable realities of life behind bars.
11 Jul. 1994
Southern Justice: The Murder of Medgar Evers
America Undercover profiles the life of civil rights activist Medgar Evers who was killed in 1963 after being shot in the back by a sniper near his Mississippi home. It also talks to his widow Myrlie Evers who has fought for 30 years to convict his murderer Byron de la Beckwith.
2 Aug. 1994
Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock
America Undercover goes to Little Rock, Arkansas, to look at the tension filled lives of rival street gangs. Both white and black teenage gang members discuss lives of crime and violence and speak candidly about murder and gang retaliation. They also tell tales of hopelessness, alienation, and abuse at home which led them to seek family on the streets with their peers.
11 Dec. 1994
Murder 9 to 5
America Undercover examines the psychology of men and women who commit violence against their co-workers. It talks to victims and police, looks at video footage of crime scenes, and examines a videotaped confession created by a man who is about to commit mass murder.
Autopsy 2: Voices from the Dead
Autopsy examines how forensic examiners can help solve crimes. "The Unidentified Torso" a dismembered torso is identified through its pelvic bones. "Maggots In Evidence" maggots are used to determine that a death is a suicide by barbiturate overdose. "The Good Doctor" looks at the case of Dr. John Cavaness who murdered two of his four sons. "The Jellyfish Case" an unidentified body washes ashore and is ultimately identified through the serial numbers on her breast implants. "The Angel of Death" looks at the capture of serial killer nurse's aid Donald Harvey. "The Ron ...
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