Wan pîsu Poster

(1999– )

Episode List

Season 1

20 Oct. 1999
I'm Luffy! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King!
A group of pirates lead by the the freakishly large Alvida, attacked and raided a ship. One of the crew members found a wine barrel on board the ship and decided to have a drink while the captain is busy. But inside the barrel is a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who was taking a nap inside the barrel while playing as a stole away. The crew members were angry that there was no wine and attacked Luffy for tricking them. But Luffy defends himself from the swords which scares the pirates and they ran away. Except for a cabin boy named Koby, who's amazed by Luffy's ...
17 Nov. 1999
The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro
After defeating Lady Alvida, Luffy and Koby escaped on a lifeboat. As Luffy's been telling Koby that his goal is to search for the "One Piece" treasure in order to become the Pirate King. And he'll be needing a big crew if he wants his dream to become a reality. Koby also has a dream, and that's becoming a marine so he could capture ruthless pirates like Lady Alvida. Luffy understands Koby's dream pretty well, and will make sure that he'll become a marine. So they head for Naval Base Island, which is where the infamous pirate hunter: Roronoa Zoro is being held at. ...
24 Nov. 1999
Morgan vs. Luffy! Who's This Beautiful Young Girl?
Luffy destroyed Captain Morgan's statue and unlike the selfish sorry-for-an-excuse son: Helmeppo. Morgan is a giant paranoid, ruthless tyrant with an ax for a right arm. You mess with him, and he messes with you. The captain is ferocious that his own statue is damaged. And without hesitation he ordered his marines to execute Luffy, Coby, and Zoro. Luffy uses Helmeppo to guide him to where Zoro's swords are. He found them only when Coby was caught untying Zoro's post. Luffy got there in time thanks to his "Gum-Gum" abilities. And the bullets deployed from Luffy's ...
8 Dec. 1999
Luffy's Past! The Red-haired Shanks Appears!
After saying farewell to Coby, Luffy and Zoro are sailing out in the middle of the sea. A stroke of wind blew his hat from his head, which prompt him to remember a promise he made with a pirate he knew long ago. That man was Captain Shanks, who was a hero to Luffy, and gave Luffy his hat to take care of until they meet again. As a kid, he always wanted to join Shank's crew, but he tells him that a pirate's life is not for a kid like Luffy. This was also Luffy's encounter with the Devil's Fruit which made him obtain his ability to be made entirely of rubber. And the ...
15 Dec. 1999
Fear, Mysterious Power! Pirate Clown Captain Buggy!
Luffy got his head caught in the break of a giant bird who took him all the way to a seaport town. He was finally free and made a crash landing on the street. Where he encounters Naomi(a pirate hating female thief who only steals from pirates) and a group of pirates who were chasing her. Naomi pretended that Luffy was her boss, so that way the pirates can beat him up instead of her. But Luffy took them down with no problem at all. Naomi was impressed that Luffy handled the fight pretty well. So she gives him info that those pirates who were chasing her, work for ...
29 Dec. 1999
Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy!
Zoro came just in time to save Naomi & Luffy from Buggy's crew. After pulling off a good fight with Buggy, they learn that Buggy also ate one of the legendary Devil's Fruit. His special ability is "Splitting Body". Which makes it impossible for Zoro to cut him up. He got injured and had to make a retreat by caring Luffy's cage with Naomi following behind. After a blast from the "Buggy Bomb", Luffy & Zoro find themselves in front of a pet shop guarded by a dog. Luffy(who's still locked in the cage) couldn't figure out what the dog's problem is. The dog ate the key to ...
29 Dec. 1999
Sozetsu Ketto! Kengo Zoro VS Kyokugei no Kabaji!
After Mohji the Beast Tamer destroyed most of the seaport town. The Mayor got angry and as his responsibility in protecting the town he's willing to take on Captain Buggy to prevent any more disaster. But when Buggy use he divided hand to choke the Mayor, Luffy saved his life and had to knock the Mayor unconscious before he could get hurt. Buggy sends out another henchman to eliminate Luffy. And it's a sword slicing acrobat named Cabaji. Luffy was ready till Zoro insisted that he'll fight Cabaji. With his injuries still present this may be a difficult fight for the ...
29 Dec. 1999
Shousha wa docchi? Akuma no mi no nouryoku taiketsu!
After Buggy damaged Luffy's prized straw hat, Luffy got angry and told him that he just ruined the hat of Captain Shanks. After hearing the name, Buggy revealed that he knew Shanks well. But he despises Shanks for what he's done to him 10 years ago. Back when he and Shanks were just crew members of a pirate group. They were best of friends, and had their own dreams to follow. Shanks thinks that he and Buggy could make a great team together with a crew of their own. But Buggy told him that it be best if they went their separate ways. After stealing a treasure map from ...
12 Jan. 2000
Seigi no usotsuki? Kyaputen Usoppu
Naomi joins the crew as the navigator. And they set sail with both Luffy's boat and a boat with Buggy's stolen sail. Their next destination is to find themselves a larger boat with supplies. And Luffy has a hunch they'll find one on an island with a small village and beach. When they landed on shore they find themselves ambushed by Usopp, who claims to be captain of his own crew. But Naomi sees through the act that Ussop is only accompanied by 3 kids who admire his ambition in being a pirate. Usopp admits that he's just a "wannabee" pirate who does nothing but run and...
19 Jan. 2000
Chijou saikyou no hen na yatsu! Saiminjutsushi Jango
Luffy, Zoro, Naomi, and the 3 kids find Usopp telling his random stories to Kaya the rich girl. Ever since her father past away she's been very depressed and rarely goes outside. So Usopp cheers her up with his lying. After Luffy and the others dropped in, they hope for Kaya to help them out on their journey, but Kaya's well mattered butler: Klahadore denies their favor. And tells Usopp that he's trespassing and despises a liar. Klahadore forbids Kaya to be chatting with a poor liar like Usopp. And starts to insult his father Yasopp by describing him to be a low class...
26 Jan. 2000
Inbou o abake! Kaizoku shitsuji Kyaputen Kuro
Klahadore a.k.a Captain Kuro who was suppose to be executed by the Marines 3 years ago. Is planning to use Jango to hypnotize Kaya in signing a will for all of her fortune to go straight to Kuro himself. And make her death look like an accident. As his pirate crew is plotting to destroy the entire village. Usopp heard every word that Kuro said. But Kuro knows no one will believe after all that lying he's done in the past. The scared Usopp dashed to town to warn the villagers. But as Kuro predicted, none of them believed him, because they all think it's only another ...
2 Feb. 2000
Gekitotsu! Kuroneko kaizokudan sakamichi no daikoubou!
The Black Cat Pirates lead by Jango will do their move at dawn. In order to protect the village from mayhem, the south coast slope will need to be blocked off. So according to Usopp, the south slope is the only way to the village. His plan is to cover it with oil and attack the pirate with surprise. But by the time it was morning, Nami heard voices coming from the other side of the island. She was curious if this was the only entrance to the village. Then Usopp realized that there's another slope like this one at the north coast. Usopp dashed to the north coast while ...
9 Feb. 2000
Kyoufu no futarigumi! Nyâban kyoudai vs Zoro
After Luffy and Zoro prevented the Black Cat Pirates in proceeding towards the village. The furious pirates are too worn out in doing their plan. Jango hypnotize his crew to make them strong and invincible. And it really worked as the Black Cat Pirates are now filled with strength and went charging towards their destination. Luffy however was also hypnotized and beaten up the whole crew with his Gum Gum Machine Gun attack. Then he rips off their ship's bow and was about to swing it towards them, right until Jango hypnotized him to sleep. Luffy fell asleep while the ...
16 Feb. 2000
Rufi fukkatsu! Kaya ojousama no kesshi no taikou
Kurahadol a.k.a. Kuro arrives and it disappointed that his crew hasn't done a thing according to plan. And figured they wouldn't of had a problem dealing with a bunch of pests. Sham and Buchi didn't take any of Kuro's abuse as they believe he's been out of practice ever since he became a caretaker. So they figure they wouldn't have a problem beating him. But Kuro then disappeared with the use of fancy foot steps and reappears behind Sham and Buchie with his "Cat Claw" finger tip swords. He gets rid of the Nyaban Brothers instantly. And for that Kuro decides to give ...
23 Feb. 2000
Kuro o taose! Otoko Usoppu namida no ketsui!
Luffy punched Kuro in the face before he had the chance to slice up Usopp. Then Usopp's kid trio pirate crew show up and beat up Kuro with a shovel. Usopp told them to stop as it's just making Kuro more ticked off than he was before. He gave them orders to protect/guide Kaya out of the battle. They obeyed and guided Kaya out of here (to repay their doubts on thinking their captain was lying about the pirates attacking for real). Jango followed them, while Zoro is busy with the "hypnotized" Buchi. After Zoro finally defeated Buchi, he took the unconscious Usopp to ...
1 Mar. 2000
Kaya o mamore! Usoppu kaizokudan daikatsuyaku!
Luffy broke 5 of Kuro's Cat Claw Swords. This made him prepare his most deadly technique. The Shakushi which makes him incredibly stealthy and attacks without warning. During the Shakushi Kuro kills several of his crew members and is soon planning to kill Luffy. Meanwhile Zoro who is carrying the weaken Usopp in search for Kaya and the kid trio in the forest. As Jango is on pursuit in tracking them down. His circular blades are sharp enough to cut down a tree. And will force Kaya to sign the will and be executed. Will Zoro get there in time to save her and the 3 kid ...
8 Mar. 2000
Ikari bakuhatsu! Kuro vs Rufi kecchaku no yukue!
Luffy managed to get a hold of Kuro and finished him off with his Gum Gum Headbut attack. He threw Kuro towards the Black Cat Crew and told them to never return to this island again. That remark scared them so they scattered to their ship and fled. Luffy collapsed after the rough fight, while Nami reclaim the bag of Buggy's treasure. Zoro and Usopp managed to defeat Jango with Usopp's sling shot ability. Jango was no longer a threat to them. Kaya is finally safe, and everything's back to normal. The Kid Trio were all amazed by Usopp's heroism, but Usopp wants to them ...
15 Mar. 2000
Anta ga chunjuu! Gaimon to kimyou na nakama
After Usopp joined our heroes journey, they set sail on "Going Merry" across the ocean. Luffy designs the crew's own pirate flag, since they now own a pirate ship. His design was rather sloppy, so Usopp(who happens to be good at painting) re-did it into a more professional look. They now have their own pirate flag logo: A Skull with a straw hat. Since they're the "Straw Hat Pirates". Nami sees an island up ahead, which is called "Legendary Treasure Island". Many pirates visited the island, but never found the treasure. They say that a Guardian God protects the island ...
22 Mar. 2000
Santouryuu no kako! Zoro to Kuina no chikai!
While Luffy and Usopp are testing out the Going Merry's cannon balls. Zoro takes his usual map. And starts to remember a promise he made when he was still learning to become a swordsman. He was so desperate in becoming the best, but he couldn't defeat the strongest student of the fencing team, Kuina. She's the only girl of the fencing team and the Sensai's daughter. She's so good, no one else could over come her ability of the sword. Zoro spent his time in training and improving his stamina so he can beat Kuina fare and square. But after 2001 losses, he finds it ...
12 Apr. 2000
Meibutsu kokku! Kaijou resutoran no Sanji
A Pirate Hunter comes on board the Going Merry, and thinks that Luffy has captive on board. He starts to trash the place, but Luffy prevented him from damaging anything else. Zoro recognizes the Pirate Hunter, it was Johnny an old friend he knew. Zoro asked where Yosaku(his other friend) is. Yosaku isn't himself as he's just laying down feeling terrible. Johnny doesn't know what is wrong with him at all. Nami examines Yosaku and tells Luffy and Usopp to gets some fruit. They start to squeeze fresh fruit and poured it into Yosaku's mouth. Nami explains that Johnny's ...
12 Apr. 2000
Manukarezaru kyaku! Sanji no meshi to Gin on
Zoro, Nami, and Usopp went into the restaurant to see what's taking Luffy so long. Only to find an aftermath of a brutal fight. Sanji, who gave Iron Fist a real good kick. Is holding him with his grasp. And tells him that money won't repay the hard work he's put himself through in making that soup. Patty, a buff cook came out from the men's room saw what Sanji is doing and tries to stop him. Then Zeff and Luffy came falling through the ceiling and landed on the floor. Zeff sorted this out, as Sanji's had a long history in fighting with costumers who criticize his ...
26 Apr. 2000
Saikyou no kaizoku kantai! Teitoku Don Kurîku
When Sanji sees Nami he starts to flirt with her with a rose, his boss was very unpleased with the way he acts as a chef. Sanji has always had fights with the customers, and all the other chefs dislike his attitude. And for that Chef Zeff decides to lay him off. But Sanji denies his pink slip and will continue to cook no matter what. 4 days later Luffy is still working for Zeff, and his crew won't leave until Luffy convinces Zeff to let him go. Then out in the opening a ship sailed towards the restaurant. The customers were all in an uproar as it was owned by THE ...
3 May 2000
Mamore Baratie! Daikaizoku akaashi no Zefu
Chef Zeff gives Don Krieg enough food to feed a hundred men. Don however recognized Zeff as the "Red Leg" Pirate who was famous for killing his enemies with his right legs. Got the nickname "Red Leg" because his leg would be dyed in blood after killing a group of men. Unfornately he lost his leg for sometime now. And over the years Zeff has been making a living as a chef. Don finds this a riot that the lethal Reg Leg Zeff is no longer capable of fighting. Don also mentions that Zeff has a logbook on the Grand Line. Which is needed for his return to the Grand Line. He ...
10 May 2000
Tama no me no Mihôku! Kenzoku Zoro umi ni chiru
After Don Kreig's ship was cut in half, the one who destroyed his fleet has appeared. Hawk Eye Mihawk has followed Don all the way from the Grand Line. With his large sword and stealthily techniques. Mihawk has become the world's greatest swordsman. Zoro has traveled the seas to duel against the famous Mihawk. While Luffy and Usopp help Johnny and Yosaku out of the water. They told them that Nami tricked them and took the Going Merry on her own. As she states that she never officially became a pirate in the first place. In order to become the world's greatest ...
17 May 2000
Hissatsu ashiwaza sakuretsu! Sanji vs Teppeki no Pâru
After a violent defeat by Mihawk. Zoro made a pledge to never loose like this again. Mihawk liked how tough Zoro was able to live through his attacks. The next time they meet, he'll expect Zoro to be stronger next time. Mihawk left, which was the right time for Don Krieg's men to take the Baratie by force. Luffy told Usopp, Johnny, and Yosaku to take care of Zoro and find Nami and the Going Merry. While he remains here to help fight along with the chefs who'll protect their restaurant to the very end. As Patty & Carne mentioned 10 years ago, they couldn't find their ...
24 May 2000
Zefu to Sanji no yume Maboroshi no ôru burû
Gin showed his true colors and has a gun pointed at Zeff's head. He figures he can end the old pirate's life easier, so that way his crew can take over the ship. Sanji told Gin that he's worth killing more than Zeff is. As Sanji find Zeff to be acting pathetic than he normally is. Pearl got up and gave Sanji a beating of a lifetime for pay back on the nose bleed. This made Sanji remember the day he first met Zeff. Back when he was a boy chef who doesn't know the importance of not waisting food. He worked on a voyage ship with a few other chefs. He lechers that his ...
31 May 2000
Reitetsu hijou no kijin Kaizoku kantai soutaichou Gin
Luffy used his Gomu Gomu Axe attack to destroy the battle platform of the Baratie. Everyone including Sanji think he's lost it. But Luffy states that if they were to destroy the ship, then Don Krieg's crew won't have a ship to go after. Sanji finds the idea to be stupid. While Luffy finds dying to be stupid too. Pearl was about to take both of them out, until Gin let go of Zeff and destroyed Pearl's iron wall body armor with his swirling maces. Pearl was no longer able to fight. Gin then said he'll fight Sanji instead. It's revealed that Gin is Don's Battling ...
7 Jun. 2000
Shinaneeyo! Gekitou Rufi vs Kurîku!
As the NH5 cannon came striking towards the ship. Don and all of his men have their own masks. The chefs swam away from the area. While Patty and Carne grabbed Zeff into the restaurant for safety. Luffy found a gas mask and was able to avoid the smoke screen of NH5 gas. When the gas cleared he found out that the gas mask he found was meant to be Gin's. But Gin forced Sanji to wear his and has breathe gas entirely. It poisoned Gin real badly. all of Don's men couldn't believe Don would let his own battling commander suffer like that. But Don didn't give a care as he ...
21 Jun. 2000
Shitou no Ketchaku! Hara ni Kukutta Ippon no Yari!
After punching Don's Giant Battle Spear 5 times, it broke. Now the match is about over according to Luffy. But Don has more tricks up his sleeve. Luffy managed to crack Don's body armor, but Don throws out his mini bombs which will explode the platform Luffy is on. Luffy leaped off the mast and gave Don one more punch which shattered his armor completely. It all seemed finish now, right till Don uses his metal fishing net to catch Luffy and pull him falling towards the ocean. Which is bad because of the Devil's Fruit Luffy ate, he will sink into the depths of the ...
28 Jun. 2000
Tabidachi! Umi no kokku wa Rufi to tomoni
Don Krieg is finally defeated after Luffy gave him a twirling kick as they were falling to the sea. Luffy fell into the ocean and couldn't move a muscle. Sanji dive in to save him, and brought him back up to safety. Don tries to get up as he won't accept to loose. But Gin came by to knock him out cold. He tells the other pirates that they'll accept this defeat and leave. Patty and Carne provided them with a small ship that barley holds all 100 men. Gin told Sanji thanks for everything. He also tells Sanji to tell Luffy(who is asleep) that they'll meet again at the ...
12 Jul. 2000
Higashi no Umi Saiaku no Otoko! Gyojin Kaizoku Arlong!
On their voyage to finding Nami. Sanji and Luffy learn from Yosaku that she's heading towards Arlong Park. Sanji couldn't wait to see Nami again, as he had a crush on her when he first saw her at the restaurant. Johnny and him presume she's planning to go after Arlong because he has a bounty on his head. But taking down Arlong is not a one man job. Arlong is a merman who leads his merman only pirate crew. Mermen are 10 times stronger than average human beings. His crew has turn 12 villages upside down. Plus Arlong is one of the 7 most deadly pirates of the 3 forces ...
19 Jul. 2000
Cocoyashi Mura no Majo! Arlong no Onna Kanbu
Zoro is tied up by wrist to ankle. Arlong keeps asking him on what is his true plan. And Zoro kept telling him he's looking for a woman and called him half fish. Arlong let the insult went by and told Zoro that he hates man kind so much. He believes that mermen should be the superior species on the planet. As mermen are stronger and have the ability to live underwater as well as land. He's taken over the entire island he owns, and is powerful with the money he's inherited from the marines and villagers. Then a woman came out and criticize Arlong's monologuing on his ...
19 Jul. 2000
Usopp Shisu?! Luffy Jouriku wa Mada?
Nami has worked for Arlong for 8 years. She's betrayed her home and her diciest foster mother. But during all those years she has a good reason why she did so. Usopp was chased after 3 of Arlong's henchmen, he managed to get rid of them by using his running and camouflage skills. But he got caught by Chu, another merman henchman. Zoro killed and knocked out several guards. He was waiting patiently to confront with Arlong, but he's not back yet. Zoro decides to find him and exits out of the park. He meets Hatchi(an octopus merman) who he presumes Zoro to be a guest of ...
26 Jul. 2000
Zen'in Shuuketsu! Usopp ga Kataru Nami no Shinjitsu
Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku made a crash landing in the plains of the island. Zoro(who got ran over by their boat) tells them that he needs to go rescue Usopp from the mermen. Only when Johnny came by all depressed and told them that Usopp has been killed by Nami. Either one of them, including Luffy couldn't believe it. Luffy declined that it's a lie, but Johnny wished that was true. Then Nami comes by and just told them all solemnly that the only reason she was with Luffy was for the money and nothing more. Sanji admired the way Nami acted serious, but Zoro corrects him...
2 Aug. 2000
Himerareta Kako! Onna Senshi Bell-mere!
3 of Arlong's strongest mermen investigated the damaged boat that crashed in the plains. They have a hunch that the one who sailed the boat is somewhere on the island. They spot Luffy, and already know that he's not from around here. The mermen stand in the middle of the road, but Luffy passed them without saying anything. Hatchi asked him who he is and what his business is here on the island. Luffy says his name and just says he's going on a walk. And nothing more after that. While Zoro is snoozing Sanji and Usopp listen to Nojiko's story on Nami's past. It began 8 ...
9 Aug. 2000
Ikinuke! Haha Bellemere to Nami no Kizuna!
Bellemere was cooking a meal for her foster daughters. But when Arlong enters the home it appeared to be empty. Then Bellemere surprises him with a marine rifle directly into his mouth. Nami and Nojiko ran towards their home, only to be stop by the town doctor who tells them that they need to escape while they can, before Arlong discovers them to be the foster daughters of Bellemere. Bellemere thinks she has the whole thing taken care of only when Arlong bite and damaged the barrel of the gun. Then he continuously stomp on Bellemere's arm demanding her to pay for her ...
16 Aug. 2000
Luffy Tatsu! Uragirareta Yakusoku no Ketsumatsu!
Nami remembered 8 years ago, when Arlong noticed her being depressed. And to make it worth her while, he made a deal with her, that if she saved up 100 million. Then he'll give her back Cocoyashi's village. He doesn't care how long it takes, as long as she's still loyal to him. She then sees Gen guided by Commander Nezumi of the Marine's 16th fleet. He knows that Nami has stolen a great amount of pirate treasure. And his marine buddies are here to confiscate it for the government. Nami tries to fight them off as they search for it in the orange orchard. She couldn't ...
23 Aug. 2000
Luffy Dai Pinch! Gyojin Tai Luffy Kaizokudan
Luffy destroyed the front entrance to Arlong Park, and demands to know which one is Arlong. Arlong addresses himself and gets punched by Luffy with his Gomu Gomu Pistol punch. Arlong hit the wall, which made a hole in it. Luffy told him that was for making his navigator cry. All the mermen and the villagers were surprised that Luffy is a rubber man who ate the Devil's Fruit. Hatchi called out Mohmoo, the sea cow monster that Luffy, Sanji and Yasuko encountered on their way here. Mohmoo remembered how they pulverized him and left cowardly. Arlong was disappointed that ...
30 Aug. 2000
Luffy Suibotsu! Zoro vs Tako no Hacchan
Luffy is drowning in the water, and it's a matter of minutes until he's ran out of oxygen. While Zoro and Sanji were busy dealing with their opponents. Hatchi the Octopus Merman shows off more of his moves on Zoro. While Sanji is trying to take down Kurobi the Level 40 Marshal Arts Merman. After Zoro cut Hatchi's hair, he got mad and went to retrieve his 6 swords. He tells Zoro that he has a bigger advantage over human swordsmen with his 6 sword attacks. But Zoro is suffering from a fever and hasn't fully recover from the wounds he got when battling MiHawk. Johnny and...
6 Sep. 2000
Hokoritakaki Senshi! Gekitou Sanji to Usopp
Sanji was about to help Luffy out, until Kurobi swam and knocked Sanji out. He continuously beat Sanji up with his karate moves. And didn't gave him a chance to resurface for air. Kurobi goes on how inferior Humans are when it comes to needing air to survive. As Sanji is running out of breathe, he discovers that Kurobi has gills like a fish. Which means that Kurobi will be useless if his own gills were damaged. So he bit Kurobi's gills and resurfaced to breathe again. Kurobi also resurfaced and told Sanji that it's doesn't matter if the battle in underwater or on land...
13 Sep. 2000
Luffy Zenkai! Nami no Ketsui to Mugiwara Boushi
Nami tells Arlong that she's here to kill him. Arlong however laughed and told her that over the past 8 years, she was never able to kill him before. If she's truly a traitor of his crew, then he'll kill all the villagers, otherwise he'll keep her as his navigator. Either way there's no escape options from him. She was afraid to put everyone at risk. But after Luffy told her, he'll help her. She gain confidences and chooses to fight along with the villagers. Zoro had some strength left in him. He told Sanji to give him 30 seconds to stall Arlong. Sanji went to set ...
27 Sep. 2000
Sakuretsu! Gyojin Arlong Umi kara no Moukougeki!
As the fight begins to warm up, Arlong asks Luffy if he knew what the difference is between them. Luffy thinks it's the noses, chins, and web hands. Arlong corrected him that it's their nationalities. As he uses his shark bite attacks on Luffy, he monologues that they were put on this plant with their own differences. And since then Arlong believes that Mermen deserve to be the dominate creatures on the plant, because of what they could do and what humans can't do. He finds Luffy to be a lousy captain and can't even swim making him weak. Luffy didn't care if his teeth...
27 Sep. 2000
Gyojin Teikoku no Owari! Nami wa Ore no Nakama Da!
After saying that Nami is his Navigator. Arlong thinks he's joking, because a navigator like Nami doesn't deserve to be with a pirate like Luffy. He claims that Nami enjoys being with him and his crew. Luffy found a pen that was dropped from a desk. It had blood stains on it. He already knows that Nami was forced to draw maps. Luffy then hold on to the blade of the Saw Sword, which prevented Arlong to move it. It broke, and Luffy tells him that there was no way Nami could of been happy while working for the mermen in the first place. He starts to wreck the room, throw...
11 Oct. 2000
Egao no Tabidachi! Saraba Furusato Cocoyashi Mura
Arlong is gone for good, the whole merman crew has been eliminated. After 8 years of being slaves for the mermen. Cocoyashi Village, and the whole island is free. And for that they're going to celebrate like never before. Nami visited her Bellemere's grave, feeling happier than before. Nojiko and Gen found her and told her that her friends are all waiting for her. Nami wondered if Bellemere would of let her become a pirate. Gen highly doubt that she would let her daughter become one. But Nojiko thinks she wouldn't mind. Gen laughed and remembered how reckless ...
25 Oct. 2000
Joukinkubi! Mugiwara no Luffy Yo ni Shirewataru
On board the Going Merry ship, Nami paid the Newspaper Delivery Seagull. And complained how expensive reading the daily news is. A flier came falling out of the paper, which is a wanted paper with Luffy's face on it(Special thanks to Commander Nezumi for filing the report). Luffy finds it great that he's becoming more well known. Sanji was disappointed that he's not in the picture. While Usopp feels worthy because his head is in the background. Meanwhile the government has been discussing how tough Monkey D. Luffy is. After reports of him defeating Captain "Axe Hand" ...
1 Nov. 2000
Mugiwara o Oe! Chiisana Buggy no Daibouken
It's morning, and the Straw Hat Pirates are enjoying their breakfast. Nami remembered when she and Luffy first meet, back when they encountered Buggy the Clown. Nami asked Luffy, if he'd know what had happen to Buggy. Luffy doesn't have a slight clue, but figures he's somewhere far away. Meanwhile on an island, the clown of terror himself, Buggy has spent his time wisely on the island Luffy punched him to the last time they met. He's shorter because he lost his parts from the last time. So he is now the height of a circus midget. He built a raft, and heads off to find...
8 Nov. 2000
Omachikane! Aa Fukkatsu no Buggy Senchou!
Buggy tells the mystery woman he's accompanied with. That he's planning to find his old crew. Meanwhile we learn that that the Buggy Crew had escaped from the angry mob of villagers and had to cat off cowardly. Mohji and Cabaji both were worried on what became of their captain. As the only thing they have left of him are his parts(which were all gathered and tied up thanks to Nami). Mohji blamed Nami for Buggy to loose his parts. While Cabaji has a grudge for being defeated by Zoro. The crew heads for a tropical island and made a memorial for Buggy. As they presume ...
22 Nov. 2000
Hajimari to Owari no Machi: Loguetown Jouriku
The Straw Hat Pirate Crew, has finally made it to LougeTown. The place where the famous Pirate King Gold Roger was born, raised, and died in. Luffy looks forward in seeing Gold Roger's execution platform. Meanwhile familiar enemies are lurking the town.
22 Nov. 2000
Sandai Kitetsu to Yubashiri! Zoro no Shintou to Onna Souchou
While searching for a pair of new swords to replace the ones shattered by Mihawk, Zoro meets a woman named Tashigi. At first site, she looks exactly like Kuina.
29 Nov. 2000
Usopp Tai Kozure no Daddy: Mahiru no Kettou
Usopp manages to anger the daughter of bounty hunter Daddy the Father. All because he wanted a pair of new goggles, that were meant to be a gift for Daddy. Usopp finds his own life at stake, when Daddy challenges him over a duel to claim the goggles.
6 Dec. 2000
Honoo no Ryouri Battle? Sanji VS Bijin Chef
Sanji enters a cooking contest against a woman named Carmen for an Elephant Tuna that he has always dreamed of cooking. Meanwhile Buggy and Alvida reveal themselves to Luffy who is about to be executed by them.
13 Dec. 2000
Buggy no Revenge! Shokeidai de Warau Otoko!
All seems lost when Buggy has Luffy trapped on top of Gold Roger's execution platform. Can Luffy be able to escape his own death? Meanwhile an unusual storm of any king has formed up in LogueTown, and a mysterious figure appears out of no where.