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Kari Wahlgren: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca - Ashe


  • Ashe : They think me a common thief!

    Balthier : Better than a common assasin.

  • Ashe : This come in handy often?

    Balthier : It's tough being popular... wouldn't want any admirers dropping in while we're away.

  • Ashe : [trying to rope Balthier into going in with them]  But you must think about what lies within-the Dawn Shard, and Raithwall's treasure.

    Balthier : And here was I thinking this was going to be hard!

  • Ashe : This is the sword... the nethecite destroyer.

    Balthier : Should it find its mark.

  • Vaan : ...Hey, you sure this rabbit hole's the way into Archades?

    Balthier : Better a hare unseen then a rat in a trap. Then again, if you'd prefer to go knocking on the front gates of the city, be my guest.

    Penelo : But what about once we're inside? Won't the city watch find us?

    Ashe : We'll do what we can to blend into the crowd. Our names may be notorious, but our faces are not far-known.

    Vaan : True, true. You're our princess, and we didn't even recognize you.

    Ashe : I noticed.

  • Basch fon Ronsenberg : [when the party is brought to the Dreadnought Leviathan, Ashe turns and gasps, then she gets angry when she approaches Basch]  Majesty!

    Ashe : [slapping Basch, angered]  After what you've done! How dare you! You're supposed to be dead!

    Judge Magister Ghis : Come now, come now! Have you forgotten your manners? This is hardly the courtesy due... the late Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca.

    Vaan : Princess?

    Judge Magister Ghis : To be sure, she bears no proof of her former station. No different than any mean member of the insurgence.

    Ashe : The Resistance

    Judge Magister Ghis : His Excellency the Consul asks the Ministry of the Disthroned Royal Family in restoring peace to Dalmasca. Those who foster instability and unrest, who claim Royal Blood without proof... they shall meet their fate at the gallows. There are no exceptions

    Ashe : I will not play puppet to Vayne!

    Basch fon Ronsenberg : King Raminas entrusted me with a task. Should the time come, he bade me give you something of great importance. It is your birthright: The Dusk Shard. I will warrant with the quality of her blood. Only I know where to find it.

    Ashe : Wait. You took my father's life! Why spare mine now? You would have me live in shame!

    Basch fon Ronsenberg : If that is your duty: Yes.

    Vaan : Stop being so stubborn! Keep on like this and you're gonna get us both killed

    Ashe : Don't interrupt!

  • Ashe : Balthier! Do you understand exactly what it is you're doing?

    Balthier : Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man. He never dies.

  • Judge Gabranth : Yes, it I was who wore Basch his face; who cut down the life of Dalmasca. Lady Ashe your fathers murderer is here.

    Ashe : You!

    Vaan : ...and Reks!

    Judge Gabranth : I slew your king, I slew your country. Do these deeds not demand vengeance?

  • Vayne Solidor : I bid you welcome to my sky fortress, the Bahamut. I must apologize for my delay in welcoming you aboard my ship. Permit me to ask: who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?

    Ashe : I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.

    Vayne Solidor : Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of rule. Weep for Dalmasca, for She is lost. Observe well, Larsa. Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.

  • Ashe : Lusting for ever greater power, blinded by the Nethicite. Is that how you see me?

    Balthier : That does sound like someone I know. He was obsessed with Nethicite. It was all he cared about. He'd babble nonsense, blind to aught but the Stone's power. He'd talk about some 'Eynah,' or was it 'Venat'? No matter. Everything he did, he did to get closer to the Nethicite, to understand it. He made airships, weapons. He even made me a Judge.

    Ashe : You were a Judge?

    Balthier : Part of a past I'd rather forget It didn't last long. I ran. I left the Judges... and him. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Draklor Laboratory's very own Doctor Cid. That's when he lost his heart to Nethicite, lost himself. And I suppose that's when I lost my father.

  • Cidolfus Demen Bunansa - Cid : Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca! Just how far will you go for power? Does your lust for Nethicite consume you?

    Ashe : [gasps] 

    Cidolfus Demen Bunansa - Cid : Am I right? I am, aren't I? A worthy daughter of the Dynast-King! You would do well to go to Giruvegan. Who knows? You may receive a new Stone for your trouble.

    Ashe : Your words mean nothing to me!

    Cidolfus Demen Bunansa - Cid : The reins of History back in the hands of Man. I too make for Giruvegan. Give chase, if you dare it!

    [boards a hover drone and flies away] 

    Balthier : Hate it when he does that.

  • Gerun King : Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. We see your heart desires power, and power most holy shall we grant. Seek you the Sun-cryst, slumb'ring star. In tower on distant shore it dreams. The mother of all Nethicite, the source of its unending power. The Dynast-King, his fallow shards, coarse trinkets cut from Sun-cryst's light.

    Ashe : Such power exists?

    Gerun King : In times that are long passed away, we thought to save this Ivalice and chose Raithwall the Dynast-King. He took the sword and cut the Cryst. Three Shards he took from its gilt grasp. His words and deeds run through your veins.

    Ashe : That's why I was given it - the Sword of Kings.

    Gerun King : The treaty held with kings of old is but a mem'ry, cold and still. With you we now shall treat anew, to cut a run for hist'ry's flow.

    [the Treaty-Blade appears] 

    Gerun King : Now take this sword, this Treaty-Blade. Occurian seal, mark of your worth. Cut deep the Cryst and seize your Shards. Wield Dynast-King's power! Destroy Venat!

    Ashe : But Venat... Venat is an Occurian. A being like you.

    Gerun King : [roaring]  Venat is a heretic! The Nethicite is ours to give, to chosen bearer or to none. The heretic trespassed and set the rose of knowledge in Man's hand. With imitations they profane, it is anathema to us. We give you now the Stone and task. Administer judgment: destroy them all!

    Ashe : Judgment? Destroy them all? The Empire?

    Gerun King : The Humes ever skew hist'ry's weave. With haste they move through too-short lives. Driven to err by base desires, t'ward waste and wasting on they run. Undying, we Occuria light the path for wayward sons of man. Oft did we pass judgment on them so that Ivalice might endure. Eternal, we are hist'ry's stewards, to set the course and keep it true. The chosen is our hand, our fist, to let like some and crush the rest. Princess, you have been chosen. Take revenge against those who stole your kingdom. Fulfil your role as savior. Attain to your birthright!

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