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Chicago Tribune
There isn't a bad performance here, but besides Thornton, Luke stands out.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A smart, sharp, stirring adaptation of the H.G. Bissinger best-seller.
Entertainment Weekly
Thornton, giving a splendid, disciplined performance, seamlessly shapes his coach into a believable man of quality rather than star-size charisma.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film lets you get caught up in the excitement of this religion and the addictive nature of those stadium lights. Berg and cinematographer Tobias Schliessler get up close to the action, catching the hits and miscues in all their violent urgency.
Dallas Observer
The movie works because Berg never forgets to keep his heart in the game and not just his head.
L.A. Weekly
Country singer and sometime actor Tim McGraw excels as the bitter, besotted ex-Panther who can't cut his kid enough slack to follow his own game plan.
Thornton gets inside the coach's skin. It's a subtle, soulful performance in a movie that otherwise goes for the jugular.
Friday Night Lights is the "Black Hawk Down" of high school football movies. As exclusively as Ridley Scott's picture was about combat, this film concerns football and nothing but.
The A.V. Club
When Friday Night Lights gets to the big games, the time it's spent creates an atmosphere thick with tension, one akin to the real-world experience of watching a favorite team play for its life.
Miami Herald
It's all amiably hackneyed, but it sucks you in anyway.

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