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the good old days
UnpaidIntern0428 January 2008
I recently watched this film with my son who adored it. It takes me back to my childhood and the times that I would hang out with my friends in our "clubhouse". I appreciate that the film explored the conflict between genders. In some parts it was apparent that it only took 11 days to shoot. On the other hand the production value was impressive considering how quickly the film was completed. The cast seemed to work well together and after viewing the special features of the DVD I saw that it was carried over off screen. One of my favorite things about this film is the colors. It is absolutely beautiful, especially the greens from the plant life. Overall this film is a good bet. I would caution briefly about some of the language. There is no cursing but the standard, "stupid," "shut up," etc... that kids will probably hear anyway at the local park. In the end it is a cute story that makes you reminisce about the good old days.
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