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Pretty good.
MartinHafer1 June 2012
This is a short film created by Richard Schickel that's included on the bonus disk for the feature, "Unforgiven". It's a typical making of film--showing various scenes from the film, behind the scenes shots, a few interviews (Clint Eastwood, Richard Harris, Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman) and lots of narration by Hal Holbrook. Interestingly, on the same disk is another short that is ALSO a making of featurette--"All on Accounta Pulling' a Trigger". Both are quite nice and both are a bit different. Of the two, "Eastwood & Company" is much more laid back and not quite as existential you'll find in the other. Also, "Eastwood & Company" also discusses, quickly, Eastwoods' TV and film careers as well as shows how the stunts are created and how Eastwood directed and edited the film. My advice is see both--and also be sure to see the feature. All are quite good.
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