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Season 1

29 Jan. 2004
Once Upon a Beginning
Liz's first day on the job corresponds with Dagless' friend staying at the hospital as a patient, which results in a portal to Hell opening beneath Dark Place.
5 Feb. 2004
Hell Hath Fury
Someone, something, or some things have attacked the chef. So why are objects flying about of their own accord, assaulting innocent civilians and disrupting hospital procedure? Is it telekinesis, PMT, or a deadly mixture of the two? It's a deadly mixture of the two.
12 Feb. 2004
Skipper the Eyechild
When a giant eyeball rapes and impregnates a male patient (don't ask how that's possible, because it won't be explained), Dagless comes to love the resulting offspring, a baby eyeball, as a surrogate for Skipper, his deceased half-grasshopper son.
19 Feb. 2004
The Apes of Wrath
Contaminated water turns the staff of Dark Place into intelligent apes.
26 Feb. 2004
Scotch Mist
A strange mist descends on Dark Place, within which the murderous spirits on Scottish highlanders prey upon the hospital's staff.
4 Mar. 2004
The Creeping Moss from the Shores of Shuggoth
Sanchez falls in love with a beautiful female patient who is slowly turning into cosmic broccoli.

 Season 1 

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