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Inspiring enough to make you wish that the filmmakers had reined in their sentimental excesses.
L.A. Weekly
This is exceedingly earnest stuff, dolloped with Christian goodness and solid production values.
The A.V. Club
In spite of End Of The Spear's fundamental conservatism, the missionaries' disastrous initial encounter with the Waodani ultimately teaches the progressive message that when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of foreign cultures, Bibles and superior technology are no substitute for a thorough understanding of their language and culture.
Village Voice
Spear has all the earmarks of a middling Indiewood product, from its competent second-tier cast (including "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" hunklet Chad Allen in a dual role as a slain missionary and his grown son) to its earnest plotting and leaden pacing.
What creeps in is the dramatic simple-mindedness attendant with a purity-of-purpose mind-set.
It might have been inspired by actual events, but End of the Spear is, literally and figuratively, simply too dull to make any impact.
Although overly earnest and often stilted, the film should find great favor principally among religious auds.
Chicago Tribune
A childish and visually repetitive movie, ham-fisted, proselytizing and overtly simplified.
This ersatz jungle adventure is really a thinly disguised Sunday School lesson in faith, charity and the savagery of life without Christ.
Entertainment Weekly
Atrociously scripted and edited.

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