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Good escapist stuff
rosen-177 September 2007
Perhaps I'm the only person who actually loves this series (we're only just seeing it in Australia). It's shown in the Friday night crime spot, and manages to block the world out for the 90 minutes it runs. The plots are layered and complicated, if not occasionally improbable, and you have to pay attention or you can get lost. The cast of Finbar Lynch, Orla Brady, Stanley Townshend - and many more - are excellent, the scripts tight and sometimes funny, often shocking. Best of all, the filmmakers make a genuine attempt to create a gritty urban landscape of Dublin, where the series is set.

Stories centre around corruption in high places, and the attempts made by journalists Lynch and Brady to expose the bad guys. They're often unsuccessful, which is one of the reasons I enjoy this show. The bad guys frequently do win, and there's little the good guys can do about it.

One of the many reasons I'm enjoying 'Proof' is that the viewer is treated with respect and with none of the patronising explanations of the plot by characters which seems to be part and parcel of many mainstream US mystery/drama/cop shows.
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No one thought to make a copy????
broncobob-390628 July 2018 many people had the disc in ther possession and NO ONE thought to make a copy or download to their laptop or desk top????? It was a good series until then.
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Very good, very tense but could have been nearly perfect
james-weslowski29 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed these episodes very much. Great tension, good acting and a wonderful feeling of commitment. The DVD I saw from Netflix was a bit odd. It seems that the show was shot in something like $:3, but was presented in widescreen. I have several DVD players and tried to reconfigure them to play it properly. Maybe I couldn't because of its European origins from that particular time, i.e. 10 years ago.

I like political thrillers but the only thing that spoiled this one is that the key piece of evidence was never in the hands of a technologically competent person who would have ensured that there was more than one copy of the evidence. Perhaps that was not possible at the time (yet, I know it was) and I expected the series to end with a copy of the evidence on Finbar Lynch'es kitchen table. But, alas, no. So, it seemed like the last two of the four episodes seemed a bit of a cheat. For me, I enjoyed whit despite this huge, huge hole in the plot.
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As was noticed before: were they all to dumb to make a copy of the DISK?
chriskoczka-6447313 January 2019
Good acting, nice script and direction. Except for the BIGGEST FLAW: why no copies?
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