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Badshah Khan: I want to go to Dubai!

Bashir Khan: But how'll you go without your Passsport?

Badshah Khan: Why? Anwar has everbody's Passports. Am I right Anwar? You have everybody's Passports, right?

Anwar Theba: I dont have anybody's Passport!

Badshah Khan: What? When we came back from Islamabad, you had kept everybody's Passports you crook!

Anwar Theba: Mind your language Badshah!

Badshah Khan: Okay, then where're the Passports?

Anwar Theba: I told you to maintain a civil language, Badshah! Don't you take that tone with me!

Badshah Khan: Alright, then tell me where are the Passports?

Anwar Theba: They're with Tiger bhai.

[Somebody from the background says, "They've all been burnt... destroyed"]

Badshah Khan: Burnt? What? How can you destroy my Passport without even asking me?

Anwar Theba: So what? Everybody's Passports have been burnt!

[Badshah gets violent]

Anwar Theba: Hey Badshah, you talk to me! Tiger bhai has made some arrangement for us. And you better mind your language!

Badshah Khan: Arrangements my ass! He hasn't made any goddamn arrangements! He's taken us for a ride. He's fucked us all up!

Anwar Theba: Whom are you abusing, Badshah? Stop using that language!

Badshah Khan: [Fight ensues] What the hell? They told me to go to Jaipur first. After coming to Jaipur, they ask me to go somewhere else now! Up your's! I want my Passport back! How can they burn it just like that?

[Badshah breaks free from the melee and leaves]

Badshah Khan: Aye you, come here!

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Rakesh Maria: Asgar Mukadam?

[Asgar murmurs an affirmation]

Rakesh Maria: Sit straight! Since when have you been working with Tiger Memon?

Asgar Mukadam: One year.

Rakesh Maria: What do you know about him?

Asgar Mukadam: Sir, I was merely a manager there.

Rakesh Maria: One year is long enough to become a hood from a manager.

Asgar Mukadam: Sir I only used to keep accounts.

Rakesh Maria: But you just said you were a manager! Look Asgar, I haven't eaten anything since morning... My head is hurting and I'm hungry... If you dont talk, I will make you do so! Tiger smuggles Silver, doesn't he? What else does he do?


Rakesh Maria: How much do you earn every month?

Asgar Mukadam: 4000 Rupees, sir.

Rakesh Maria: If I resort to doing things my way, you'll have to spend at least 40


Rakesh Maria: ...Just to fix your broken bones! Now tell me what else does Tiger do?

Asgar Mukadam: Hawala

[Money Laundering]

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