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I like underrated movies, and i was definitely not disappointed with this one.
it-makes-me-happy15 October 2005
Let me first say, this movie is darkly hilarious! I mean, you wouldn't think that a movie about kids killing their parents could have such characteristics, but I was nothing short of stunned. It's just so sarcastically funny, and it kind of just keeps you on your toes, not knowing what's next. Some movies that I haven't heard of much tend to be boring in many parts, but this one was just so interesting and so sarcastically funny that you can't wait to see what happens next. My favorite part would probably be the poem during the recital, and I've been looking for a copy of it... if I can't find one, I'll just go copy it out myself. And Alex Campbell, who plays the oldest kid (I think his name in the movie was Joe...) is extremely hot! I dunno, he just seems so appealing and... yeah, just go rent it, 'cause honestly, it's so fun to watch. And it's so fun to watch Alex. Okay, I'm done here.
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Very Bad Things meets John Hughes
rattlerblues-129 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Dark and brooding locations contrast nicely with the gallows humor and dread of the plucky (sort of) heroes and heroines of this Canadian twist on Very Bad Things vs John Hughes. The parents, not biological to half of the children, are evil. Yet the portrayal and dialogue is less funny and more harrowing than feels just right in a dark comedy like this. There is a level of menace, anger, and retribution that is just TOO palpably real to be slightly amusing. There is a character who pops in, without introduction and continues to show up, unannounced, uninvited and perplexingly devoid of plot motion. This lovely woman is a neighbor that the male hero obsesses over. Why? He needs a woman love interest? Maybe. She develops into a character with a nice dark streak that fits right into the menagerie well. The plot involves murder and the 'oh so comic misadventures that dead bodies can create' or something like that. Something about dead bodies and what to do with them is such a reliable plot device. Here it is handled pretty well. The characters are not made to be idiots (as would be typical in American cinema) but rather smart enough to have seen this sort of dilemma on a multitude of TV shows and now, faced with it in real life, have the added dimensions of fear and anxiety that make their decisions impulsive, ineffective and, subsequently need to be changed. I have always liked the old Hitchcock film, The Trouble With Harry, about the dead body and the number of people in the quaint village who are certain that they are responsible for the body becoming non-living. In some ways SIBLINGS is like that. WHY a 7? Totally sweet rental. For $2 and about 90 minutes of entertainment you could do much worse (Jim Carrey for example). It is offbeat, fresh, has some unexpected twists and dialogue. Wht the hell...Plus, it takes place over Christmas so it is a good antidote to all that saccharine craptacular product that is spewed out annually. That's my opinion.
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has its moments
I got a chance to see the sneak preview of this movie in Toronto and had mixed feelings about it. For a black comedy to be successful, it needs to be REALLY funny. It needs to be so funny that it kind of blocks out the disturbing darkness of it. If a black comedy fails to do this, then its usually just sick. SIBLINGS is kind of caught in the middle. Parts of it are hilarious. Parts of it aren't.

It is about 4 non blood related siblings with evil step parents. So evil, that the 4 siblings want theses step parents to die. The rest of the movie is the kids not knowing what to do with the bodies, and annoying relatives and neighbors wondering where their parents are. Some sequences are very funny, but some are tiresome.

There's the hot older sister, who has brainless sex with some guy in a truck every night, the oldest brother, the one who kills the parents; you know, the responsible one. There's the death obsessed 10 year old, who's shtick gets boring after 5 minutes, and there's the ADORABLE youngest girl. She has lots of cute one liners about you know, parents dying and stuff like that.

The chemistry is great between the four of them. That makes the movie. They work very well together and are really believable.

Bottom line: definitely has its moments, and if you like these kind of movies, then you should go see it. But regarding black comedies, don't expect Very Bad Things (the KING of Black humor movies)
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Nixon Masks
tedg9 May 2010
The filmmakers here tried something and failed. It was a noble attempt at something very delicate and I suspect that they will eventually succeed at capturing this balance somehow. Commentors here call it black humor, but there is something more dear here in the children's reach. It isn't Lemony Snicket. Its "The Ice Storm."

Failure or not, they did something well. Sarah Polley is an amazing young actress who can do what I call folded acting: where she observes her character and conveys the observation. This allows her to play special roles. Here she is in the story as our surrogate who watches. She can't save the story, but she does her job.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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Delightfully Sadistic
asgeras28 February 2006
A movie that I picked up out of desperation ended up being one of the best I've seen in a while. Mind you, the movie's pretty screwed. Then again, so am I, and my guess is that most of the people reading this are as well. The acting was pretty top notch, and this movie has something that's no longer common place...character development. You see the growth and maturity of the characters by the end...for better or for worse. All in all, this is a great movie, if just a tad awkward at times. Be sure to check it out.

Just a tip, be sure to catch the little clip at the end of the credits (thank you fast forward). It brings the movie to a nice and proper close.
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Dark comedy takes a stab at the normal family in a big way. (spoilers)
vertigo_1430 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you're tired of all the dime-a-dozen American and Canadian dramas recently produced about shattering the false image of the "normal," happy suburban family like 'Imaginary Heroes,' 'The Ice Storm,' or 'American Beauty,' you might switch to a dark comedy perspective. Canadian production, 'Siblings' is a drastically bitter, cynical look at the "perfect" family.

Four step-siblings (perhaps not coincidentally modeling the cast of 'Flowers in the Attic,' minus the blonde mops) are left in the care of their vicious step-parents following the death of their grandfather. Joe (Alex Campbell) is the optimistic, hopeful that the children would rid themselves of these unusually abusive guardians once they all turn eighteen (the two youngest have a long way to go). His step-sister, Margaret (Sarah Gadon), a promiscuous realist, on the other hand, suggests they had just better kill their parents. Luckily, it all happens somewhat accidentally, although the four step-siblings, even in their small town with relatively few people poking into their business on such constant occasion (except for the neighborhood snoop, a mousy character played by Sarah Polley), it might seem easy to do.

Unfortunately, a series of mistakes just brings more trouble. But not in really any particularly amusing way. And unfortunately, the progression of the movie, while it has some particularly interesting character studies, offers few real laughs (except from big-eye step-sibling, Danielle) and tends to take longer than necessary to reach its conclusions. I did like, however, that once the parents were out of the picture, the older siblings began to take on their characteristics (although only temporarily, later made poignantly conscious of this by Margaret).

For a movie like this, however, I would have to agree with another viewer who wrote that, it would've helped to have offered a lot more humor, especially where offering lots of sardonic sarcasm and irony later in the film.
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More good moments than not.
the_x_verg13 October 2005
Overall it's a decent movie. Some scenes are more hilarious, and others just disturbing. Alcholism, pedophile/ molesting, murder and a new twist of the girl next door leave a strange taste in the mouth, although not unpleasant. It's an interesting spin on the "canadian" style movie, and although I watched it at one A.M, I did laugh at the awkward scenes, and laughed harder at the "confused" son, and giggled whenever the older boy had to interact with anyone in the move. I suggest when the girl goes to see the bodies to close your eyes so you do not see some of the disturbing moments, aka throw-up. And next time you think about complaining about your parents, it could be worse. You could have these ones. Would I see this movie again? Yes, and I might even buy it.
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precious_angel_4_ever10 October 2005
I saw this movie last night just cause I randomly saw it at the movie rental place. I started watching it and I was a little bored during the first few minutes then it started to get into the plot. I just had this totally weird love for the movie I usually like either happy chick flicks or funny comedies or action movies, but for some reason I couldn't not love this movie. I watched it again about an hour later with my older sister, now I'm obsessed with it. I love the characters and the plot (although very weird) has me completely drawn to it. I seriously would recommend it to people who just need something to pass the time, I think they'll be pleasantly surprised!
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A dark comedy delight
stevepat9925 June 2008
Check out my 'corrections' below. Hard to believe so many get so much wrong.

Great, fun, well written and entertaining. While not perfect Siblings is one of those surprises, which bounced into HD view, that far surpasses much or even most of the sub par offerings on the big screen these days. The actors are top notch and true, the 'poem' was awesome reminding me of the finale in Little Miss Sunshine. Getting the right recipe for dark/black comedies is way difficult and has been accomplished in fine style here. Characters abound and entertain from sexy, quirky neighbor to family attorney. Sex, money, death, crime, possible punishment are all there in entertaining proportions. A fun cinematic ride.

For the Record: Reading the plot summary and reviews has me wondering if some really watched the film. On one hand they have the siblings (plural) killing their parents. NOT...does not happen. On the other hand poor Margaret gets tagged as promiscuous for hanging with her ONE boyfriend too often. PER WIKIPEDIA: Promiscuity refers to sexual behavior of a man or woman who either casually or regularly copulates with SEVERAL PARTNERS. And of course that never happens since Margaret is true blue to her 'guy' albeit true blue on a nightly basis. They BOTH like lots of sex. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Another has Joe carefully orchestrating an accident which likewise does not happen. For all these wrongs there are so many fun and entertaining RIGHTS with these charming, no holds barred Siblings.
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A well built comedy
phildeviltes22 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
What a piece of work. This movie is great. First off, I was looking for good movies at the movie chain. Like I used to, I saw the end and not the beginning. How sad... But then, I look at the schedules, and saw it would play another time. Here's my review: the beginning starts a little strange, but still, funny. The grand pa look very in shape. I mean, do you know lot of man that run with white hairs hum? No. Then, he's teaching his most important lesson to his grand son. Who'd know he'll just die after teaching-it? After that, you have this awful scene that serve to say who participate to the creation of the movie. Oh well. I had difficulty to walk after it: turned too much ^^ But let me say that: all of the dialogs seems to have been seriously thinked. Now, I'm really serious about that, because there are movie that could have been a lot better if they looked for what the actors says. Take Mr. and Mrs. Smith, for example: they have all that chat, trying to kill each other, and right after that, they got in a fight and then, they... you know, this have no sense, even if this is amusing. And this is what makes the strength of this movie. All fits.
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Mixed Feelings
chow9139 July 2015
There's a lot to love about 'Siblings' great cast, great production quality, and great premise. Just like 'Flowers In The Attic' the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. But somehow the whole thing just never comes together. It we're teased with a recipe for a great story but never get to taste a satisfying dish.

The plot: I've read many different synopsizes online and most of them are only half right. First off, I wouldn't describe this as a "dark comedy" at all. The movie never attempts to be comically. Also I wouldn't describe the parents' deaths as "murder."

What is accurate about the plot is that this revolves around four children in a Jerry Springer style family with so many marriages, stepparents, and half blood relatives that even the kids can't figure it out. This dysfunctional family just happens to be rich living in upper class Canada.

The film opens with the with their grandfather's funeral whom had been the head of the household and the only thing keeping their drunk, snobby, and nasty stepparents in check. The kids even say, "Things are going to suck from now on."

It's obvious that this draws heavily from 'Flowers In The Attic.' Four kids trapped in a big house by their abusive family, who end up forming their own family unit with the two teens as husband and wife playing parents to the two younger kids.

The stepparents end up accidentally driving off a cliff while taking the family dog to be abandoned because they're too cheap to actually put it down.

The kids obviously attempt to cover up their deaths so they can continue living together as a family.

The setting is very interesting. It all takes place around Christmas time, smart, since Christmas and snow go so well together. The lesson here is if you are going to make a movie in Canada in July have it take place on Christmas so the snow will seem more fitting. And take down all French language product placement. (hint hint 'Dawn of the Dead' 2004.)

The musical score is a real mixed bag. 50% of the score are rock or Danny Elfman style renditions of public domain Christmas songs which add a lot the to atmosphere. However the other 50% sounds like the annoying rock scores played during Lifetime movies. As I said, a mix bag.

So there's a lot to like about this movie, such as the growing sexual tension between teens Joe and Margaret. FACE IT that's the only reason anyone even saw this movie, the false promise of forbidden romance in the trailer. Unfortunately as I said before, much of this film is just as tease. Their relationship doesn't even evolve romantically.

We're also teased about Margaret being abused by her stepfather Nicholas Campbell ('DiVinci's Inquest.') She's afraid of being molested as only her grandfather could protect her. However, DiVinci doesn't actually do anything. Hence, there's no drama and no real hatred of DiVinci. All we needed was just one scene of him coming on to her.

The plot could be interesting in dealing with the practicalities of the kids continuing their lives without anyone in the community knowing about their parents' deaths. However... most of the time is wasted on boring movie tropes about how they must go back to the crash scene and do the typical stupid things characters in movies do.

The children are all straight out of a modeling agency but that doesn't make them likable characters. The two youngest kids seem like robots. When the little girl asks Joe to take her to her Christmas pageant he responds, "What? Forget it, we're not fxxxing going!" and she doesn't even act upset.

Likewise Joe and Margaret bicker more than they have any kind of sexual tension.

So this begs the question, why are the kids doing this? If they don't get along what's the point of fighting to stay together? There's no crime to be covered up and it's already established they're going to receive their grandfather's inheritance. So just tell the police their parents are missing. The police will eventually find the accident scene and the kids can go live with other relatives, or foster homes and still cash in on their grandfather's money.

This is the type of film which had so much promise but ends up falling into all the classic movie tropes of dumb characters.

Still, it's worth a watch. There are positive elements of good film making.
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I'm not sorry I saw it, but it's not very memorable
squirrel_burst18 April 2015
Dark comedies are a tricky thing. I'm used to seeing films where you're supposed to laugh as people get murdered or a comedic moment will suddenly lead into something really twisted. I'm never quite sure how to introduce people that aren't used to that brand of humor to the genre, and if you suffer from the same predicament, maybe "Siblings" is the answer. It's a dark comedy that doesn't go too far into the twisted type of humor that you may be used to so it's a decent introduction into the genre. I wouldn't say the movie is great, but it's not terrible either (what a glowing recommendation!) Considering it's a story about four children that want to murder their parents it's never very violent or gruesome. The film offers some interesting characters and it's too bad that it never really feels like they all get fleshed out as much as they should because I think that most people will be left wanting more. The film has its share of laughs, not many but if you're looking for something funny and twisted at the same time, it's worth taking a look into It if you're paying a dollar to rent it, or it happens to be playing on TV kind of thing. (Dvd, November 6, 2012)
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