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Sex & Nudity

  • This shows sexual innuendo has been compaired to 'Two and Half Men', however it is slightly more matured comedy.
  • Following in the conduct of other American sit-coms this show depicts no nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • Throughout the series, violence can be depicted, however this is usually displayed with mild impact.
  • In several episodes guns are shown, and in a few episodes people are shot (no blood or gore shown) however reactions are heard.
  • People are threatened in the show, quite often, sometimes resulting in physical violence.
  • References to murder, rape and other acts in the same vein are discussed (not for comedic purpose)
  • One of the characters owns a variety of guns, which occasionally 'go off' in his office.
  • In one episode a mans fingers are chopped off with an axe (off-screen), however the outcome is shown (moderately bloody)
  • Other episodes contain some violence, however most of it is off-screen, implied or mild


  • In every episode mild language is previlant. This can include profanities such as 'ass' 'bitch' 'crap' 'bastard' and 'damn'. However these words aren't used excessively. Very mild language such as 'oh my god' is used considerably
  • In some interviews and deleted or cut scenes on dvd, the f-word can be heard

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the end of every episode, the characters, Denny and Alan smoke cigars and drink Scotch
  • Occasionally throughout the series, there are references pertaining to drug use, dealing or lacing. However these references are infrequent, brief and relatively mild in impact.
  • Many scenes throughout the entirety of the series take place in bars or clubs.
  • No drugs have every been used (on screen) or depticted

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Boston Legal is a law based tv-show that infuses comedy.
  • Most of the episodes revolve around serious crimes, which can up-set children. These crimes can include: rape, torture, pedophilia, murder and other serious offences.
  • In a few episodes these crimes are shown, or heavily discussed.
  • Most of these acts are not treated light-heartedly
  • Some of the violence, listed in the section 'Violence and Gore' can be up-seting or frightening to children.
  • While this show is comedy, it is usually serious.

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