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Season 1

3 Jul. 2002
Robin, a young introvert witch, is the latest member of a secret government police unit that hunts down and arrests witches and warlocks. The team's latest case is a warlock who partnered up with a warlock they can't I.D..
10 Jul. 2002
Addicted to Power
The court frees a man accused of murder, since the victim's death is unexplainable and neither the court, nor the public know about the existence of witches, warlocks and magic. Robin's team is on the case, but so is an unhinged cop.
17 Jul. 2002
Dancing in Darkness
A warlock who can summon insects is using them to kill people who are descendants of witches and warlocks for some reason. Robin's team is on the case.
24 Jul. 2002
Stubborn Aesthetics
Amon, the leader of the team, suggests glasses to Robin, since she can never hit her targets with precision. She is not fond of his idea at all. She meets a strange painter in the local park, close to where some murders occurred.
31 Jul. 2002
Smells Like the Wandering Spirit
The team is looking for a missing businessman among the homeless population. Instead, they discover a strange occurrence in the homeless shelter where people suddenly become abnormally nervous and panicked for no apparent reason.
7 Aug. 2002
A woman who gives Robin a ride during a storm dies the same night in a car accident. Robin investigates. The first person of interest is the strange emotionless co-worker the woman went to see after dropping Robin off.
14 Aug. 2002
A vehicle involved with a robbery is found crushed in an impossible manner. Robin's team investigates this robbery, but things are somewhat more complicated than they seem.
21 Aug. 2002
Robin's team is investigating falsified autopsy reports on couple of mobsters whose deaths were actually caused by magic and all the reports were signed off on by the same doctor.
28 Aug. 2002
Sign of the Craft
A shady man is magically burned to death from the inside. The team comes up with a suspect, but she is already dead. Is it possible that someone is seeking revenge from beyond the grave or is there a more mundane explanation?
4 Sep. 2002
Separate Lives
The team sets up a sting operation in a local coffee shop where they regularly hang out. The mysterious owner and sole barista of the place is their long time friend and associate and the target is an important person from his past.
11 Sep. 2002
The Soul Cages
The team is investigating the death of two Yakuza goons killed by electricity through the use of magic. At the crime scene, Robin notices a strange old wheelchair-bound woman among the onlookers.
18 Sep. 2002
Precious Illusions
Robin returns to the previous crime scene to investigate the mysterious old wheelchair-bound woman. Soon, Robin is reported missing and the team's secret headquarters gets hacked. Amon is on the case.
25 Sep. 2002
The Eyes of Truth
A secretive member of an elite Vatican unit of investigator-priests known as the inquisitors is sent to Japan on a special assignment to interrogate a person of interest in a strange old murder case. The team assists him.
2 Oct. 2002
Loaded Guns
While on a case, Robin is ambushed by a sniper. She survives and finds several anti-witch bullets that her unit was using before it turned to non-lethal means of dealing with magic users. This is just the beginning of a very bad day.
9 Oct. 2002
Time to Say Goodbye
The team hides Robin in their headquarters until they identify the people who tried to assassinate her. Unfortunately, that may not be enough.
16 Oct. 2002
Heal Thy Pain
One month after the headquarters incident, Robin is in hiding, Amon is missing and the rest of the team is trying to move on without her, but she's still in their hearts and minds. One day, by accident, Robin runs into a friend in need.
23 Oct. 2002
One of Robin's fiends from the team finds her and tries to convince her to help them out again, since the team is in worse shape than ever without her as backup.
30 Oct. 2002
In My Pocket
When a rumor spreads that the wheelchair-bound old woman left a powerful magic artifact behind her, a dangerous warlock called the Professor goes after anyone who may know more. Robin, her protector and her team also investigate.
6 Nov. 2002
While investigating the magic artifact, Robin who has no family befriends a nice married couple of magic users whose daughter was taken by the Factory, the secretive company that imprisons forever all arrested witches and warlocks.
13 Nov. 2002
All I Really Oughta Know
A deadly elite witch hunter is sent after Robin and the artifact.
20 Nov. 2002
No Way Out
Another elite witch hunter is sent to kill Robin.
27 Nov. 2002
Family Portrait
Amon is acting very strange, so Robin and her protector try to follow him. He leads them to an old woman whose late son worked in a company tied to witch hunters. In his room, Robin finds a photo of a woman who looks a lot like her.
4 Dec. 2002
Sympathy for the Devil
Amon must once and for all decide whether or not he trusts Robin. The Factory's mysterious agenda finally becomes clearer when they go after another witch hunter.
11 Dec. 2002
Robin and her team are finally back together. Their goal is simple - Find out who's behind the endless attacks on them and what's their ultimate goal. Everyone also finally come clean with each other.
18 Dec. 2002
Redemption Day
Robin is visited by a familiar face and she finally discovers the details of her mysterious past. Now, she and her team have only one course of action left - to take the Factory head on. It holds their friend and all the answers.
24 Dec. 2002
Time to Tell
Robin faces the Factory's and their for former boss. Is she a tool of destruction or hope for the future of mankind?

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