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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, language and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • **Sexual jokes and humour are heard throughout the movie, the main character wishes to lose his virginity and his friends also are sexually frustrated**
  • The film opens with the implication that a teenage boy has just finished masturbating.
  • In a claymation title credits scene, two birds have sex in a nest and a pervert owl watches with binoculars.
  • At the beach, a girl asks a boy to rub lotion on her, the boy straddles the girl and she makes a comment about his implied erection.
  • There is a graphic scene showing sexual positions in a sex book which are later shown 'coming to life' in animated form.
  • A man and woman are shown naked in the shower together (no nudity shown).
  • There is a scantily clad woman in a bikini at the beginning of the movie, and she gives a man a kiss.
  • Two teen boys go to the boarding school where they are sneaked into the dorm of two girls. One of the girls enters the bedroom dressed in her bra and panties and later is implied to be having sex with one of the boys. The second boy makes crude sexual remarks towards the second girl and is also about to engage in sex but is interrupted and chased out of their room in their underwear.
  • Two teen boys and later an older man are shown in their underwear.
  • A boy and girl have sex (no nudity is seen and the scene doesn't linger on the act itself).

Violence & Gore

  • A car and trailer crash into a coffee shop causing an explosion.
  • Two boys are shown briefly fighting before the fight is broken up.
  • A cop grabs a kid by the neck and calls him a "demented fucker".
  • A boy has an imaginary friend who provokes him to do violent and odd things in an attempt to rebel and impress a girl. This includes swearing at his mom, lighting a trailer on fire, knocking a cereal bowl off a table and shattering it, and talking about his girlfriend in a very derogatory way (his imaginary friend tells him that he should "find her and shove his filthy dick into her").
  • A boy's parents talk about how sailors are going to come and beat them up.


  • Plenty of cursing.
  • Fuck is used about 30 times in total, twice sexually and often uttered multiple times in bursts of anger.
  • Shit is uttered a dozen or so times.
  • Words such as Dick and Prick are used 4 times in total, while the term Pussy is uttered once.
  • In sexual discussions, mostly towards the beginning of the film, there's a small variety of slang terms for erections and human anatomy.
  • A boy spray paints the phrase "mommy's perfect asshole" on a trailer.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is smoking marijuana and then offers it to a teenage boy who smoke it also.
  • A teenage boy walks in to see three adults 'high' on mushrooms, he then takes four himself.
  • It's implied that a man drugged his parents with mushrooms to mellow them.
  • The imaginary friend is always seen smoking a cigarette.
  • A boy tries to get another boy to sedate a girl so that she'll fall asleep in class and be expelled.

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