The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Video Game 2004) Poster

Vin Diesel: Richard B. Riddick


  • Richard B. Riddick : Hmm... a med-station, takes away the hurt, leaves the pain.

  • Richard B. Riddick : Today, Johns, you get fucked.

  • Riot Guard : Prisoner! This is restricted area! What are you doing here?

    Richard B. Riddick : Oh. Heh. Sorry, my mistake.

    Riot Guard : Shit, you're Riddick!

    Richard B. Riddick : I think you're gonna need backup.

    Riot Guard : Command, I need backup!

  • [the player kills a guard supervising Valya] 

    Valya : Greetings space traveler! I find myself detained in custody with no other fun than that jester which you just disposed of!

    Richard B. Riddick : I found him only mildly amusing.

    Valya : Watch your tongue space traveler! Still, I appreciate your kind gesture despite having killed the poor jester! Haha!

  • Hoxie : Allready trying to get under my skin, Riddick?

    Richard B. Riddick : It'l be easier... if I had something sharp.

  • Richard B. Riddick : Talking about me? Never wise.

  • Richard B. Riddick : [disguising himself as a guard]  The wolf moves among sheep.

  • Richard B. Riddick : Uh oh, looks like that memory's still working, Johns.

  • Richard B. Riddick : [talking to guard]  The dark... are you afraid? I'm not. The dark is afraid of me.

  • Abbott : You're messin' with the natural order of things here, Riddick. As a result someone can get hurt. And we don't want that.

    Richard B. Riddick : Speak for yourself.

  • Richard B. Riddick : [Riddick loses his assault rifle and resorts to getting into grabbing range on the prison guard. Both of them fall down a pit with Riddick surviving]  It ain't the fall that get you. It's the sudden stop at the bottom.

  • Richard B. Riddick : The main frame security will be tight... I like a challenge

  • Richard B. Riddick : [Picks up his first assault rifle]  Now things get interesting...

  • Hoxie : I should just have them put slugs in both your heads right now!

    Richard B. Riddick : Why ruin a nice carpet?

  • Hoxie : What to do, what to do... hmmm. I've got entire regions rioting. My slam has become a damn warzone. I'm losing men faster than I can replace them... and all this unrest... well, it began soon after you arrived, Riddick.

    Richard B. Riddick : Could be a coincidence.

  • Hoxie : I'm sending you to the mines, Riddick. Down below the surface, where the sun never shines. You'll be the target of every con looking to make his bones with the Aquilas. I expect things could get ugly.

    Richard B. Riddick : I'll be disappointed, if they don't.

  • Jagger Valance : Things work the same down here as they do up there. You give and you get.

    Richard B. Riddick : Trust me Jagger, what I can give... you don't wanna get.

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