Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Poster

Jonah Bobo: Danny



  • Walter : [about Zorgons]  What do they eat?

    Astronaut : Meat.

    Danny : That's good.

    Astronaut : Dude. You're meat.

  • Danny : Why'd you wish for a football? You could've wished us out of here!

    Walter : I was under a lot of pressure! He was yelling at me!

    [meaning the Astronaut] 

    Danny : [turns around]  Why were you yelling?

    Astronaut : [sits on the bed]  OK guys. Here's the thing: I've played this game before. OK? I played it with my own brother 15 years ago.

    Walter : You're a player?

    Astronaut : Yeah. Just like you guys. We were fighting a lot back then. And when the game started, it got even worse. Every time we spun, we got madder and madder at one another. And then I landed on the Star Space, the same one that Walter just landed on. I was *so* mad at him that when the star passed... I made my wish.

    Walter : What'd you wish for?

    Astronaut : I wished that my brother had never been born.

    Danny : Oh my god.

    [Walter looks at Danny, then at the Astronaut] 

    Astronaut : As soon as I did, it felt horrible. I thought, you know if I could spin again maybe I, I could land on another Star Space and wish him back but, the game wouldn't let me. So it wasn't my turn. Walter, there are some games you can't play alone.

  • Danny : I'm hungry. Can you make me some macaroni-and-cheese?

    Walter : Don't know how.

    Danny : but, I'm hungry; what *do* you know how to make?

    Walter : Water.

  • Danny : [when a tiny meteor shatters the urn above their fireplace]  Grandma!

  • Walter : What are you doing?

    Danny : Making mac-and-cheese.

    Walter : There's no water, dummy, we're in outer space.

    [Danny turns the water on] 

    Walter : Why're you doing that?

    Danny : Beacuse I'm hungry and I know you're not goiong to take care of me.

    Walter : Don't bother; the gas won't work.

    Danny : [turns the stove on]  Any more advice?

  • Danny : Your're gonna leave us alone in this creepy old house?

    Dad : It's not creepy, it's old.

    Walter : I like mom's better.

    Dad : Well, so did she and now it's hers.

  • Danny : Wanna play Stratego?

    Walter : No, you always cheat at board games.

    Danny : But you can't even cheat at Stratego!

    Walter : Trust me, you'll find a way.

  • Danny : You wished for two of me?

  • Walter : [reads card]  Meteorites. Take evasive action.

    Danny : What does that mean?

    Walter : I don't know, it just says "Meteorites. Take evas...

    [meteorite shoots through card] 

  • Danny : A card came out!

    Walter : Fascinating!

  • Danny : It's just a goat. It's just a goat. It's just a goat.

    [sees it has four eyes] 

    Danny : It's not a goat. It's not a goat. It's not a goat. It's not a goat. It's not a goat.

  • Danny : [throws glove at Walter]  You're such a dick!

  • Danny : Zorgons are the lizardmen. They eat meat and we are MEAT!

  • Walter : ...and then the card comes out...

    Danny : Oh, the card. The card. The card. The...

    Danny : THE CARD!

    Danny , Walter : THE CARD!

  • Danny : [after seeing what the Zorgons did to the living room]  My gerbil was in there.

  • Danny : Does cryonic mean ice?

  • Danny : God, I suck!

  • Danny : [game says "Flunk Space Academy, go back 1 space]  I'm not even going to comment on that.

  • Danny : It's a black hole! Zathura is a black hole!

  • [last lines] 

    Lisa : We never speak of this. Okay? Never happened.

    Walter : Never happened. Still think l have gorgeous eyes?

    Danny : Walter!

    Walter : What?

  • Danny : [reads card]  Rest... on... standing... astroturf...

    Walter : What?

    Danny : Rest on standing astroturf!

    Walter : Gimme that.

    Walter : [reads card]  Rescue stranded astronaut!

  • Danny : [Running around in circles as meteors bombard the living room]  Take erasive action! Take erasive action!

  • Walter : [of the Zorgons]  What do they eat?

    Astronaut : Meat.

    Danny : That's good.

    Astronaut : Dude, you're meat.

  • Danny : Wow! Outer space!

    Walter : No... it's just nighttime.

    Danny : I don't know, Walter... it never looked so *close* before.

  • Danny : I don't think we should play that game anymore.

  • [first lines] 

    Dad : [playing catch]  Oh, man. That's it. Nice grab. Oh, yeah.

    Dad : All right, Danny, your turn.

    Walter : What? l didn't get my full turn!

    Dad : Yeah you did. I counted. That was 25. That's what we said.

    Walter : That's not fair!

    Dad : lt's exactly fair. Come on, Danny. Time for your turn, then l gotta work for an hour.

    Danny : [getting into place]  You know, you're not the only one who gets a turn.

    Walter : [miming]  "The only one who gets a turn."

  • Danny : [sees the astronaut putting food on the table]  Are you doing this to keep Zorgons away?

    Astronaut : No. I'm doing this because I've been eating paste out of a tube for fifteen years.

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