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  • Both Jumanji and Zathura are based on novels by Chris Van Allsburg; in the book version of Zathura, the Zathura board game is found inside Jumanji, but an astronaut living inside Zathura claims to have created Jumanji.

    Zathura director Jon Favreau discouraged the notion that the film is a sequel to the earlier film Jumanji, having not particularly liked that film. Both he and Chris Van Allsburg stated that Zathura is very different from Jumanji. No characters from Jumanji appear in Zathura.

    However, reviewers disagreed, saying the films were very similar, one dismissing Zathura as "Jumanji in space without Robin Williams." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Due to the usage of an aerosol as a blowtorch two scenes of the British version were cut in order to get a PG rating from the BBFC. In both cases shorter alternate material is used. Edit (Coming Soon)


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