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Contains amazingly candid views of warriors behind the scenes of battle.
Must-see docu penetrates a Jenin refugee camp to follow several Palestinian children from laughing little kids in a theater group to grim actors on a grislier world stage.
In the end, the film is both a fitting elegy for Arna and the children she tried to help and a deeply disturbing warning about what will continue to breed within the occupied territories until peace is brought to Palestine.
The film provides a rare glimpse into the other side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and serves as a chilling reminder that the hostilities aren't about to end anytime soon.
New York Post
The documentary takes no sides, but its bleak message is all too clear.
Chicago Reader
In contrast to the clueless media cliches about suicide bombers, this offers a comprehensive and comprehending portrait of what helps to produce them.
Village Voice
Refreshing and depressing.
Has the makings of a great documentary, but a subject as complex as this demands greater rigor, deeper intelligence and a sense of dialectics.

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