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Nicollette Sheridan: Edie Britt



  • Edie : I don't trust friendly women.

    Lynette : That's ok, they don't trust you either.

  • Edie : [to Bree]  You could have an affair with anyone and you choose the pharmacist? You are such a Republican.

  • Paul Young : [asking about selling the house]  Will I have to tell them about my wife's death in the house?

    Edie : [applying make-up]  Yeah. Legal crap. People get really freaked out by suicides. Hell, I get the willies just standing here.

    Paul Young : Is there any other option?

    Edie : [applying lipstick]  Well, you could say that she shot herself in the house, then crawled out back to die...

  • Susan : Hey, Edie!

    Edie : Wow, get a load of you. You look so pretty. I hardly recognize you.

  • Edie : What the hell kind of street do we live on, anyway?

  • Susan : Do you believe in evil, Edie?

    Edie : Of course I believe in evil - I work in real estate.

  • Edie : Maybe we should take a break, you know, see other people.

    Mike Delfino : You're telling me this on a day when I'm put in a man's prison?

    Edie : Well I said the timing was bad.

  • Edie : [Susan walks over to Edie deliberately to show off and looks very stylish and beautiful]  Wow, get a load of you. You look so pretty. I hardly recognize you.

    Susan : Yeah... I have a date... with Mike. We kissed, FYI...

    [Susan leaves, leaving Edie with her mouth wide-open] 

    Edie : [Susan comes back from Mike canceling the date]  So, how was the big date?

    Susan : Mike had to reschedule.

    Edie : Aww... 'cause of the hot girl? With the suitcase? Over there? How devastating for you... FYI!

  • Edie : I know who she is. She's a man eating, scum sucking hoe bag.

  • Edie : [Susan is modeling at a charity fashion show and walks off the catwalk looking tattered, dress ripped to shreds and humiliated]  She never looked better!

  • Edie : Well, someone might as well say it... Susan, what the hell have you been smoking?

  • Edie : [Betty and her son Matthew have just moved into the neighborhood]  Well, if you need me to come in at any time then, I'll...

    Betty Applewhite : [firmly]  Edie, we are fine. Thank you.

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