Life as We Know It (TV Series 2004–2005) Poster


Jon Foster: Ben Connor


  • Ben Conner : [about Sue]  I just feel like we're closer than ever!

    Jonathan Fields : That's so great, man.

    Ben Conner : Thanks.

    Dino Whitman : Could you two be any more gay?

    Jonathan Fields : Well, we could be two guys without girlfriends who have sex with each other. That would be more gay.

  • Dino Whitman : [after being kicked out of Jackie's party]  I have to talk to Jackie!

    Ben Conner : Keep on walking!

    Jonathan Fields : I think I broke my eye.

  • Ben Conner : [frustrated when all the girls are coming on to him when he's already with Miss Young]  What am I, in season?

  • Ben Conner : They say boys think about sex every fifteen seconds. I think about it every five seconds. I mean I'm thinking about it right now.

  • Ben Conner : There's a reason I never hook up. I don't know how to talk to girls my age. I mean they think you're weird if you're smart, and I don't know how to act dumb. So I try to think of what they want to talk about and I write it down so I know what to say before I say it but then when I say it, it doesn't sound like that I wanted to say.

  • Ben Conner : You are not going another step, I swear to God I will take you down.

    Jonathan Fields : And I'll help.

    [holding his eye] 

    Jonathan Fields : Seriously, I will.

  • Ben Conner : Yeah, I may not get any sex but I am constantly willing to continue this discussion.

  • Dino Whitman : Look, you really want to get back together with her, just be honest with her.

    Jonathan Fields : About what?

    Dino Whitman : Everything. With friends, it's the only way.

    Ben Conner : I love you.

    Dino Whitman : Shut up, okay? I know what I'm talking about.

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