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14 Jan. 2005
Save a Dance for Me
Jack's preparation for the school ball is simple: choose a date. Sam helps Angela to prepare the hall, but takes her request for opinions seriously. Nick and Jimmy counsel give in to whatever she wants, but Sam wants the truth and a confetti blaster rather then a chocolate fountain. Chris is delighted to be asked to the ball, until Jack points out she's the dance captain while he can't dance. Jack coaches him on "dance-avoidance" techniques, and if that fails - elementary dance. Kyle and T.J. are determined too prove on YouTube they're exceptionally stupid idiots, in ...
21 Jan. 2005
Teen Things I Hate About You
Nick is tired of the 'visiting' neighborhood kids messing up his home, the boys and having to break the bunch up. Sam helps Nick convince the town it has a responsibility to provide a teenage 'drop-in' center. The councilman in charge, who hates the Savages, grudgingly accepts, but only if Nick takes charge. The kids soon asks for the responsible busybody to be replaced by uncle Jimmy, who comes only to pick up girls. Then things start going wrong.
27 May 2005
Saving Old Lady Riley
Sam works really hard removing graffiti (mainly 'Kyle rules'!), hoping to win the newspaper's youth commitment award. Brenda meanwhile is collecting for the children's hospital and is no competition, chance really rules. His scamp brothers lazily refuse to do anything and just play 'Canadian' ice-hockey, but so clumsily their puck breaks nasty neighbor Riley's window. She comes after them with a shotgun, but succumbs to cardiac trouble. The rascals refuse to touch her, even if she is dying, but using Sam's bike-pump they get her respiration going again and are ...
3 Jun. 2005
Crimes and Mini-Wieners
Sam wouldn't react to rascals throwing food at him in the school cafeteria, so Chris and Kyle 'save the Savage honor by food-fight. Only the get the three brothers punished by mean principal Holmes, who assigns for a week to the lunch ladies, back-breaking chores on tip of full classes. Despite their own predicament, they end up sympathizing with the professionals, and try to help them- alas. Meanwhile Jack convinces dad 'little' T.J. needs a babysitter: his present girl-friend, T.J. is paid off to leave them alone.
10 Jun. 2005
Bad Reception
Sam tries hard to contribute to Angela's beloved granny Nana's 80 birthday. He even applied for a presidential congratulatory letter, but idiots at every White House level mess up the name repeatedly. As usual he had to excuse his ruffian family. That changes however when his sports addicted bonehead brothers' attempts to hook into cable illegally ruins the Savage TV.
17 Jun. 2005
The Complete Savages in...'Hot Water'
Nick has bought a hot-tub for him and Jimy to relax in after a grueling day of fire-fighting. he makes the boys sit trough another officer Cox safety movie, yet forbids them to use the jacuzzi without express permission. As always, the forbidden fruit proves irresistible, not indestructible. The industrial glue Sam was using to make a paper-weight as sentimental gift for 4 months relationship with Angela now gets an emergency use. It fails, as the knavish brothers claim his thoughtful gift will, and indeed she shows up with an expensive looking box. Should Sam trust ...

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