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I want the show back! It is hilarious, witty, and so entertaining!
ndixonnc1 March 2005
There are so many "Reality" shows on TV it is BORING! I get sick of seeing argument after argument, or the details of someones sex life on TV! WHO CARES! I love "Complete Savages" because the cast of characters are so lovable and the writing is hilarious! Every time I try to tell someone about an episode I've seen I end up laughing so hard I can hardly talk! I am amazed that people can come up with these story lines. It is light hearted, and funny and let's us all get a glimpse into life when you live in a big family with lots of siblings,and it's a great way to spend thirty minutes.....just laughing, being entertained and enjoying the trials an tribulations of a most loving "Savage" family. The funniest of all is Safety Officer Steve Cox. I miss the show, the characters and the sense of humor in the writing that is not present in so many so called, comedies. Please bring it back!
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To good...I love this show! ~!
Roxburyfunny122 October 2004
This show is so funny and it gives me and my mom a Friday night line up of great shows. Keith Carradine couldn't be better on this show as a dad who doesn't act like a typical father. I mean he shows safety videos. I love the sons they all have their own personality and they stick by each other when necessary. The writing is great and me and my mom laugh a lot and the guys play their characters so well and make the show really flow on its own.

The story lines are good... its not your everyday written crap. This is a great family show you just have to view it as that not Ebert on a movie. I recommend the show to anyone who wants a good Friday of t.v. and to laugh and enjoy themselves! ~!
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Why cancel a good family situation comedy?
Samlizcaro3 October 2005
I have watched this show with my kids over the last couple of weeks and what a refreshing change from the normal rubbish American family situation comedies we are normally subjected to.Others have mentioned Quintuplets and 8 Simple Rules when reviewing here, outside of the US the only people who watch those truly awful shows are kids. I spent some of the summer in the US and you do have some excellent shows and some really awful ones. The rest of the world has a suspicion that all Americans are children and when a show like The Complete Savages is cancelled and the aforementioned crap is popular, it confirms that suspicion.Savages demonstrates to the rest of the world that Americans don't all live in perfect houses with perfect jobs and perfect lives. It makes you appear human, warm and funny sometimes,just like the rest of us. Savages is quirky and endearing. One of my children actually said that he thought American children only ever get 'A's in school, that is how family life is portrayed, plastic and enough sugar to make you reach for the sick bucket. I mourn the passing of this great family show! Just as an after thought, it could have been developed into an hour long comedy drama and may have worked better.
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Brilliant and funny, what more could you want?
poochenstein28 September 2005
This show is soo funny! I have to be honest I started watching it because from the ads it looked like there were four or five really hot blonde guys in it! But, I keep watching it because it's so frickin' hilarious! Erik Von Detton is a comic genius, his timing is perfect. And Andrew Eiden is amazing as the "nerdy, smart one", his freak-outs are fantastically funny! The rest of the cast are great too, each portraying their individual characters so well. Also, the long pauses and close up shots of reactions are inspired, I end up cracking up simply on the look of someone's face, never mind the well-written dialog that keeps me laughing for the entire half hour! I cannot put into words just how funny this show is, just to say by the end of each show, I am rolling around on the floor in hysterics! Brilliant!
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Best Comedy
Devilishly_Delicious2 February 2005
Complete Savages ROCKS! This show is the best. Definitely one of the best of the year. I've never laughed so hard at a TV comedy this hard as I do with Complete Savages. My friends and I have a Complete Savages party on Friday nights where we all watch the show and have snacks. It gives us great times and enjoyment. It has given us a reason to stay home on Friday evenings. The acting is great. The writing is great. Just an overall great show. ABC has a winner here, if they would give it a chance to grow and flourish. A single father raising five boys, who are, well, "Savages" and dealing with each of their individual personalities, attitudes and idiosyncrasies.
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The best show in a long time!
ced1919 December 2004
This is easily the best show that has been on air in a really lone time! The characters are awesome, and what little adventures the boys go on each episode are classic!! I hope this show is put on for a next season for the fall line-up! If this show got canceled, it would be the stupidest thing that ABC ever did. Don't cancel this show!!! The characters are so different, and their interactions can sprout off to a million adventures! I actually laugh out loud when I watch this show, when normally when I watch sitcoms I don't. I sometimes laugh so hard I cry! Plus, how much better can you get when you watch 5 cute teenage boys run rampantly around with all their "boy adventures" !!!!!! I hope this show is successful, and has at least 6 awesome seasons! I applaud the writers who write such witty and original dialogue, and the director for wrangling the five teenage boys! And to the cast and crew who pull everything together and make this show great!
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Show could get better and better...
Dano88-13 October 2004
Complete Savages should not be completely dismissed. Along the lines of any comedy featuring a large family unit, Complete Savages could provide entertainment week after week -- hopefully, the writers will be able to develop fresh story lines and use the talent and situation they've been given. It's not the worst new show -- things like North Shore and Hawaii certainly come to mind for that -- and viewers should give Complete Savages a chance.

Critics hated LAX -- and it's not too bad. They loved Kevin Hill -- how are they going to have fresh story lines with that one without ripping off every courtroom drama ever made? The baby can only be "cute" so many times. Complete Savages does fall between those two. Give this one a chance.
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Complete ---> Savages!
another_fan14 March 2006
I saw all of the episodes aired on TV. Pilot episode was especially entertaining.

At first the Savage family might appear crazy and dysfunctional. The more you keep watching you cannot stop and you realize they function perfectly exactly the way they are. This show is about kids, and a single dad. It is about an uncle, some friends and girlfriends, and of course safety precautions given by Officer Cox. Mel Gibson is hilarious in this role. This show is great. It's funny and entertaining. It's a must see kind of show. It is one of those TV shows that should stay on the TV screens for a while. I bet even re-runs would be fun to watch.
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My Five Sons
amullady15 January 2005
Here is a question to Chicagocrtc - you mention "My Three Sons", did you notice that Mel Gibson appears to have tipped his hat to that classic series with his opening - shoes tapping together (and the paw!) and the "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah"? Strike a familiar note? The tune has been updated and there are a few more shoes - but it's a great tribute to the granddaddy of all sitcoms about a single parent trying to raise their kids. It's a tried but true format and Gibson has taken it to new heights, the laughs are from familiar situations every (normal) parent and child can relate to. If it hasn't happened to you, it's happened to someone you know. Kudos to Mel and his "Savages".
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A "Quintuplets" rip-off? Hardly.
david_levy25 September 2004
The poster who repeatedly claimed that "Complete Savages" is an imitation of "Quintuplets" needs to get his/her facts straight.

Firstly, the premises of the two shows are not particularly similar. The family in "Quintuplets" is comprised of three sons and two daughters (all of whom obviously are the same age) and their married parents. "Complete Savages" features five sons (all of whom are different ages) and their single father. The only obvious similarity is that both families contain five kids with differing personalities, which is a rather broad concept.

Secondly, both "Quintuplets" and "Complete Savages" entered development in 2003 (as candidates for their respective networks' fall 2004 schedules). The "Complete Savages" pilot was shot on April 20, 2004 -- a mere twenty days after the "Quintuplets" pilot was shot (March 31, 2004) and almost two months before the latter actually aired (June 16, 2004). The early debut of "Quintuplets" was enabled by Fox's decision to rush the series into production.

In other words, even if the two programs were virtually identical, neither could possibly be a "rip-off" of the other.
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Complete Savages rock!
a1milkyway18 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my favorite shows and I watch it every time its on! I think it's extremely funny and it does tell the truth of what many households are like these days! I can't wait until the next episode is on, and whether its bad acting or a bad show, it's way better than all the stupid "reality" TV shows that are on, those are starting to get annoying! and why they call it reality when reality is nothing like it...i don't know. But I will always continue to watch Complete Savages not matter how weird it is.... It's awesome! I hope everyone else decides to watch this show, i always watch it with my family right after '8 simple rules'. After that we usually switch the channel and watch Reba, which is funny too. But, i really hope this show stays on the air, because its a good family show unlike a lot of the other shows on now days.
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Compendium of clichés
budikavlan17 January 2005
Every boy/man comedy cliché you can think of is folded into this sitcom, but the "all-male" concept is its primary selling point. Like every "big family" show ever made, each child is a high-concept "type" rather than a person (though of course this can change if a show has enough time to mature). In the interest of comprehensiveness, however, Complete Savages probably has at least 3 or maybe 4 too many characters. Keith Carradine isn't the same-old sitcom dad and brings a freshness to an old formula. The Uncle Jimmy character could fall in a well and not noticeably change the show.

As for the boys, they're all different (too different to all come from the same family, but that's probably a little too meta for a modern sitcom to worry about) and each has potential in his own way, but I think there's simply too many to develop in a half-hour show. I think I would have dropped the two youngest and concentrated on the high-school crowd. Chris is too stupid and Sam is too nerdy, but Jack is a fairly well-drawn character. Given time, they'll all smooth out. Most important is that the situation be allowed to evolve if the show is to last longer than a season or two.
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AWESOME!! Cancelled? STUPID....
mosinafd25 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A Great show.

First, to the people who don't like it..Don't like it, then DON'T WATCH IT...

This is(was) an awesome show. Better than According to Jim (A favorite of mine). It shows a REAL family household (As opposed to 8 simple rules,etc, where everything goes peachy).

They're loud, they're messy....I can sympathize with their dragging all the garbage into the kitchen. It happens in real life..Sorta like the "Portal to hell", and everyone growling like dogs over the fast-food boxes.

It's a "Been there" show....You know what's coming, but fun to watch, because YOU have been there before.

A good cast, they work great together, a admirable enough show to warrant a DVD release. Mel Gibsons "Safety videos" were a highlight of the series as well.

Opinion? Good show, REALLY deserving of a DVD release (Deserving to not be canceled as well).
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why did they cancel the show?
andra-dumitru_bv4 April 2008
I loved Complete Savages! Why did they cancel it anyway? They should have made a second season and so on... God! They always cancel the good shows... and leave all the boring stuff. Nothing interesting at TV since Complete Savages is gone. This show was a great idea. A single firefighter father with five crazy sons and a lazy dog... Each and every one of them has his own madness in that house. TJ is always the kid...always the smaller one... Kyle rocks! He breaks everything he touches! He's always on detention, he's always doing the wrong stuff... But still, he's so funny by all the things that he does. Sam is the smart one. He's always shy and stupid when it comes to girls... Finally he ends up by dating Angela. Chris is the sports guy who doesn't have much to do with school, studying, and stuff like that. He's always funny. And finally... Jack! The rock of the show. The oldest of all, the macho guy, "the rock star"... But still, as crazy as everybody else. Nick is...helpless with these guys. Oh! And I almost forgot! Uncle Jimmy... He's the man! He's like a 30 year old kid. He's like doing the same stupid things that the boys are doing. I always wondered how did he end up by being a firefighter... And the dog is the image of all the Savage family. The thing is... this show had everything to become something really big. It had everything, man! But, of course...they canceled it...
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one of the BEST shows
luvseeyore24713 August 2007
I think that "complete savages" is one of the best shows for the whole family and i really wish that they would have continued with it. I really don't understand how anyone could NOT have loved it...its funny,the casting was great,the story lines are funny and original. All of the cast did so well and u have to be blind and with NO idea what they are talking about,because they have one of the funniest casting that i have seen in a long time. They all work so well together and it really showed and I'm SOOO mad and sad that it went off the air. It was a good show and definitely deserves reruns!! The thing that i don't understand is how it could have been canceled. It was such a good show and i wish that people would have given it more time to grow and become even better. "Complete Savages" is one of the best shows i have ever seen and anyone who doesn't think so needs to watch it one youtube again because it really is a great show and it deserved more attention then it got.
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conejita_amistosa147 September 2006
I think that COMPLETE SAVAGES is a very good TV show and they should make many more episodes. It is one of my favourites!!!! It is very funny and it is really good acting. I say that you should give them a chance to do more episodes. Iknow that they can and they should!!!! They should put COMPLETE SAVAGES on NICKELODEON more than what they do! I'm sure that many people will agree with me!!!!! I like the TV show because it is a very good programme for people our age and it is very funny. I also like COMPLETE SAVAGES because it isn't always about the same thing and things that happen could be real, unlike other YV programmes. When they advertised it, I didn't like the sound of it, but I watched it for the first time and I loved it. COMPLETE SAVAGES is an excellent comedy and I miss it being on TV!!!!!!!!!! I can't really compare COMPLETE SAVAGES with any other TV series because it is different!!!!
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I am a fan
policy13420 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Each show is excellent. Finally, a show about something other than why it sucks to be married or good looking people talking about why they are like normal people. Shame it got canceled.

Mike Scully and Julie Thacker, formerly of the Simpsons, wrote or executive produced some of the funniest episodes of that series and a lot of the similar style humour seeps in here. Take Officer Steve Cox and think Troy McClure. However, it does come with its own unique brand of humour and let's face it, a teenage girl will love it just by on the faces alone.

What is it with television that cancel most good shows and we are spoon-fed with such abominations as Who My Mother Almost Slept With or whatever that show is called? Please learn a lesson. Not everything has to be about cuteness or romantic travails or especially reality shows on how to demystify every aspect of life. Some people actually like to laugh and not have to think afterward. Well, my griping is done for the day. Now back to the Simpsons. When is it on? Oh, yes! All the time.
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best comedy for young ladies!
fram_mic23 December 2008
Am glad that i am not the only one to find this series very good. This is the best series for young ladies! I have so strange taste on comedies and i find so hard one to please my intelligence, and i am so happy that their humor is exactly what i need. Love the gang of actors! If anyone knows a series or just a movie similar to this one, i say pretty please write back because i miss the series.

And kindly ask the writers and the producers to CONTINUE it, even if the actors are now all grown up, i guess!

Have a nice morning/day/evening/night! (because i do not know the exact time you will be reading this post)
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This show is hysterically funny...
ivesat22 January 2005
I've tried to watch many new comedy shows over the years, and usually my favorites, the ones that are absolute genius (such as Stark Raving Mad) are canceled quickly, while the utterly idiotic ones that I can't even stomach for 2 minutes get renewed for 4 or 5 seasons (such as the god-awful Scrubs).

Well, I am happy to say that this is one of the rare cases that a comedy that I truly enjoy and highly recommend has been given at least half a season of a chance (so far, at least... fingers crossed). The last comedy that I enjoyed this much since it's inception was 8 Simple Rules..., so hopefully, Complete Savages follows suit in being renewed for another year (or more!).

Once again, if you haven't given this show a chance yet, please do!! It's worth the half-hour of laughter you'll get from it!!

P.S. To the person who said this show was a cheap rip-off of Quintuplets... did you actually watch both shows?? I've seen about 6 episodes of Quintuplets, and while it is mildly humorous, not only does it not compare to Complete Savages for humor value, but the two shows aren't even close to having the same premise. Next time you try to put down a show, at least make sure your references are at least remotely similar.

Arnon, 33 yrs old
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Complete Savages is Complete Crap
DieHard2k420 September 2004
A shameless "Quintuplets" rip-off, telling the story of the lives of a man living with five boys. The jokes are dry, the humor is almost non-existent. The acting is bad, and almost everything about this show is a disgrace to all sit-coms. The lines about underwear, and armpits are not funny, they are simply stupid. I hope that not many people watch this poor excuse for a show. Shows like this are the reason that actual good shows, such as, "Andy Richter Controls The Universe" get cancelled, because the networks want new material... Please make it stop. If you want a good show about quintuplets, then watch "Quintuplets", not this rip-off. I hope with all of my heart that this show does not last very long.
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Ontarionica9 January 2005
It's so awful that I can't believe that Mel would allow his name to be attached to this project.Hasn't this story line already been used for decades? Beginning long ago with "My Three Sons?" Can't Hollywood be more creative? The one young man (I'll be kind and not state his name.) is obviously getting jobs based upon his resume and or his looks. He couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. The story lines are predictable and boring. The actors are...I cant find the word...(horrible?)No wonder "reality Television" is taking over the networks!In a nutshell: bad casting, bad acting, bad writing= BAD T.V. If you've never seen it...don't waste your time.
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Worst show in TGIF history
SkateBro13222 October 2004
This show centers around the stereotypical male-clustered and single-parented (as all sitcoms are) Savage family. The kids are annoying, kind of like sores on the inside of your mouth, you feel it with your tongue to see if it still hurts.

Mel Gibson really dropped the ball on this one. He is a creator and producer, and also a human being who makes mistakes... which is obvious by this annoying show.

Now let's go to the TGIF history books... Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, You Wish, Family Matters... this show is not the family show that it disguises itself as. It has no place in TGIF, past, present, or future.
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The more i watch it, the more i don't like it
lloydkristmas0419 June 2005
This show is pretty cliché and unoriginal in almost every regard, but my family and I always had a fun time watching it. I agree with the other reviewer who said that the 2 youngest boys don't contribute anything to the show. The father and the oldest son (I don't even remember their names now) are the only ones with even a hint of acting talent or interesting character...the others are just too over played and don't add much to the show, same with the uncle jimmy guy.

I think that the funniest part of the show was the safety videos that the father would show the kids. They were so lame (intentionally) and obvious spoofs of those cop shows that lecture on safety. I found myself looking forward to the part in each episode where the dad would show the videos to the kids. After like the first 6 or 8 episodes, there were no more of these videos, which i thought greatly detracted from the show.

All in all, its a poorly written and poorly acted show, but one thats proves to be entertaining (sometimes its just lame) regardless of the cheesiness of it all. Just watch it for fun and don't expect too much, and you wont be too disappointed.
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Surprisingly somewhat good
tatlicupcake27 July 2007
PLOT: pretty obvious - a single dad raising 5 boys. This show does go for some of the cheap jokes like the way "Raven" does, but there are some witty jokes such as "The dog goes more out than you, and he's fixed." Don't judge from the stupid theme song alone. Watch the 1st 5 minutes; if you don't like it, change the channel. CHARACTERS: The dad is a responsible fireman, oldest son is a football playing moron, next is a "cool" musician player, next is a awkward sensitive nerd, mischief causing menace, and the youngest is a lying cutie. There is a laugh track though. If there is nothing else on TV, I would watch this. I had low expectations so I was surprised. Those with okay/good expectations might not like this. As a point of reference my favorite shows are: "Entourage", "Golden Girls", "Grounded for Life", "Scrubs", "Avatar; The Last Airbender", and "Naked Brothers" - the latter 2 come from babysitting.
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can't believe it....
BlakeByles18 June 2005
do all you people work on this show or something? i think this show is the phoniest, most pop-polyester show around. I suppose it's biggest downfall is that it tells its story in the slimiest, marketable, PC way... in using a dare-to-be-risqué-in-a-faux-rebellious tactic... and that oozes from every pore... the characters are as cardboard cut-out as the acting effort put into them. It's like, we can understand you want to give a moral or message each episode... but do you have to insult our intelligence by thinking we believe people are really like that?

and for people to be surprised at Mel's involvement, i have to say that i am not. I like him, but you have to admit that as he has been getting older and been focusing more on his religion that you can see his outlook has seen a definite path. he's made some amazing stuff, but i suppose has suffered where most artists do... in that REAL people are only really interested in what you say when you are struggling (take eminem for example, good early stuff, but once he got more successful and rich - there is a lot less stuff you can complain about that us peasants will appreciate)...
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