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  • Jake, a master at picking up women, meets Prince Siton Manaba, and the two embark on a journey of sexual escapades while avoiding Siton's vengeful brother's clutches.


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  • Siton Manaba, heir apparent to the throne of the small yet prosperous country of Bangasloid, is due to take office on his 21st birthday. He has set himself a personal goal, however: to lose his virginity before this date. He only has a few days left, and despite his innocent personality, he just can't seem to get laid.

    Fortunately for Siton, he coincidentally comes across Jake, who has gained a worldwide reputation as "the ultimate ladies' man". Jake volunteers to teach Siton how to charm girls, and a grateful Siton takes Jake on a world tour using his private vehicles. Jake continues to sleep with a variety of exotic women as Siton learns the techniques he should use.

    As Siton gets closer and closer to his goal, his birthday draws inexorably nearer, and unknown to him, so do two shady Bangasloidian agents, under the command of his vengeful brother Lickapon, bent on causing his death!

    Jake and Siton embark on a madcap rollercoaster ride around the globe, constantly surrounded by attractive women and pursued by evil government employees. They'll have to use all of Jake's wiles and Siton's money to get through this alive, successful, and highly sexed.

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