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MPAA Rated R for language, a scene of sexuality and drug use, and intense sequences of terror and violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman moves sexually over a man with pink top revealing breasts.
  • During the credits, there is a fake music video based on the story. The female band member wears a short skort (short/skirt hybrid) and a white shirt that is only buttoned below her breasts (no bra). In certain angles, you can see the majority of her breast. However, her nipples are covered by the shirt.
  • A man and a woman have sex in an airplane bathroom. She takes her top off, showing her breasts. He caresses her thigh and they thrust and moan.
  • A woman's thong underwear is visible under her skirt.
  • A snake bites a man's penis while he urinates into a toilet. The stream is shown from behind. In a brief frontal view, he writhes back and forth with the snake attached to the tip. The whole penis is hard to see but is visible.
  • Sexual references are made.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman's breast is bitten by a snake after being interrupted during sex.
  • A snake slithers toward a man (he tries to smack it with papers).
  • A woman vomits into a bag and she is bitten on the tongue by a snake ((the snake is seen hanging on; it is revealed that the woman's tongue has swollen and she is foaming at the mouth).
  • Oxygen masks fall from hatches and many snakes fall out, landing on passengers.
  • A snake bites a woman in the eye.
  • A man falls on the floor and a snake bites him on the arm and chest.
  • A man is thrown against an overhead compartment.
  • A man is wrapped around the chest by a snake (blood trickles from the man's nose as the snake squeezes him); the snake then wraps it's mouth around the man's head and begins to swallow him.
  • A man urinates in a toilet and a snake lunges at and bites his penis; the man thrashes around the bathroom, hits his head on the mirror breaking it, crashes against the wall, and blood smears behind him and as he slides down the wall, dead.
  • A man is pushed to the floor of an airplane aisle, people step on him as they run from approaching snakes, and one woman steps on his head and her shoe heel punctures his temple and breaks off (blood is shown and the man writhes).
  • People fall from a flight of stairs when the railing breaks and one person is impaled through the chest and another in the neck (blood is shown).
  • A man and woman are knocked down and pinned by a food cart, and they are bitten repeatedly by many snakes.


  • About 30 uses of the f-word. It's combined with "mother," and it's also used in song lyrics. Characters take God's or Jesus' names in vain 15 times, including at least seven uses of "g--d--n"). The s-word is used about 15 times. Roughly 30 other milder vulgarities bite into the dialogue.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man and a woman smoke a marijuana cigarette.
  • A woman drinks alcohol from a flask.
  • A man orders a gin and tonic.
  • A man offers a woman a Xanax for her dog, who is afraid of flying.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The snake attacks may be intense for some viewers.
  • The deaths may be intense for some viewers.

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