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1 Aug. 2003
Go Spork/Boskov's Day Out/Cod vs. Hector
Ghastly made an invention to hypnotize people through telemarketing./Hector's brain finally has a day without Boskov./Hector wanted to finish off Cod Commando, even on a deserted island.
18 Jul. 2003
Son of Evil/The Right to Bear Arms/The Trouble with Skarrina
Destructicus Con Carne, the son of Hector and Major Doctor Ghastly, comes back from the future to help his parents. Hector is disappointed in his son when he finds out Destructicus is a crime fighting super hero./Major Doctor Ghastly invents a new machine called the Cerebro-Ransmuter 2000, which is meant to transfer Hector from Boskov's head to General Skarr's. An error causes the two to switch arms, instead./Evil Con Carne's enemy, Estroy, builds a robotic woman for General Skarr in revenge after he and Ghastly ruined his chrome polisher. Skarr does not realize it is...
11 Jul. 2003
Gutless/Day of the Dreadbots/League of Destruction
While planning to invade Buckingham Palace in Great Britain, Hector's stomach falls ill and makes him lose confidence in the plan./Hector gets fed up with his army and replaces it with robots, which overthrow the Evil Con Carne island./Hector believes that all of the evil geniuses in the world are keeping each other from conquering the Earth, so he unites them all to come up with an ultimate plan. All of the evil geniuses end up arguing, instead.
24 Aug. 2003
Evil Con Carne/Emotional Skarr/Evil Goes Wild
Hector Con Carne plans to start a doomsday device./Hector sets up a weapon for Skarr to use./Hector and Boskov live in the bear cave.
31 Aug. 2003
Evil on Trial/The Smell of Vengeance, Parts 1 & 2
After General Skarr turns Hector in to the FBI for money, Major Doctor Ghastly acts as Hector's lawyer in court./Major Doctor Ghastly invents the Almighty Stink Ray, which Hector uses to threaten the world for a ransom. SPORK sends in their only noseless soldier, Cod Commando, to stop him.
20 Jun. 2003
Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne/Devolver: Part 1/Devolver: Part 2
Hector Con Carne decided to find his head./Hector tests the Devolver on Skarr with bad results.
12 Aug. 2003
Everyone Loves Uncle Bob/Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Parts 1 & 2
Hector takes over a Mr. Rogers-type children's show in an attempt to rule the world by influencing children./ Boskov goes into hibernation the day Hector plans to launch a large invasion.
15 Aug. 2003
Max Courage!/The Time Hole Incident/Christmas Con Carne
Major Doctor Ghastly captures an old friend and forces him to help her build a destructive machine./Major Doctor Ghastly invents the Temporal Confabulationater Izationizer Unit - a time machine that works so well that Ghastly, Hector, and Skarr end up meeting their future selves and Destructicus Con Carne, son of Ghastly and Hector, as both an infant and an adult./Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer saves Christmas when Hector tries to ruin it.

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