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18 Oct. 2004
Ultimate Evil/Search and Estroy/The Pie Who Loved Me
Tired of consistently failing at his attempts to rule the world, Hector orders General Skarr to make Boskov into a vicious monster. Boskov in his new form manages to take down Cod Commando and the entire army of SPORK on his own, but when General Skarr pushes Boskov too far, Boskov starts attacking Hector and Skarr for mistreating him. Only Ghastly is able to stop Boskov./Hector and Major Doctor Ghastly create a disintegration gun. When Estroy creates a better version and invites Evil Con Carne to dinner, Hector plans to steal the upgraded version./In a musical ...
1 Oct. 2004
No No Nanook/Teenage Idol
Hector sets up an anti-gravitational device near the North Pole./Hector and his crew encountered a living idol.
8 Oct. 2004
The Mother of All Evils/The HCCBDD
Hector is nervous because his blind mother visits him and does not know that he is only a brain and a stomach./Hector is depressed that he has not been able to take over the world yet, and feels he is missing something. Then Major Doctor Ghastly creates the HCCBDD, which she intends to show Hector the following day. Even though he does not know what it is, Estroy tries to steal the HCCBDD, only to figure out it is Hector's surprise birthday party.
15 Oct. 2004
Gridlocked and Loaded/Fool's Paradise
Evil Con Carne plans to steal gold from a ship, but ends up getting stuck in traffic for hours./Evil Con Carne goes on vacation, where Hector has a good time, Major Doctor Ghastly is bothered by Estroy, and General Skarr has a bad time.
22 Oct. 2004
Jealousy, Jealous Do/Hector, King of the Britons
Hector gets a new secretary who turns out to be a Swedish spy that Major Doctor Ghastly is jealous of. The secretary flirts with Boskov, not knowing that only Hector knows the plans she is trying to obtain./Hector wants to rule Britain, so he goes to Great Britain to find Excalibur, but the Lady of the Lakemay not give it to him even after he does things to prove himself worthy.

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