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  • A deadly car crash sets off three parallel stories of women at crisis points, faltering behind the doors of the same, plain Vienna apartment block. A bored nurse with a stable, comfortable family life has a wild but almost-wordless extramarital affair with a fashion-conscious traveling salesman, who's obsessed with sex photos. An unstable young Austrian grocery checker lies to hold on to her philandering Yugoslavian boyfriend, claiming she's pregnant. Finally, a recent divorcée whose violent, ex-husband is a King of Denial intent on getting her back. Will the residents' fibs and moral failures save or destroy them ? Can the women safely express their fears ?


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  • Antares is one of the brightest stars in the Scorpius constellation and due to its reddish appearance it has been attributed with passion and intricate relationships, helpless sexuality, as well as its vehement feelings or emotions that can trigger passionate actions that can lead to frenzy and self-destruction.

    The film starts with a shocking and unexpected taxicab accident. This tragic accident takes Tomasz straight to the hospital where Eva -a married woman- works as a nurse. Tomasz and Eva are seeing in a several lustful scenes and their affair deepens when Eva has some marital problems.

    At the same time, there is another couple in some way connected to the other one, and being a portent of what will happen next. Sonja is a young woman working in the local supermarket as a cashier. Her insecurities and possessiveness will make her always jealous of her boyfriend Marco that works posting billboards around the city. She is pretending to be pregnant just to keep him with her.

    Marco is always reserved and gives Sonja reasons to be jealous. He is in fact involved with Nicole, a divorced-single-mom who is trying to move on in her life away from her former husband Alex, which is obsessed with her and is unable to accept her decision to start her life all over again; his ruthless and unhappiness will make everyone is miserable. One way or another, the couples are connected in a deceitful love triangle. The tension and a state of uncertainly is a result of living a double life. Eva and Tomasz relationship is marked with strong emotions, explicit imagery and very implicit sex scenes. Eva would get deep in a life of sexual desire, intrigue and lies as a response to the lack of affection from her husband Alfred. Her desire for love and excitement would make her look for something different.

    Although Eva and Alfred seem to have a very stable marriage with a high sense of unity and responsiveness with their daughter and the house chores, their feelings and communication are gone. They would eventually break apart and their daughter would get in a state of desolation that makes her continuously get away from the house. Eva finds in Tomasz an escape and the rebirth of her sexuality bringing back her passion and sensitivity.

    She learns that Tomasz is married too, but she doesnt care, since this relationship awakens her to a new life where monotony and unhappiness have no place. She would put herself first in her quest of finding the enjoyment in life but it wont prevent to damage her family as a result.

    The young couple in the other hand is casual, especially in Marcos mind. His carelessness would prevent him to start a family. Sonja is running against time since her lie can be exposed anytime. She would desperately try to get pregnant before he realizes and leaves her. Her possessive personality scares away Marco and makes the relationship quite chaotic. Their disorganized life would lead them to continuous fights and jealousy. This turbulent relationship would have almost a tragic and dramatic end, when she finds out that Marco is secretly seeing Nicole.

    Nicole at the same time has to deal day by day with the visits of her ex-husband Alex. Alex cannot accept that she is completely moved on with their relationship and wont stop until he gains her back. His deceptions, misery and ill-temper would bring many violent actions that would many people upset. He would try to prove to Nicole that he has changed and that he would treat her with more respect, promising her not to hurt her again.

    His lies are exposed when he attempts to convince Nicole about being the perfect husband; this does nothing but put her in emotional distress and fears when in her apartment he forces her to listen to him. He tries hard to portrait a good image, but he is betrayed by his unpredictable personality, to the point of being violent towards her.

    That same night Marco went to see her and Alex confronted him punching him on the face. She would make him leave threaten him with calling the police. Enraged, he leaves her apartment crashing his car against the other cars parked in the parking lot, once leaving the building; he drives like a maniac through the streets, he gets distracted passing a red light and crashing against a taxicab starting the vicious circle of their lives.

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