Messiah: The Promise Poster

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Season 1

30 Aug. 2004
Episode #1.1
Kate and Duncan are in a prison conducting an enquiry into bullying when Pace Tierney, an old adversary of Red, spearheads a riot with Kate and Duncan among the hostages though Duncan somewhat unchivalrously accepts the opportunity to leave. After Tierney has burnt a warder alive and poured turpentine on Kate as the next victim Red sends in the riot police to open the fire. The injured are taken to a nearby hospital and put in the care of sympathetic young doctor Philip Ryder and abrasive, aloof surgeon Mr Henderson. However Tierney is murdered as are two other ...
31 Aug. 2004
Episode #1.2
Susan forgives Red for his affair but he still has to deal with the rising death toll in the hospital as Sal Meti, his principal suspect, who had a grudge against Tierney, is killed, as is Sal's wife in an attempt to make it look like suicide. Then Ian Fleet, Kate's adoptive father with whom she had never had a good relationship, is also murdered. Whilst the team have been assuming that the victims had a connection to each other through the prison Red now believes that the link is Kate, as she had had public rows and difficult dealings with each victim and surmises ...

 Season 1 

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