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A surprisingly sincere and refreshing sex comedy
kcnorris10 November 2005
When I first heard about this film, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Sex and the movies have always had a bit of a rocky history, with some good results (Last Tango in Paris springs to mind) and quite a few bad ones (Anybody remember Casual Sex?). To be honest, I wasn't expecting the Oh in Ohio to be anything other than more of the same Hollywood piffle, featuring low-brow penis jokes (or, in this case I guess, vagina jokes) that predictably avoid any real thought into what fascinates us as a society about sex: The joys, the painful vulnerability, the almost magical awkwardness of it.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The Oh in Ohio has its share of both penis and vagina jokes, but they're all offered with a refreshingly non-puerile frankness. Very rarely has a film dealt with such a touchy subject with such aplomb, all the while avoiding the pitfalls that would make a film like this preachy, or exploitive, or boring. This is a film that's not afraid to say a lot of "dirty" words and put forth a lot of ideas that may make people uncomfortable. But the nice part is, it doesn't seem to care that it's doing it. It doesn't wave sex in the audience's face, saying "look how shocking this is," it just says what it has to say and leaves the audience to laugh, or squirm, or whatever.

The performances are probably the best thing about this film. Parker Posey, who we're used to seeing as the over-the-top characters in films like Best in Show, works well as the tentative "woman on a journey of self discovery". Paul Rudd plays his character lightly and likably, avoiding a lot of the pitfalls that plague men in this kind of film. Miranda Bailey's screechy, fun loving gal pal offers some of the funnier moments in the film, and Mischa Barton is sexily unassuming in her role (which could have, in my opinion, done with a little more meat).

But it's the chemistry between Posey and Danny Devito that really gets this film going. An unlikely pairing on the surface, they really do well together, with Devito offering a performance that is somewhat low-key, but utterly charming. There's a sincerity that comes through that made me want to smile, and frankly, to see more of him on screen.

There were a few moments where the comedy falls flat (at least for me), and some wondering where the characters are going during the course of the film. The direction seemed a little detached at times, particularly when dealing with a subject as intimate as it does.

All in all, The Oh in Ohio is what it is. It's not going to change the world of cinema... but then again, maybe it could: if more films were able to be as un-self conscious this one seems to be, maybe we could all start having fun with sex again, rather than layering it in fart jokes or squirreling it away in soulless pornography.
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Hot, Funny and definitely something new
brucetheflyer20 June 2006
The Oh in Ohio zigs where others zag. It knows the value of not giving the audience what they have come to expect. I saw it at the Provincetown film Festival in their largest venue filled to the brim and steaming like a Bombay sweatshop. But even with all the heat the audience did not twitch. They laughed heartily and some were brought to cackling applause. I was surprised to find myself and my date, my wife of 61 years laughing at a subject that we would dare talk about even in our own bedroom. Without giving anything away by the end we were holding hands a subconscious act brought on by the strong and meaningful romantic quality of the films finale. I am not someone accustomed to the internet, or public commenting on films, but I felt this film deserved to have the support of an old timer like myself. I hope people from all walks of life will find 90 minutes to leave their lives and laugh at the performances of these fine actors. -- My god Liza Minnelli's in it! I can remember when her mother was a child. Go see the Oh in Ohio you won't regret it. It's great.
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The Eh in Ohio
szellner420 April 2012
There are few redeeming aspects in this showcase of irresponsible, unmotivated filmmaking. The characters, dialog, and situations were nearly as uncomfortable and awkward as the premise of a woman trying to have an orgasm. I don't understand how a film mainly about sex can be so boring, slow, uninteresting and UN-sexy. The pacing is far too slow for what is supposed to be a fun, quirky film, and the editing is loose with some confusing cuts. The entire film felt unnatural, uncomfortable, and bored. A few plot points and lines of dialog were entirely confusing and unclear, and by the end of the film I felt lost. The student and Sherri characters were poorly written and poorly executed – they felt like characters in a book I was reading. They weren't dynamic and didn't feel truly alive and present. Their comments were unnatural and strange, and didn't fit in with the rest of the film. Also, a very confusing aspect of the film was the relationship between Priscilla and Wayne – I won't give everything away, but throughout the whole film I was confused about their past, present, and until the end, future.

So now you might be wondering about those redeeming qualities I mentioned earlier. Paul Rudd is an excellent actor, which somehow manages to show through in this film. However, his skill is weighed down, limited, and ultimately trapped and killed by the poor writing, directing, and overall execution of this story. Danny DeVito is the only thing that manages to rise above this snooze-fest to make it somewhat enjoyable. His character is developed, complex, motivated and real in a world of fake, tired, hollow shells of people. Overall though, this film is slow, barely able to capture and hold attention, and left no impact on my view of the world. I believe that each film is worth watching once – to watch this film again would be a waste of time.
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A Flop (With a Few Laughs)
b-gaist27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I may sound a bit harsh, but this flop of a movie doesn't really deserve a comment. It was like a series of unrelated scenes created from a joke compendium. Admittedly, I did laugh, and if that was the film's only purpose, then it was reasonably successful in achieving it. However, the actors in it are obviously more talented than the weak script warrants, and the issue of sexual dysfunction could indeed have been treated in a way that is both humorous and at the same time enlightening - something the film failed completely at. Instead, the motivations of the characters were initially presented and then left unexplored. I am still wondering why the husband left so abruptly, and then why Priscilla didn't give it a second shot. Danny De Vito was possibly in his worst role ever as "Wayne the Pool Guy", and what was really mysterious, and in my opinion the weakest point of the movie: why did Priscilla fall in love with him (or did she, or was she just using him, like all the other men in her recent escapades?), what did Wayne the Pool Guy have that her husband didn't? A comedy doesn't have to answer all our questions, but it should at least cohere a bit. If I hadn't seen this film, my life would not be any the poorer for it. As to a vibrator addiction, I would advise prospective consumers to tell this movie to "buzz off". But of course now I've aroused their curiosity instead...
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A Charming Funny Movie with a Great Cast
FilmNews418 November 2005
I recently saw a screening of "The Oh In Ohio" - it is a charming, original, well crafted film. The humor is dished up in the right amounts and in all the right places.

This movie artfully deals with sexuality in a light and refreshing way. It is easy to see why such great talent was attracted to this project. Paul Rudd, Danny Devito, and Parker Posey each gave fantastic and thoughtful performances. Mischa Barton brings a certain ease and freshness to her role that may hint at even greater things to come. The cameo by Liza Minelli was icing on the cake.

There were many funny moments but the scene that still makes me laugh days later features Parker Posey in the boardroom - it was brilliantly acted and directed. All in all this is a very refreshing and original film.
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I enjoyed the film
gsm1224-116 November 2005
I too saw the film at an AFM screening in Santa Monica, and quite enjoyed it, being a female. I thought the performances were charming, found myself chuckling at several points throughout - and found the "plot twist" at the end spectacular.

Parker Posey was darling, although the woman who played her assistant (Miranda Bailey) received the most laughs overall. And Danny DeVito is always great. Paul Rudd and Mischa Barton round out the cast quite well.

While the film is primarily going to find its following with women, this is a flick that men will enjoy as well. I'll go see it again with my friends once it hits cinemas in the UK.
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A dramatic sex comedy doesn't work
napierslogs27 June 2010
I would have assumed that "The Oh! in Ohio" was trying to be the Judd Apatow sex comedies for females, but this was released in 2006 just before the Apatow craze began. So now I'm not sure what they were trying to go for.

It's marketed as a comedy but it's more of a drama. The plot line is that Priscilla Chase (Parker Posey) and her husband (Paul Rudd) are in an unhappy marriage because she isn't able to climax. Along with "50 million other women who suffer from orgasmic dysfunction" as the film tells us.

The film moves forward with Posey trying to have an orgasm. I'm assuming these scenes were supposed to provide us laughs but they weren't very funny. The other half of the movie is Rudd living his depressed life as a biology teacher. Finally the film industry has figured out that occasionally there are teachers for subjects other than English, but unfortunately it's in this movie just so we can have him spout the names of some sex organ muscles. Paul Rudd is one of my favourite actors, but the story for his character is extremely poorly done. The humour is so low-key, that I view it more as a drama, so there is no pay-off for his poor character. I might even have to blame this film for Rudd being relegated to buddy comedies now.

There is a lot to not like in this film, but Posey does shine, and some of the "50 million women who suffer from orgasmic dysfunction" might enjoy "The Oh! in Ohio" but probably not many other people will.
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disappointing (warning: contains spoiler)
vixenviewer29 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I waited for the DVD to rent it, and am glad I did! The storyline was interesting but there were too many holes in the plot.

For example, why did this couple stay married for ten years without going to a couples therapist? Then, once Priscilla was able to experience orgasm with the vibrator, why didn't she try having sex with her husband again? Also, why didn't the husband ever have any regrets about his affair? Why didn't he get into trouble for having an affair with his student? And so on....

Anyway, the most difficult part to believe was that Parker Posey would EVER end up with Danny DeVito!!! Yeeessshhh! If the studio HAD to have her fooling around with an older man, why didn't they use one of the Quaids? Or Robin Williams? Or someone attractive? Danny wasn't even convincing as the pool salesman, in fact!!
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Nice Surprise!
cinestory18 March 2006
I saw this film last night at the SXSW Film Fest, where the film played to a roaring, sold out crowd who laughed from the moment the movie started (and before I thought it was actually funny) to the last frame...

The offbeat comedy has both edge and levity to it, Parker Posey and Paul Rudd give their best performances to date (the film is smart enough to present both sides of the orgasm issue), and the dialogue/ delivery/ timing set the tone and kept it going throughout the movie.

Cameos from actors other than Liza Minelli keep the audience on their toes...and Parker Posey fuses her usual angst with a sweetness that we've never seen...

The film makes Cleveland look great and offers a dynamic and observant debut for Billy Kent. Funny, smart, refreshing film! I'll see it when it's released theatrically!
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brookwriter27 January 2006
A movie about orgasms. Well, why not? This flick is very, very funny. With the right marketing, I think it could quite a sleeper.

Cast is tops, particularly Posey, Bailey and DeVito. Paul Rudd is one hot guy.

Liza Minnelli's cameo is every bit as hysterical her antics on "Arrested Development." It's great to see her on a big screen again. (And you will never hear the word "vagina" the same way after Liza's delivery of it in this movie.)

There haven't been very many intelligent, truly witty Hollywood sex comedies of late. "The Oh in Ohio" is a welcome addition to the genre.
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Headed for Oblivion
strain63 September 2006
The nice thing about this movie is that I will forget that I ever saw it in about a month. It is so dull that it sent me to the concession stand once and to the bathroom once. I really had to go to the bathroom badly. I am glad that I was overpowered by gastrointestinal exigency during this movie, which was another little Indy waste of time. I keep thinking of that producer who explained that if it is not in the script it isn't there. Parker Posey, Heather Graham, and Danny DeVito were all good in this movie;in fact, Heather Graham was better than she has ever been. I felt that if you jettisoned the rest of the characters and started over with these three, you'd might be able work out a plot that would not send you to the lobby to check out the posters of what is coming to the theater next week.
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avoid this movie!
smpalmer7228 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I see why this movie went straight to video. Who in their right mind would choose Danny DeVito over Paul Rudd? Did the director see them without shirts? Anyway, this movie is a poor excuse of film making. It tries to be something it is not (mainly funny and aimed at adults). The ending comes out of nowhere and makes Paul Rudd's character seem like the antagonist when it is the wife who jacking up on her vibrator and sleeping with every guy who walks around. Also, is that the only thing this woman has going for her - an orgasm? And sticking a pager inside herself, why is that funny? It was a bad ripoff of Absolutely Fabulous. If this is what passes for adult comedies in Hollywood, no wonder Indie films are getting awards.
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How to make orgasms boring
tritisan20 February 2007
I like it when movies don't treat sex too seriously. It's OK to laugh during love scenes. I applaud any attempt to bring truly "adult-themed" movies to the American audience. But, for some reason, I really wasn't amused by OH! In fact, I found myself frequently glancing at the clock; I barely made it through to the end of the DVD.

OH! was trying so hard (too hard) to be like Sex in the City, what with its jazz-lite music and an improbably sunny depiction of a big city (Cleveland instead of NY). But where Sex in the City was truly adult material treated in an adult manner, OH! seemed childish.

It felt like maybe it had a great original script that attracted talented actors, but then ended up watered down by the executives so that "it will play well to middle America." So instead of a true indie production that pushes boundaries, you get a watered-down, corporate friendly flick that's neither mainstream nor "edgy." Worst of both worlds.

Not sexy. Not funny. Not believable.
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Plot less movie
chanlone27 December 2006
I am not going to tell you about the plot because there's no plot at all. After the movie ended quite awkwardly, I couldn't help to ask: what the heck is this movie trying to say? It appears like a sex comedy, but the dildo thing is not funny at all, and the cum during the meeting is so old that it becomes quite embarrassing. The affairs between the husband and the student, the wife becomes a slut, and the huge swimming pool of DeVito, all have nothing to do with the main story - wait, actually there's no story at all! Fortunately it runs less than 80 mins.

This is a definitely NOT a SEX COMEDY, don't be deceived by the tag lines.
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The OH is just OKAY
hanksank3 April 2006
I wanted to like this movie more than I did, but I just didn't. Some of the people at the SXSW fest really enjoyed it, but there was a large majority- such as myself- that almost walked out.

Parker Posey is, well- Parker Posey again. Sometimes I find her funny, but a lot of the time I find her shtick a little tedious, and where I really like her as a supporting player, when she's the lead I start to get a headache. Perhaps that's just me, but if you ever thought she may be a little over the top, this is not the film for you.

Paul Rudd is okay, but he has scenes with Micha Barton, who is to acting what wood is to forests, so there was no hope for those scenes.

The standout for me, surprisingly, was Danny DeVito. He brings a warmth and reality to a supporting role (clearly based on Wallace Shawns character in Annie Hall) that took me by surprise and made me remember why I love him so.

The film itself tries very hard to get noticed, sometimes in that puerile Farrely Brothers HEY LOOK AT ME! kind of way, which I'm sure my 14 year old nephew would enjoy. ("Hey, they're talking about SEX!! Wheeee!") but after a while it made me long for a comedy like, say, Annie Hall or Manhattan (am I dating myself?) where the people are adult and smart and interesting and attractive and don't try so hard to be funny, but just ARE funny.

I'd be interested to see this director/writers next film, hopefully they'll have a little more faith in themselves and a little less need to keep the volume so loud.
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More like "the Uh-Huh in Ohio"
bribabylk26 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The movie does try something a little interesting, hopefully intentional, perhaps accidental, at the beginning: it presents the audience with two main characters who aren't all that likable, in a marriage it doesn't really ask us to care about. You don't get any back story with their relationship, whether it started off 10 yrs ago as happy and fun--presumably so--and therefore you don't really know why they let themselves trudge along so miserably for so long, especially since they don't have kids. He (Paul Rudd) is depressed and defeated and retreats behind a screen of semi-hostile humor; she (Parker Posey) won't confront the big (pardon the pun) hole in their marriage. It's to the credit of those two performers that they give their characters the modicum of charm they do possess. Then they go their separate ways, each finding a little bit of happiness here and there, and finally Posey meets someone who just might be really good for her. People balk at Devito's lack of, uh, conventional good looks, but I can kind of see why she prefers him: he's upbeat, energetic, he likes to talk to her; he's not sullen and hostile like Rudd. Their scene in the restaurant exudes some real warmth, I thought. But there's not really enough of that or enough dramatic tension or engaging humor for me to really recommend the movie.
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Best of the fest :)
LedZepHP20 March 2006
Well, at the South by Southwest Film Festival, I saw an Altman film premiere, a Linklater film premiere, and then I saw Billy Kent's "Oh in Ohio" and finally left the theater satisfied. Kent's direction is great, the acting is practically flawless, and the writing is surprising and original, yet seems so real, just like the characters. Even the smaller roles shine, especially Keith David and Liza Minelli, and add to the film's distinctive flavor. I truly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it; it is charming and funny yet risky and touching-- a rare find, but a step forward for the romantic comedy. I am looking forward to what the writers and director of this film do next.
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Parker deserve better!
mrtnn14 January 2007
What gives with the talented Parker Posey? She can make great films with incredible comic timing (example: her great work in Christopher Guest's films) and then barely make a dent with crappy roles in crappy films like "The Oh in Ohio". This movie, which is about a young woman's quest for the elusive orgasm, is pretty much the same territory explored in "ShortBus" this year, right down to the same joke involving accidental triggering of a vibrator. I bought this film used, and should have suspected that it was a turkey if it was being sold at rental stores a mere four weeks after its DVD release. Indeed it is a turkey. Whyt Liza Minnelli, Paul Rudd, and Heather Graham would even want to be part of this escapes me. Parker? Get a better!
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The "HO" in Horrible!
jwshmob25 July 2006
Thank god i got to see this thing for free! this is probably one of the worst films i've seen in a long time! everything from the dialog, to comedic timing, to continuity, to cinematography...SUCKED! i cant even begin to explain how much this film blows. Parker Posey delivered one of the worst performances of her career. Paul Rudd's character is so unbelievable, i'd be shocked to find that he ever works in this town again. Mischa Barton actually did a pretty decent job. Or maybe its because everybody else sucked so bad! Devito probably took this role because he hasn't had an on-screen kiss since Twins! he was at his all time worst. Keith David was probably the only saving grace in this film. He was awesome, as always. But there is only so much one actor can do to save a horrible film. bottom line, don't waste your money in the theater, or at the video store...wait till one of your friends buys it at the 99 Cent Store...and borrow it. Billy Kent owes me 88 minutes of my life back!
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WEAK and Mediocre attempt at sex comedy
mirvingfan19 March 2006
I too saw this at SXSW and while the film did get some laughs I attributed it more to a typical "friendly" festival screening. This is in no way a good movie. How they got this cast for a screenplay like this is surprising. Fist-time Director Billy Kent lives up to his first time billing by doing nothing to liven up the limp dialog and sitcom storyline either. My girlfriend and I couldn't figure out why we are supposed to care about Parker Posey's character. Save for Paul Rudd's nice performance there is little to recommend about this weak attempt. It all feels so much a rehash of other, better (and equally bad) films. Lame dick / dildo jokes and using a pager as a vibrator all seem pretty tired.
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A very funny movie
bludwig213 March 2006
I just saw this movie's official world premier at South By South West in Austin. It was so well done. Parker Posey, Paul Rudd and Danny DeVito did a wonderful job with a script that was funny but also very honest and free from a lot of pitfalls that have hurt other movies. The movie was never gratuitous.

There are two major plots going on at once, Parker Posey's character, "Priscilla", and Paul Rudd's "Jack" each go their separate ways for most of the movie but director Billy Kent skillfully brings a great balance to the two halves and when they interact once more at the end the result is extremely satisfying.
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I Loved This Delightful Movie
claudio_carvalho6 March 2007
In Ohio, Priscilla Chase (Parker Posey) is the VP of a company that works bringing new business to Cleveland. She has been married for more than ten years with Jack Chase (Paul Rudd), the biology teacher from the local public school. Priscilla is successful in her career but is frigid and has never reached an orgasm, hurting her frustrated husband. When Priscilla decides to buy a vibrator, Jack is seduced by his teenage student Kristen Taylor (Mischa Barton) and recovers his self-esteem, working out, losing weight and dressing adequately. Priscilla has new sexual experiences and becomes closer to Wayne the Pool Guy (Danny DeVito), the constructor of swimming pools in her neighborhood since she was a child. The new relationships upgrade the personal and professional lives of Priscilla and Jack.

I loved the delightful and unknown "The Oh in Ohio" for many reasons. The story and screenplay touches in the problem of women that are orgasmic dysfunctional in a respectful way, in spite of being a comedy. Parker Posey is perfect and I believe this is one of her best recent roles and performances recalling her beginning of career. The underrated Paul Rudd is also great, showing magnificent chemistry with Parker Posey and with the gorgeous and sexy Mischa Barton. Danny DeVitto is excellent as usual. The promising director Billy Kent directs this little gem with sensibility, giving right doses of comedy, drama, romance and even eroticism to the film. Summarizing, I recommend this movie for viewers that expect a refreshing romantic comedy. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Em Busca do Prazer" ("Looking For Pleasure")
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Licking "The Oh in Ohio"
stevebilich5 April 2006
"The Oh in Ohio" While chill'n pool side at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas at the 2006 SXSW Film Fest I had the good fortune of meeting Sarah Kent, co-writer & lovely beautiful wife of Billy Kent, the very funny, talented, & modest director of "The Oh in Ohio"! Ironically, I had no idea at the time how 'swimming pools' would play a huge part of not only our meeting, but in "the Oh in Ohio", a comedy that adults young & old should see.

Back in the day, way back in the day in L.A., I wanted to work for the biggest writer/producer/director in the Holly-weird, just to learn the ropes & maybe, just maybe meet the cast from the TV show "Taxi". well my dreams at the time came true...

I was very fortunate to land a p.a. gig as a coffee boy slash beeper slave; slash loyal office assist to James L. Brooks on the Fox lot and on a rare occasion, I assisted him with his pool at the house.

Sure enough as the sun rises & sets, I eventually met most of the cast from "Taxi" & learned quite a bit about life & art, especially about "writing what you know", one of the most important things Jim Brooks ever suggested I do! Enter Adam Wierzbianski, the main-stay on the writing credits of "The Oh in Ohio". Somewhere between Adam, Billy & Sarah, they came up w/what reminded me in some odd way of a familiar style, much like my first mentor in the biz.

The second bit of advice that Jim Brooks gave me was "Find a loyalty & balance in the ensemble of the life of the actors that you work with & the characters they portray".

Kudos' to the cast & crew from "The Oh in Ohio", they did it! Director Billy Kent, the producers Amy Salka Robertson, Francey Grace, Miranda Bailey, the writers, & a brilliant crew & cast, especially Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, the hilarious Micha Barton, the amazing Danny DeVito, as none other than 'Wayne, the pool guy', & last & certainly not least Liza Minnelli, in what could be her come back role as 'the master of masturbation' slash sex therapist-guru :) What a grand world premiere "OH" had at the Paramount Theatre, the oldest & most beautiful theatre in Austin; receiving a standing ovation! It was absolutely fantastic, striking a comedy cord & some very poignant questions from the standing room only audience during the 'q & a', & believe you me, Austin is one of the smartest audiences to premiere too! The loyal & humble cast & crew stretched the length of the stage, as questions & compliments were paid to a well deserving & very humble ensemble of players.

"The Oh in Ohio" not only explores sexual fantasies, while tickling the tantric funny bone, but also, busts the average stereo-type wide open; sometimes the average guy gets the babe in the end; and Cleveland never looked better. ;) I can't give the story away, ya gotta catch it on the big screen at festivals or when it's released in the cinemas & or on DVD.

Thanks to James L. Brooks for all his yrs of entertainment that he's given us, & best to Director Billy Kent, cast & crew; Billy has a big future ahead of him! See "The Oh in Ohio"! writer/actor/filmmaker: Steve Bilich
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High libido
jotix10022 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine a married woman who hasn't had an orgasm with her own husband! No wonder the marriage is falling apart. Pity poor Priscilla Chase who hasn't known the pleasures of the bedroom in her time with husband Jack, who obviously knows how to please himself, but hasn't been able to find those enjoyable parts within the wife he has married. No wonder Priscilla is a basket case!!

Well, relief comes in the shape of vibrator that brings, not only pleasure, but the sensations that have been denied to Priscilla. Since her discovery, she can't do without her "toy" whenever she can. Watch how relaxed and nice she becomes right after she begins to explore parts she never knew existed. How about that "garment malfunction" during an ad campaign presentation where she is the victim in front of executives that have no clue of what is going on.

Billy Kent, the director of this film, goes for the sure laughs and succeeds along the way. He was lucky in employing that irrepressible Parker Posey, who steals the show with her take on Priscilla. The best thing in the movie though, is Liza Minnelli, as a sex instructor, who is seen guiding a group of women that obviously have the same problem that has brought Priscilla to seek her guidance. Danny DeVito is enormously funny as the pool builder who finds a kindred spirit in Priscilla. Paul Rudd doesn't have much to do.

This movie is great for watching with a group of friends. The fun will not stop because it will elicit a lot of funny comments from all the people present. We guarantee it.
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"I Want You To Discover…Your Vaginas!" --- Alyssa Donahue (Liza Minnelli)
Robert_Hearth3 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"The OH in Ohio" (2006)

Directed By: Billy Kent

Starring: Parker Posey, Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Miranda Bailey, Keith David, & Liza Minnelli

MPAA Rating: "R" (for sexual content, language and some drug use)

Parker Posey is considered by many people to be the queen of independent films. She is one of the very few actresses who have become famous just by doing these types of movies. But, lately, she has taken to starring in more big-budget films, i.e. "Superman Returns" and "Blade: Trinity". Now, Posey is a great actress and I always enjoy watching her work, but I prefer to see her in simpler movies. "The OH in Ohio" seemed like the movie I had been waiting for since 2003's "A Mighty Wind". It was a low-budget film that was more focused on its plot and its characters than special effects and mainstream Hollywood ideas. I was very excited for this movie and had been anticipating it for quite some time, but it did not come to any of my local theaters so I had to wait for DVD. After plenty of anticipation, I finally got the chance to see "The OH in Ohio" and my reaction…well, it was "Hmm, it was okay." Wait! What? How could this be? "The OH in Ohio" is ultimately a fun, yet awkward sex comedy that fails to click as well as it should, but still works because of its talented cast and its intriguing premise.

Priscilla Chase (Posey) is a woman who has led a rather dull, uneventful life. She is married to Jack (Rudd) who seems to be the perfect husband. In fact, from the outside, every aspect of Priscilla's life is perfect. She has the perfect career and the perfect house. But, there is one thing that isn't so perfect: her sex life. Priscilla has never had an orgasm…ever. She ends up visiting a sex therapist named Alyssa Donahue (Minnelli) and a whole new door is opened. Soon, Priscilla begins to experiment with countless forms of sex, even going so far as to having sex with the female cashier at a sex store. But, Priscilla is not the only person having a sexual awakening. Jack, a high school teacher, begins an affair with his beautiful, young student, Kristen (Barton), who wants to help him to live his life to the fullest. As the couple begins to spiral away from each other in directions they never saw coming, they come to understand that, if they want to be truly happy, there marriage may never last.

The cast in "The OH in Ohio" is filled with very competent actors and actresses and it definitely shows. Parker Posey owns the screen, winning us other with her genuine naivety. She comes off as naive without sounding silly and unintelligent. Paul Rudd gives a dreary, flat performance. This sounds like an insult, but it is not. Rudd's character was dreary and flat and his performance easily encompassed that. It worked. Mischa Barton, from "The O.C." fame, surprised me. I expected her to rebound from being killed off of the popular television series by doing some flirty, clichéd romantic comedy or some brainless slasher flick (where she would, of course, play the lead who manages to survive some brutal killer while all of her dumb friends become fodder). But, she took a different route, starring in this little sex comedy in a supporting role. In my opinion, she proved that she could act in "The O.C." so it didn't surprise me that she did well here. Danny DeVito plays…Wayne the Pool Guy, a part that I never saw working. DeVito, however, adds layers to the part, allowing it to transcend the clichéd stereotype it could have been.

First and foremost, let me say that the idea of Parker Posey and Danny DeVito being romantically involved (especially on an intimate level) makes me want to vomit. The romance, which is unexpected, is awkward and strange. When they kissed, I winced. When they spoke about having sex, I was repulsed. It just didn't work for me. I understand what the movie was going for--that she could only find true happiness with the person that wasn't her "perfect companion", thus allowing her to be happy and content but, at the same time, eliminating her perfect facade. I respected the message…but Danny DeVito? The man who got drunk and was cradled by Rosie O'Donnell on "The View"? It was just weird. But, in all fairness, "The OH in Ohio" does a very nice job in creating interesting characters that all seem realistic and placing them in intriguing situations that are certainly comical. Overall, it's a fun movie that, though it kept me entertained and kept me laughing, was slightly disappointing. I expected this to be a great comedy. What I got was…well, it was just an average comedy.

Final Thought: Though merely an average comedy, "The OH in Ohio" is effective in being a fun sex comedy with a nice cast.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (B)
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