Surf's Up (2007) Poster


Mario Cantone: Mikey Abromowitz



  • Mikey Abromowitz : I, am on, *so* much migraine medication you have no idea... The stress is killing me. I dunno how much longer I can last, I hafta tell you that right now!

  • Mikey Abromowitz : They're in it for the joy of it and the rapture and the slow-motion instant replay, which is my...

    Reggie Belafonte : Mikey, why don't you head on over to the snack bar and get yourself a big bowl of shut up?

  • Mikey Abromowitz : You know, I used to scout for songbirds - toucans - for this musical revue in Brazil... Now that's show business.

  • Mikey Abromowitz : Start the whale!

  • Reggie Belafonte : If it's all the same to you, I don't want to talk about Cody anymore. He lost. End of story.

    Mikey Abromowitz : Don't you care about anybody else?

    Reggie Belafonte : He'll be fine, he was born in the water. He's a penguin, for crying out loud.

    Mikey Abromowitz : Didn't you see that big wave hit him?

    Reggie Belafonte : Well, dude, that's the whole idea of surfing.

    Mikey Abromowitz : [Storms off]  You know, I care! I care!

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