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Bom Chiki Bom Bom , Dong....
lediscipledessocrates20 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Excelling in almost all areas of film making here comes another masterpiece from the man himself: Monsieur Anil Sharma.

Sensing that the audience and his fans won't settle for anything less extravagant or ingenuous than the freshly released Farishtay , Anil Sharma out did himself by dishing out a splendid movie stacked with all the necessary ingredients of classy cinema.

Set in a fictional kingdom called "DONGRILLA" the movie explores the tyrannical regime of it's autocratic ruler "Dong" played by Amrish Puri.

Out to ground Dong is a highly decorated Team of soldiers led by Mukesh Khanna ,who by the way is also seeking revenge from Dong for kidnapping his daughter and subjecting her to a rather clever hypnotic process , that of making the wenches circle around stone pillars while the Bose speakers ramble on with a monotonous sentence " Dong Tumhara Bhagwan Hai " or something of that sure, don't remember it exactly.

The other members of the team are Dharmendra , Aditya Pancholi , Javed Jaafrey , Naseeruddin Shah , Ekta Sohini , Pallavi Joshi.

Supporting them are Shammi Kapoor and Gulshan Grover. While Shammi Ji plays the role of a traitor , Gulshan Grover is a corrupt nonetheless Iman ka pakka Musalman who confronts Shammi Kapoor only to get killed by the latter but not before Shammi Kapoor cracks a smart a** comment" Nothing personal my Friend, Purely Business" ( This dialogue is protected by the National Plagiarism Act of 1947).

The movie quite realistically covers the team's dangerous mission . Be it then crossing a gorge by the means of a hand operated cable laying gun , or fooling the gullible guards of Dong by convincing them that the lightish yellow colored liquid they are drinking is not urine , freshly produced by the male members of the team and channeled through the outlets in the water tanker.

Or should we take the case of Top Secret files kept in an open wooden cabinet , all of them Marked "TOP SECRET" in red.

The fellow Dong is however the show stealer . What with his introductory scene where he manages to assassinate an important Indian General , despite the heroic marathon run by Shammi Kapoor , heroic because he weighs around 100-110 Kg's in the scene . Dong cleverly deploys 5 clones as decoys to frustrate the security force's efforts.

Dong then showcases his eccentric genius and sadistic nature by performing the classic song "Dong Hong....Shamo Shasha " while playing the sitar, followed by an intense scene in which he forces one of his men to commit honorable suicide.

Dong's esteem among his cadres can be judged from the fact that they hail his return by shouting in a synchronised voice: " Bom Chiki Bom Bom Dong....Bom Chiki Bom Bom Dong".

Internationally acclaimed costume designs and make up ( check out Naseeruddin Shah's Oriental get up) . Legendary art direction and cinematography. Ground breaking visual effects and awe inspiring action sequences.

Don't miss it for anything!

Best Of luck!
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Shom Shom Shamo Sha-Sha
unclewalker29 October 2010
It's a treat for you if you liked Elaan-e-Jung and Farishtay.Reason?Exactly,the same storyline.After Farishtay,Anil Sharma's another action packed pot-boiler.The plot of a tyrant King/General is Director Sharma's trademark now.Also casting Dharmendra is another ritual now.

But Anil Sharma's direction is distinguishable from the scores of similar plotted movies released in early 90s.

Old Dharmendra tried hard to flex his muscles but in vain.

The song involving the 3 actors as drag-queen is hilarious and strongly recommended.

Amrish Puri as Gen.Dong of Dongrila is a delight.He is undoubtedly the best actor to play the primary antagonist in a bollywood pot-boiler.Shom Shom Shamo Sha-Sha.
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So many memories
veeru-9698911 August 2018
I have seen almost every movie of Dharmendra sir, he is amazing and he is only thing in this movie which is notable. Great movie great start cast and great action.
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dip-gautam13 July 2019
I found another way to commit suicide...simply watch this movie.
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Watch to Know why was it a HIT Love this Movie
farazdiana19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you are Dharmendra And Amrish Puri Fan Watch this Moive he made this movie after the success of farishtey ,elaan e jung and hukumat he made this movie it came out during 1992 it was a big hit good action good direction and story you wouldn't get tired some parts are tiring the songs are old so you wnt enjoy them but love the action the twists the star cast the dialogues watch it good action 90s movie 🎥
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Weird film
silvan-desouza25 March 2009
India vs Pakistan is a subject exploited to death in Bollywood In this film we are introduced to some weird country i never heard of Where Amrish plays the lord or some king

Naseer,Aditya,Javed,Dharam play captains and go to finish him and many weird things happen

This is one of the first film where you see Naseer, Aditya, Javed as girls in a scene the impact is funny at least

Direction is okay Music is bad

Dharam repeats his act and looks aged as he was in his 50-60's and yet played the hero Naseer excels, Aditya and Javed are okay Amrish Puri is as usual
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Ridiculous trash, but useful for embarrassing fans of the cast.
artsreview7 May 2005
The 80's will probably be remembered as the decade that the greatest stars of Hindi cinema made their career-worst garbage. Amitabh made Shahenshah, Jaadugar and the straight-to-video Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Jeetendra, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha, all tried and failed to come back.

The most shameful of the lot must be Dharmendra. In this film, though, he not only digs his own career grave a few feet deeper, he also drags down such worthies as Shammi Kapoor (gasp!), Naseerudin Shah and Amrish Puri with him.

One notable song; not for its music, but for Dharmendra dancing. You read that right... Dharmendra dancing. It's not a pretty sight and you can't see this film without being convinced that he was just dying to find a way out of films.
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Warning: This movie really made me physically sick!
kapoor-8691431 August 2017
I couldn't get a train ticket from Patiala to Delhi, so I had to take buses. One leg of the journey was a video coach. I vomited throughout that journey, and one of the main reasons was this movie. How the he-- did this trash become a hit?? In fact, I created my account on IMDb just to tell people to get as far away from this movie as you possibly can.

If it's showing on cable, change the channel. If you're forced to take a video coach, cover your eyes and buy noise-cancelling earphones. It's so bad I can't even describe it without tasting vomit in my mouth. Do yourself a favour and confine yourself to reading its summaries and reviews on IMDb, and DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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