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Terrible, not recommended at all.
leo_gato15 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie failed to be good in any sort of shape or form, the plot was generic and tired out, the scene were unrealistic, and both the dialog and acting were awful, the transitions in between each scene did not make sense, if not for the main characters explanations, I would have not followed the plot.

In my opinion, the priest was the only actor that did a good job.

The movie is full of obvious inconsistencies, for example, when the drug dealers sister get kidnapped, she is wearing a pink shirt and pants, when she wakes up after being kidnapped, she is in a black dress.

Even though this is a low budget movie, there is no excuse for a movie being this bad. If this movie had shown me something I had not seen before, I for one am tired of seeing the same movie with different actors.
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This must be a student film! LMAO
canon-stuff15 January 2006
If you're interested in seeing a film about gangs, corrupt cops, hypocritical officials, I would advise you to rent Training Day with Denzel Washington. This piece of crap seems the elementary student version of its senior. Surprisingly, the best acting comes from Coolio and the younger Latino actresses up to a point. Absolutely a waste of talent and surprised that Theresa Saldana and Robert Vaughan would entertain such a vehicle! I really don't know where to start with this "thing". From stereotypical camera angles, bad acting (like they're reading off a teleprompter bad), fake blood (actually looks fake BTW), poor scripting, worse dialog, etc., etc... my expectations of a rating between 1-3/10 were met.

When the music seems to be the best part of the movie, why need the movie?? Needless to say, I don't think this director will be offered many big budget movies in the near future...

Argh! My head is still spinning. :))
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Laughably bad
clicker-411 September 2007
While it may not achieve cult status as the worst movie ever made, it certainly ranks as one of the worst I've ever seen. The only thing that made watching this mess tolerable was that it was so bad it was funny. We've got a drug dealer released from prison on his way back to L.A., a roided-up, braided-cornrowed, wearing-a-girls-t-shirt-two sizes too small for him detective teamed up with an innocent, by the book rookie female detective, a priest in a wheelchair, the Double D drug dealers, and various other ethnic drug culture criminals. Oh, and let's not forget one of the characters trying to cash a check for $800,000 in a check cashing store run by drug dealers. It's just such a complete mess, with acting as bad as you'll ever want to see. But like I said, the acting and script are so awful that it is at times funny. The sequence where the crippled priest falls out of his wheelchair and crawls across the ground towards the bad guy, eventually shooting and killing him, and the bad guys death scene was unintentionally hilarious. What two legitimate, competent actors like Robert Vaughn and Reni Santoni are doing in this piece of garbage is an absolute mystery. Easily one of the worst movies ever made.
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Low budget or not, this movie was awful.
somethingclever-113 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The story and all of the dialog couldn't be more cliché. If "they" ever wrote "Action Movie For Dummies," they would list such everything from corrupt police force, the good/bad cop that does what it takes, and the female rookie whose naiveté gets her into trouble.

The entire thing was predictable, from the priest having an affair with the antagonist's mother to the ridiculous standoff at the end. There were only two things keeping me watching: an obsessive desire to finish watching all movies (even the bad ones) and the two DD Latinas they decided to keep in tight fitting clothing in every scene.

Before I'm done I must make one thing clear, it's not just the story that was poor. The acting in this movie was a joke, period.
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entertaining low-budget independent action film
winner5517 December 2006
It is almost impossible to make an action film without a lot of money these days, due to rising costs of special FX, but also due to rising cost of insurance. So an entertaining low-budget independent action film is a rarity, and a welcome one.

With a plot crossing elements of "High Noon" and "Rio Bravo", about a lone cop facing a gang that has its boss recently released from prison, the film obscures its limited amount of action (the costly part, remember) with about equal doses of high drama and melodramatic touches of Mexican-style gangster soap-opera. But there are two big shoot-outs that are very well handled, and which even add a bit of Spaghetti-Western to the mix.

Speak about the mix, the music is very cool, by the way.

There are a couple real veterans in the cast, as well as a number of young actors of promise. Chino XL as the cop and Coolio as one of the gangsters are both impressive and charismatic - with some practice and a good agent, they should have showing up all over the place after their work here, they're good.

No "New Jack City", but worth a look.
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"Low Budget" ? Anything more than $100 = FAIL
hornblower-119 December 2008
Entirely full of fail.

It's supposedly a low-budget film, but any more than $100 spent to make this crap was a total waste of money. Investors must be shooting themselves in the foot, they could have used a hand-cam, and hire a few people off the street, 1-2 hours of script-reading and you'd be guaranteed the same result, if not better.

It pains me even more to think that some people are getting killed in places like Darfur and the Middle East, and poverty and world hunger is rampant worldwide, and people throw away their money on crap like this.

Acting: 0/10 Plot: 1/10 Soundtrack: 2/10 Production: 1/10
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I expected the worst and what I got was a surprise...
tarbosh220007 September 2005
"Gang Warz" is actually good. The plot: The Crime Strike Force was great at catching criminals. Until corruption and bribes surfaced and because of that violent gang members were let out of prison. One gang member, Marco Cruz vowed to kill the people who put him away. Ro Conner (Chino XL) is the cop who has to stop him.

The biggest surprise of the movie is that Coolio's performance was first-rate. He was subtle. Robert Vaughn makes an appearance and spouts cop clichés. Chino XL was a little wooden in his delivery. The action scenes were goofy because during the gunfights, it looked like they didn't have a budget and winged it.

Besides that, if you want a pretty decent cop\gang flick, this isn't a bad choice.

For more insanity, please visit:
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