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For a laugh...
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews4 November 2009
This is one of the three featurettes on the DVD of 50 First Dates, and one of the two that have their own individual pages here on the site. It consists of locals explaining various words in Pidgin, one of the languages/dialects in Hawaii, inter-cut with appropriate clips from the movie. This is informational enough, if you care about the expressions, and if not, it can be reasonably entertaining. Apart from that, this is obviously kind of useless. Thankfully, its running time is a mere 5 minutes. I appreciate the mostly straight approach, and hey, a couple of the people in this are charming and/or cool to listen to. The footage is well-shot, the majority of the time, and this does a nice job of avoiding being as disorienting as swiftly going back and forth between different guys and gals, and one can imagine that almost all of them have never been on camera for something professional before. Editing is sharp as can be. There is crude material in this, and some offensive stuff, much of it from the flick itself, in those portions of it that is in this. I recommend this to anyone who wants to watch it, regardless of the reason. 6/10
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