Red Cliff (2008) Poster


Chen Chang: Sun Quan



  • Zhuge Liang : [subtitle version]  That's right. To surrender is not so bad. For the cowardly, in fact, the earlier the better. That everyone can stop worrying.

    Sun Quan : If that is the case, then why didn't Liu Bei surrender?

    Zhuge Liang : Confucius spoke of giving oneself to justice, and Mencius spoke of sacrificing for righteousness, surrendering is not a matter of victory or defeat, but rather one of virture! Cao Cao, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister controls the Han Emperor, and fabricated His Majesty's commands. If he conquers the Southland, he will surely usurp the throne. If we surrender to Cao Cao, then we would be aiding a tyrant. Lord Mayor Liu Bei is of His Majesty's Royal Family. His wisdom is known to the world and respected by the people. If a noble man, who has been loyal to the Han court all his life, failed to succeed, then that is fate. But, how could he surrender to Cao Cao? That would be an unbearable shame!

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