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  • Due to the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 1937 scenes containing violence to animals have to be cut in the UK. Therefore both versions, the international cut and the original cut - both available on DVD in the UK - were censored accordingly. You can find a comparison between the cut international version (UK) and the uncut international version here. and a comparison between the cut original version (UK) and the uncut original version here. Edit

  • In order to make the whole project much more attractive for international audiences, an International Version was created, that features both Red Cliff movies cut into one movie. Producer Terence Chang said the following: "We wanted to make a Hollywood blockbuster in Chinese that would appeal to non-Asian audiences as well. We worked very hard to create a version of the film that maintains the integrity of the action and character development of the story, while excising some of the cultural details that could be considered unnecessary for Western audiences not intimately familiar with the historical mythology." The original Hong Kong Version of the first movie runs approx. 145 minutes, the complete International Version 143 minutes. One can do the math. Approx. 50 percent of each movie were cut out. Edit



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