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Season 2

19 Mar. 2006
Attempting to flee his guilt David escapes to China and bums around trying to forget. After six weeks Homeland Security interrogates the team at NORBAC wanting to know why David is in China. David is arrested by the Red Army and taken to a remote location where they want him to investigate a mysterious, virulent pandemic that is killing 2 out of 3 people. David eventually agrees but is appalled by the antiquity of the equipment and the secrecy he must work under. He gets a partial message to NORBAC and after some analysis they reply that the mystery bacteria is an ...
26 Mar. 2006
Escape Mutant
David returns to Toronto and visits Caroline and Audrey Graves in hospital and explains to her how NORBAC can help her to fight the HIV injected into her. David returns to NORBAC and he team gets to work sequencing the new strain of HIV. They discover it really is a new strain and that none of the standard anti-retro viral drugs will be completely ineffective against it. Mayko Tran has been following the effects of the mass prion infection to see if anything positive has arisen and apparently IQ spikes have been noted in some of the affected children. David returns to...
2 Apr. 2006
The Cocktail
David has less than two days to discover a drug cocktail that will prevent a premature baby from becoming HIV positive.
9 Apr. 2006
Dim & Dimmer
While attending a conference in New York, David chases a petty thief named Owen (Michael Seater) into the city's abandoned subway tunnels where he finds an underground community of homeless people.
16 Apr. 2006
Massive Change
The news of Gill's discovery leaks out and NORBAC becomes the focus of stem cell protesters. The team at NORBAC can't find anything unusual in the samples from New York, so start to do more exotic tests on the samples. Gill, a U.S. citizen, comes under pressure from the U.S. government for using an unauthorized stem cell line in her research. While trying to get her research ready for publication, Gill discovers that the unauthorized stem cell line contains an active retro-virus which is very serious but very strange as this line is used in laboratories all over the ...
23 Apr. 2006
Our Men in Havana
Carlos and David and a Cuban scientist look into a claim that an exiled Cuban, now a rich Florida Orange grower, is a victim of bio-terrorism. Bob and Simon Jessup try to help Caroline's Nephew, Glenn.
Listen to Him
While in Cuba investigating the cause of decimated orange groves in Florida, David and Carlos uncover information that points to a possible bio-terrorist plot on the part of the Cubans. The American President jumps the gun and immediately blames Cuba for the damaged crops.
7 May 2006
Bob's attention turns to the escalating danger in the skies over Mexico City where a massive brown cloud has begun to combine with toxic emissions from a nearby volcano. The new mixture could rain sulfuric acid down on the city and Bob must try to convince the Mexican officials of the gravity of the situation before all of Mexico City is destroyed.
14 May 2006
Gene in a Bottle
NorBAC's investigation into a cluster of suicides occurring in the southern United States uncovers an unnatural enzyme in the brains of the victims.
21 May 2006
The Wild and the Innocent
Autopsies on a dead deer lead NorBAC to suspect that worms from parasitic eggs are responsible for a recent spike in depression-related suicides in the Southern U.S.
28 May 2006
NorBAC must unravel a genetic mystery when fish bred in an East Coast fish farm start exhibiting unexpected and dangerous mutations. Furthermore, a number of kids in an East Coast village are becoming ill; could deadly radiation be leaking into the Ocean?
4 Jun. 2006
NorBAC uses innovative scientific methods to track the source of mutating radiation that is affecting fish on the East Coast of Canada to radioactive fuel rods that were dumped into the Ocean in the 1950s.
11 Jun. 2006
The End
Jill and the U.S. National Guardsmen begin to recover after receiving the lethargica antidote; but shortly thereafter, the Guardsmen begin to fall ill again with a secondary more deadly infection.

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