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24 Oct. 2004
Baby Bomb
Genetisist David Sandstrom is the chief scientist at the prestigious virology/micro-biology NORBAC laboratory which is a joint enterprise between the USA, Canada and Mexico and is responsible for countering bio-terrorism. David's nightmare day begins when his daughter arrives unexpectedly and catches him having sex with Twyla. Whilst trying to reconcile her, he receives a call from NORBAC about an Ebola outbreak that seems to be heading south along highway 17 on its way to Toronto killing everyone in its path! If this wasn't enough, on his was to NORBAC he is ...
24 Oct. 2004
Spare Parts
As the laboratory works flat out to map the new Ebola DNA the search continues for patient zero! A bus pulls into a rest stop in the outskirts of Toronto and a passenger has early symptoms of the outbreak. The bus and passengers are immediately quarantined and NORBAC notified. Is this the break they need? David and his team take samples and detailed medical histories of the passengers to try to identify patient zero. The tests lead the team to Daisy and her baby Miranda as possible carriers of this lethal new virus as both appear to be immune to it! Detailed ...
31 Oct. 2004
The Face of God
After an anxious wait, David discovers he hasn't contracted the Ebola virus. Back at the lab Caroline interrogates Hira on her involvement with her brother, the member of a terrorist cell in Pakistan. Bob runs the DNA tests on Mick and his brother and there's growing hype around Reverend Walsh, who claims he can clone Christ from a blood smear found on a nail at the site of the Crucifixion
7 Nov. 2004
Mayko has a difficult time dealing with Hira's death after her funeral. Her grief begins to affect her work, especially when NORBAC begins investigating what appears to be a new fast acting strain of Mad Cow Disease. Meanwhile, Wes and Caroline are already looking at candidates for the now vacant Head Virologist position.
14 Nov. 2004
The Oldest Virus
David travels to Chicago to attend the International Spanish Flu conference at which time he interviews Gill for the vacant position of head virologist at NORBAC. After spending the night with David, Gill decides not to accept the job at NORBAC. On his return to NORBAC, David and Caroline interview Harvey Thomas, a bankrupt researcher into prion type diseases like "Mad Cow". Meanwhile the team at NORBAC investigate the background of all the "Mad Cow" victims for any commonality. David and Caroline discover that the researcher went bankrupt because he had no patients ...
21 Nov. 2004
The Trials
NorBAC tests a new treatment for child leukemia. Before it's declared a success a child dies. Sandstrom ignores standard protocols and asks Nunavut for permission to collect a sample of possible Spanish Flu virus from a frozen corpse.
28 Nov. 2004
Faint Hope
Carlos is in a desperate race to find stem cells for a controversial treatment for a former lover of his who is HIV-positive . Lilith goes with Mick on a Whale Watching excursion ,but something tragic happens when they get there.
12 Dec. 2004
David is under pressure to figure out what has caused the blackouts that have plagued the whole of North America for the past 3 days. As the press jumps to the conclusion that it is an act of terrorism, David is certain that a mysterious plastic eating bacteria is the culprit. Meanwhile, Lilith struggles with her grief over the death of Mick.
19 Dec. 2004
The Secret War
Mayko gets David and Caroline to investigate a suspicious Water-filtering System by the military. Carlos looks into a deadly Mexican virus. Bob decides to quit and leave. Jill is obsessed with proving her critics wrong on her discovery.

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