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2 Jan. 2005
The Source
Carlos and Jill head to Mexico to seek the "source" of the virus. David and Mayko try to convince Bob to come back. Bob's theory solves the Filter problem. David heads to Mexico and solves the problem, caused by a "Mexican-Jumping Gene".
9 Jan. 2005
The Promise
NorBAC has been taken over by a joint command to deal with a catastrophic smallpox scenario. Bob tries to find a cure for his dog that is suffering from histiocytosis. Jill comes clean with David about taking medication for her panic attacks. David discovers that the earlier "Miranda Virus" outbreak might be linked to the U.S. government's secret bio-chemical lab.
16 Jan. 2005
David and Jill make a trip to Colorado where a SARS outbreak is occurring. David is in shock when he discovers that it is Spanish flu from Nunavut.
22 Jan. 2005
The Longest Night
Jill goes to Canada to see if the Spanish flu body is still in the ground. David recovers from his coma and limps back to the office.

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