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1 Apr. 2007
A Spontaneous Moment
David and Bob investigate simultaneous explosions that incinerated a high tech lab and several of its employees; new virologist Rachel Woods studies the DNA of a gay-basher suspected of killing a fellow student.
1 Apr. 2007
Dust in the Wind
David and Bob become ticking time bombs after ingesting the same deadly bacteria combination that incinerated the Greenway scientists; an anomaly in the genetic makeup of gay-basher Julie Henshaw temporarily puts Rachel off track.
Strangers in the Night
A West Nile-like virus is breaking out in San Francisco, but it's showing some abnormal traits. NorBAC faces budget cuts on the U.S. side; a scientist at the University of Toronto claims to be able to help Owen with his addiction.
I Dream of Genomes
Outbreaks of a deadly virus in San Francisco and Boston have NorBAC scrambling to find a Patient Zero; Owen wastes away in a jail as David and Angelica argue over his treatment options.
22 Apr. 2007
The God of Commerce
NorBAC traces the Sinatra virus to an organ donor in the Philippines; massive mercury contamination in Washington State's pristine wilderness leads the team to suspect an underlying cover-up in the government.
29 Apr. 2007
NorBAC continues to investigate outbursts in San Fransisco, Boston and Tampa, but stumbles upon a possible mercury poisoning in Washington state.
6 May 2007
One Hand Washes the Other
The team tracks a deadly strain of C.difficile.
13 May 2007
Bio terrorism is suspected as forest fires fuel the spread of deadly toxins.
20 May 2007
Let It Burn
A weaponized biological agent was released during fires on the west coast, NORBAC must find the creator of the agent. However, Rachel is more worried about her son who was attacked by a bear.
27 May 2007
A chef is stricken with the same delirium that caused a bear to attack Rachel's son.
3 Jun. 2007
A strange insect bites Carlos as he conducts research.
10 Jun. 2007
Jacobson's Organ
Magnetobacteria jeopardizes the country's electronic infrastructure.
17 Jun. 2007
Back to the Future
A link is found between the smallpox scam and the tantalum contamination.

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