The Ant Bully (2006) Poster


Julia Roberts: Hova



  • Hova : Cross my heart, I will not eat you.

    Lucas Nickle : Cross your heart, not your butt!

  • Hova : [entering Lucas' house]  Do all of your guests pass under this door?

    Lucas Nickle : Well, actually, you guys are the first friends I've had over.

    Hova : We are the first ones? Kreela! We're the first ones to pass under the door!

    Kreela : Great...

    Fugax : And to think, all of this is made from your own POOP!


    Fugax : Nice...

  • Lucas Nickle : [as Lucas and the ants fly around the house with rose petals]  This is Hawaii. We went there last summer. It's got volcanoes and hula dancers and Don Ho and surfboards. And I caught a fish. And these are the pyramids. And these are the pyramids. Well, not the real pyramids. The real ones are lots bigger. Mommo says aliens built them. She's my grandma.

    [they fly over to the next fan towards the family picture] 

    Hova : Oh, are these your nest mates?

    Lucas Nickle : Yeah, that's my family.

    Hova : Ooh. Which one's the queen?

    Lucas Nickle : My sister thinks she is.


    Hova : What's wrong?

    Lucas Nickle : Nothing, it's just, well... I should have told my mom goodbye. That's all. I can be a real jerk sometimes.

    [he cries] 

    Hova : Lucas, your face is leaking.

    Lucas Nickle : Leaking? Oh, no, it's okay.

    Hova : Is that what humans do when they're sad? They leak from the face? When ants are sad, we do this:

    [shows sad face with big eyes] 

  • Zoc : [glares at crystal in hand]  Kraznoks! You... rock. Curse upon your children.

    Hova : Hmm. I don't think rocks have children.

    Zoc : [throws crystal to the ground]  They won't now.

    Hova : Okay. What's the matter?

    Zoc : Hova, the potion is supposed to change color. It's not changing color. It's not changing color.

    [grabs two more rocks] 

    Zoc : I call upon the elements: Wind, rain, et cetera. Transform my potion and clacktiel.

    [beats the crystals together. Nothing happens. He gets frustrated] 

    Zoc : Clackteil, clackteil...

    [beats the crystals violently together] 

  • Zoc : But - But who will teach him our ways?

    Hova : I will.

    Zoc : Hova?

    Queen Ant : It is done. Let us continue our work.

    Lucas Nickle : That's it? How long am I gonna be like this? I want to go home! Wait! It's inhuman!

    Head of Council : Yes. It is.

  • Hova : [to Lucas]  Hello. We mean you no harm.

    [seconds later] 

    Hova : Please. Go in peace.

    Zoc : Look out!

    [grabs Hova before Lucas was about to crush her with is foot] 

  • Hova : Where's Lucas?

    Zoc : Isn't he with you?

    Hova : No.

    Zoc : Lucas? Lucas? Huh. That's weird. Well, he's probably off destroying some other poor, unfortunate colony. You know how they are. Destroyers.

    Hova : Zoc, what have you done?

    Zoc : Me? What did I do?

    Hova : Where is he?

    Zoc : He's gone.

    [Hova worried about Lucas was about to rush out] 

    Zoc : He led you into a trap, Hova.

    Hova : There was no trap. He led us to food. He was trying to protect us from...

    Zoc : From what? What, Hova?

    Hova : From something.

    Zoc : Oh, something!


    Zoc : And I was worried it was from nothing. He's blinded you, Hova.

    Hova : No, you are the one who's blind. You are so consumed by your hatred for the humans, you see only what you want to see

    Zoc : Oh, come on.

    Hova : Zoc, I see a young pupa, a human learning our ways becoming part of this colony, becoming an ant.

    Zoc : Impossible.

    Hova : Listen to yourself, Zoc. A wizard knows no such word. So, what are you now? Certainly not the ant I love.

    [walks away] 

    Zoc : Hova! I did it for you, for the colony.

    Hova : You did it for yourself.

    Zoc : Hova, I...

  • Hova : Don't ever leave me again.

    Lucas Nickle : But Zoc told me...

    Hova : Your my pupa, not Zoc's.

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