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  • Krishna is forced by circumstances to use his superpowers and become a masked superhero, Krrish, before getting drawn towards his lost legacy.

  • Singapore-based Dr. Siddhant Arya recruits a superhumanly powerful Indian-born man named Rohit Mehra, who was given special powers by a blue-skinned alien named Jadoo, to build a computer that can forecast the future, which results in an accident that kills Rohit. When this news reaches Rohit's mother, Sonia, in India, she passes this on to Rohit's wife, Nisha, who has just given birth to a son named Krishna. However, Nisha, unable to handle this devastating news, passes away, leaving Krishna to be brought up by Sonia. When Krishna is enrolled in school, she notices that he has the same intellectual and physical powers that his father possessed, so in order to shield him from any harm, she moves to a secluded and remote area in a mountainous region of the country, where he grows up. Years later, Krishna has matured, has acquired the same special powers that his father had, and is also able to communicate with animals. He meets with a camper named Priya and is attracted to her. When she returns home to Singapore, she phones him to visit her so that she can introduce him to her mother so that they can get married. A thrilled Krishna travels to Singapore, despite Sonia's pleas; meets with Priya; and is all set to meet her mother, get married, and return home. What Krishna does not know is that Priya has lured him there so that she can exploit his superhuman powers on her TV network, Star Plus--and not only maintain her job but also get a promotion. It looks like the naïve and overly trusting Krishna may now be propelled straight into the hands of Dr. Arya, who is still alive and on the verge of creating a supercomputer that can forecast the future--and is quite capable of doing anything in his power to achieve this nefarious goal and project himself as the one and only God of the universe.

  • Krishna Mehra inherits supernatural powers from his father Rohit; there-in he is able to do things that are impossible for normal human beings to perform. When Rohit goes to Singapore to work on one of Dr. Siddhant Arya's project he disappears believe to be dead. Fearing that the same will happen to her grandson, Krishna; Sonia Mehra decides to re-locate to a mountainous region with Krishna. Intrigued by his girlfriend Priya; Krishna decides to go to Singapore - when he arrives there he will find that his father Rohit is still alive and he must use his powers to rescue him from the contended wrath of Dr. Arya who is holding him captive.

  • Krishna went to Singapore to marry his love Priya with a promise to his grandma that he would never let the world know about his supernatural powers inherited by his father. There he has to wear a mask to protect his identity while rescuing people.

  • After death of her son Rohit and his wife Nisha.Sonia Mehra shifts with her grandson Krishna to a small tribal village when she finds that he is blessed with super powers like his father with blessings of Jaado.Priya comes to village where Krishna saves her from and accident and both get close to each other eventually Krishna falling in love with her.Upon returning to Singapore Priya and her friend Honey are fired by their boss for extending their leave.In order to save her job.Priya decides to keep a program on Rohit on his super abilities.But Sonia makes him understand that people in the fast growing world want to his take advantage which was also the cause of death for his father.Rohit promises his grandmother that he wont disclose his powers to anyone.But at a certain stage he tries to save kids from fire with his abilities and takes the identity of Krrish in order to help the needy.


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  • Krisshna is born and is shown in a city in the same school to which his dad went and later on everyone thinks he has special powers and principal wants to promote it to the world, and then his granny takes him to village to hide his abilities and then comes a group of students for camp who are scared of him and his abilites and then priyanka chopra (one of the people coming to the camp) tells him that he should come to singapore and show his abilites to the world, and then when she's losing her job in a channel she calls him by a trick that she wants him to meet her mom as she is getting her married to someone else and then he goes and helps lots of people but hides his identity as he promised to his grandma and people are rewarding krrish and his friend finds out that he was krrish so krrishna gives him a proof and tells him to become krrish and get the reward and later on realises that priyanka was lying and then when he was leaving comes a guy looking for him and tells him about naseeruddin(scientist) and how he killed his dad rohit and says that rohit is actually not dead and will die in somewhat two days after the time machine is made he sees that he will die anytime by krrish and he goes and kills kristian(krrishna's friend) and goes again and finds out that it tells the same future, and somehow he reaches and kills naseer and takes his dad back to india

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