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A critique of the criticisms
The_Mighty_Warrior4 July 2006
I have been lurking on this section for some time now, with a few raised eyebrows at some of the comments that have been passed here. I think some are just wholly unjustified and inaccurate.

I have seen Krrish twice now. It is an unabashed popcorn entertainer. You're typical Hollywood special effects summer blockbuster, only that it has a unique Indian soul and the quintessential Bollywood elements. It is an accomplished blend of Indian popular storytelling , western technology and Asian action and it's historic success in India, proves how successful this fusion is.

Surprisingly, unlike most Hollywood film, where technology and action takes precedence, here special effects are minimally and virtuously(often seamlessly) used and most of the emphasis is on the emotional journey of the protagonist, who is reborn as the superhero, only towards the end, shifting to sci-fi action and concluding in a mesmerising ground-air-sea helicopter chase sequence, supported by an awesome and adrenaline-pumping background score.

Now I am going to deal with the common issues made against Krissh:

1. Action and special effects do not compare to Hollywood standards.

You really do need to define what Hollywood standards are. I have seen many big budget Hollywood special effects extravaganzas and the quality of special effects are variable; they range from good to bad; from shot to shot and from film to film.

Krrish is nothing below "Hollywood standards" It has effects work that is on par or better than some Hollywood films, and less than some. What matters most, is do they work on their own terms, and given that masses of people, including international critics have appreciated them, means an emphatic yes.

2. The techniques, effects and stunts are borrowed and/or plagiarised from Hollywood and Asian films; such as Crouching Tiger, House of flying daggers,Paycheck, Matrix.

First of all, it would make sense that special effects techniques have been repeated from Hollywood, because the special effects supervisors - are from Hollywood.

It would make sense that the stunts and martial arts have been repeated from Asian films, because the stunt choreographer - is from Hong Kong.

Secondly, techniques are invented to be reused. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

A filmmaker has at his utility an entire tool-kit of established techniques. It is how he uses them to actualise his vision that creates originality. In that respect, Rakesh Roshan is not a hack, because while he borrows techniques, he tailors them to his unique vision and lends them an originality of their own.

The stunts and action scenes have been designed according to Krrish's character and his own quirks, abilities and idiosyncrasies.

In particular, the final ground-air-sea helicopter chase sequence and the shot where Krrish uses the fountain jet to catapult him(awesome shot) into the air has never been done before. The anime-inspired fight sequence on the island is another spark of creativity. The initial sequence of him running to catch the glider is another very original sequence. Ditto for the Circus fire scene.

3. Krrish is a mundane love story, comedy and drama for most of the film. Not enough superhero elements.

When I watched Krrish the first time, I too echoed the same sentiments. I wanted to see more action scenes and superhero elements, not the usual run of the mill romantic comedy. I was disappointed. Then when I watched it the second time, this time without expecting a superhero film, I realised it's not suppose to be a superhero film; it is the beginning of a superhero

4. Krrish is a hybrid of other superheros films and copies plot elements.

Superhero films are quite a predictable genre and share many similarities. They are the classic tale of good vs evil, where the hero is super-good and the villain is super-evil(often a megalomaniac with designs to take over the world) and the film builds to the final face-off, where good will invariably triumph. Superman follows the exactly the same story arc; so does Batman; so does Spiderman; and yes, so does Krrish.

Another similarity is that the superhero-ego will often be incognito and not reveal their true identity, except to a select few. You see this in Superman; Spiderman and Batman; so, you also see it in Krrish. Again, because the superhero is mysterious, they become the talk of the world and the the press become obsessed with them and in unveiling their identity. You see this in Superman; Spiderman and Batman; so you see it in Krrish.

Krrish is as original and unoriginal as any superhero film. If you can accept that Superman is not a copy of Spiderman and Spiderman is not a copy of Batman. Then you should be able to accept that Krrish is not a copy of either of them and stands as an original work.

5. Krrish is just the usual Bollywood potboiler, with songs and dances, comedy, melodrama and colours.

So are 99.9% of Bollywood films. This is the unique Bollywood identity and film-making heritage and make no mistake about it, Krrish is an all-out Bollywood film, made for mass consumption by Bollywood fans.

Krrish is a very commendable and well-made film, an all out-entertainer, with plenty of cool action and special effects, but with it's heart in it's story of Krishna becoming Krrish(played admirably by Hrithik Roshan) It's also a historic milestone in Indian film-making, and will be to Indian cinema, what Superman was to American cinema. Expect the sequel to even bigger.

An impressive and world-class entry by Bollywood to the fantastic world of sci-fi and fantasy. I look forward to more such films from Bollywood. In fact, as I write , another Bollywood director is in the preproduction phase of a big budget futuristic sci-fi romance set in 2050 India, and not an ordinary love story, it's the love story between a robot and a human!
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Krrish, the first Indian film I have seen on cinema
eevaoberg3 July 2006
I saw Krrish in Stockholm yesterday. I am not keen on science fiction movies, even if I used to read science fiction when I was young. I have never before seen an Indian movie on cinema and perhaps because it was the first time, I liked Krrish very much. Indian films are longer than Hollywood/European films, but it didn't feel long at all. Must have been entertaining! It did not matter at all that the film makers had borrowed ideas from other films(Flying Daggers, ET, Dr.Who, whatever). The film was very Indian and didn't feel like a copy of anything. I loved the music and dances, the dance in the circus was wonderful!

The actor who played Krrish felt quite right for the role. I have seen him in KKKB, but didn't think much about him then, was too fascinated by Sharukh. This is my first film critic ever! Becoming addicted to Indian films make me do strange things!!
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Krishna Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) is an Indian country lad with super powers. He falls for a city girl (Priyanka Chopra) and goes to Singapore to win her heart. Awesome Ensues.
bdschwantner16 August 2008
Krrish is a unique movie that combines many elements and genres. Reviewing this film is no easy task; reviewing it objectively is even harder. This is because Krrish breaks many of the expectations of a western moviegoer. It's action is unusual, its acting is often exaggerated, not to mention that its in a foreign language! Getting a good perspective on the film is hard when it doesn't look anything like the movie one was looking for. So, let me just get my bias out on the table early on in this review. I loved it! I haven't laughed that hard in any action movie ever. I haven't seen fights that good in any comedy ever. Nor have I ever seen music videos like those in any sci-fi super hero flick. I love the crazy place this movie has found in terms of genre. This film moves easily from pop music video to manga-style action to touching drama to thought provoking sci-fi. It's just great.

However, the bizarre amount of slapstick comedy, product placement/general commercialism, and constant switching of genre may very well put some western viewers off. This movie is not your usual super hero flick. Batman this is not.

It is, however, an excellent movie that combines the core elements of the super hero genre with romance, comedy, and sci-fi, and does this quite effectively, thanks to the good dialogue, great choreography and effects, and great acting and dancing by Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.

I was thoroughly entertained and would recommend this film to just about anyone who is willing to suspend disbelief, sit back, and enjoy the show.
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A Nutshell Review: Krrish
DICK STEEL24 June 2006
The very first Indian movie I saw in its entirety as a kid, was Annamalai, starring Superstar Rajnikanth. Since then I was intrigued by Indian cinema, but never found the patience nor the time to sit through the standard fare of at least 2.5-3hrs of pure spectacle. On and off I caught bits and pieces of movies shown on TV, and the last Bollywood movie I saw mid-way, was Shah Rukh Khan's Asoka, and that's it.

Krrish is a sequel to the blockbuster Koi... Mil Gaya, also directed by Rakesh Roshan, but no worries if you haven't seen the first movie - you'll be brought up to speed in no time, and Krrish will also work if it stood alone. First off, it's a superhero movie combined with science fiction, so that was a plus point to have this movie reintroduce me to Bollywood once again. And it worked. With romance, action, and some comedy thrown into the mix, what can one ask for more for pure entertainment?

Those not familiar with Bollywood movies might balk at the length of Krrish - almost 5 minutes shy of 3 hours, which is quite standard runtime fare (there is a clearly marked "interval" in the movie, but it was not utilized here). But I tell you that you won't feel its length, and will actually secretly hope that it continues some more. The first hour dwelled on the introduction of our hero Krishna (Hrithik Roshan), a man born with extraordinary powers, whose grandmother Sonia took upon herself to shield him from a world awaiting to exploit his talent, if discovered. It's like a visit to the Kent farm, except that the whole grandmother- son relationship looked more at home vis-a-vis Spiderman's Aunt May and Peter Parker.

When Krishna meets Priya (the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000) by chance during her adventure holiday camp, and he becomes smitten with her, moving the movie towards a romance. She's the quintessential Singapore modern career girl, who puts career (or trying to salvage it) before love, and therein complicates matters of the heart when we get to the boy-momentarily-loses-girl bit. Plenty of drama in this area, though it doesn't dwell too long on it, increasing the pace for the action bits.

Those eager to see Krrish, the superhero, will have to wait almost 2 hours before he makes an appearance in full costume. He's like Jet Li's cousin Black Mask with the black outfit and abilities, but with a better looking facial piece to disguise his identity. But with or without costume, we see Krishna's prowess through various stunt and fight choreography enhanced by wirework from one of Hong Kong's stunt masters, Chen Siu-Tung, especially in his "qing gong" abilities to glide effortlessly through the air like Chinese martial artists. There's also a showpiece for Hrithik to demonstrate the kung-fu skills picked up, and the fights, if compared with other Bollywood movies, have toned down its cheesy sound effects and credibility issues because of its premise (if a superhero punches you, you'll definitely fly what).

And what's a Bollywood flick without song and dance? Yes, our hero sings and dances when romancing his love, from the mountains in India to the skyscrapers in Singapore, but he doesn't do so as his alter-ego Krrish (yup, just let the superhero stick to kicking serious rear). There are 5 beautiful songs in Krrish, and save for the one in the circus, the rest did not involve mass dancing by extras, which kept the focus purely on the leads. And the dance choreography was pretty amazing too, though I was surprised that Hrithik Roshan, given his muscular bulk, could dance so gracefully. Oh, did I mention Priyanka Chopra is gorgeous?

While the romance and action bit were interesting, the science fiction bit was unfortunately found wanting. Not that it was bad, but because it was too familiar. Adapting the same plot as Philip K Dick's Paycheck, the sets, premise and plot device looked exactly the same as John Woo's Paycheck movie - we have the evil Dr Arya (Naseeruddin Shah) building a supercomputer which can look into the future, and therefore becoming God himself. The evil lair too looked like Woo's underground lair in M:I2, complete with pigeons (no doves in Singapore).

For those who want to know more about the local landmarks used - Singapore Expo was used quite a bit, since it's large enough to be filmed at different areas passing off as different venues, even doubling up as Changi Airport's arrival hall entrance with smart editing. The Esplanade was another choice location as the HQ of a conglomerate run by Dr Arya, with National Library's Pod doubling as the penthouse office. There are many scenes with glass windows, which will clue you in on the location of the current setting. Other notable locations are the condos at Kallang, Shenton Way / Raffles Place, Lau Pa Sat (widely publicized during the shoot here), the Singapore River and our offshore islands.

Krrish reminded me that cinema is about the big spectacle, and I encourage anyone who's into song, dance, and especially those interested in seeing local landmarks make their way into movies, to give Krrish a shot. It made Singapore look sexy, and probably showed us a different angle in making an action movie here. While awaiting the arrival of Singer's Man of Steel, watch Krrish!
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Heartfelt Cinema
springsunnywinter14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It is great having a superhero in Bollywood now, I absolutely loved the film it was so peaceful at the first half and hearty during the second half. The story was amazing the best thing about it is the computer that can see the future and Krishna never intended to be a superhero he wanted to save the kids from a circus fire but made a promise to his grandmother not to show his powers to anyone so he changed his overcoat inside out & wore a mask and that is how Krishna became Krrish, Hrithik's body language for a superhero was terrific. Mostly in other superhero movies they intend to be a hero, which is not very amazing. In the end I was almost going to cry when Krishna was trying to save his father, it was extremely emotional. The ending was awesome when Dr Arya was about to die & Krishna took off his mask and showed who he really is and there were sparks everywhere, it means that Dr Arya would have known who he is if he looked ahead into the future when he seen his death but he looked before his death to try and avoid it. Definitely Hrithik Roshan's best film and it is 1000 times better than the crappy Spider-Man 3 I just recently seen.
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Finally a Superhero of our own
aasifali23 June 2006
The wait's over, even though it took quite long.The movie is excels in acting and story. The story is refreshingly different and not abashedly picked up from any of the superheroes of Bollywood. Its in fact very good and innovative.One that is different and yet rooted to its base characters. Hrithik has one again excelled at everything from doing his own stunts to acting and dancing(forte). The direction is sleek and styled. For once i could relax, put down my critical enjoying view and abashedly enjoy whats supposed to be our own superhero with all the values and dignity. The movie has a good mixture of both humor and class
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rajeevno128 June 2006
One of the best movies ever in the Indian cinema. Will definitely get many awards. Hrithik is simply the best. keep it up!!! This type of movie has never been produced in the Indian cinema and matches movies Hollywood style. I don't think there can be any other actors that can fit in hrithik role. It is a great and feel good movie both for children and adults who will enjoy it a lot. The songs are excellent especially "Dil na diya'. This movie is so exciting that you cannot get bored although it is more than two and a half hours long. This movie is recommended for all ages and it should be watched by one and all because it is worth it!!! Thumps up for all parts of the movie
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Left a lot to be desired
vincentcastle8124 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Hrithik as Krrish and as Rohit put in a good effort, but for me, it wasn't enough to make up for the shortcomings of the film. First of all, the film's first mistake was calling itself a sequel. The moment a movie is called a sequel, people will already have a notion of what they want to see and what they expect. The fact that this movie is the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya I expected it to surpass the first movie. Krrish only surpassed Koi Mil Gaya in terms of the special effects.

I'll talk about the songs first. In Koi Mil Gaya, the songs (with the exception of perhaps one) did much to further the plot. More than that, they were catchy and truly showcased the brilliance of Rakesh Roshan. In Krrish, every time I saw a song number, I just felt the movie dragged on even more. The songs weren't at all catchy, with perhaps the exception of the circus number. In my opinion, the songs just served to drag the film longer.

OK, now on to the leads. I liked the character of Krrish a lot. He had a lot of that Clark Kent innocence and Superman values that truly makes him a hero. What I didn't like though, was the character of Priya who was so utterly selfish that from the moment Krrish followed her to Singapore she did nothing but lie to him. She was too easily influenced by her best friend that you wonder if this girl even has a spine. Not to mention there were so many instances where she showed a total lack of common sense. This is such a step back from the character of Nisha from the first movie who was a strong female character and guided Rohit and did her best to protect his innocence from the harshness of the world. In Koi Mil Gaya I totally understood why Rohit fell in love with Nisha. In Krrish on the other hand, you get a feeling that Krrish only fell in love with Priya because she's the first woman his age that he's seen all his life until that point!

*SPOILERS* ahead:

As for the plot, I felt that they didn't need to connect Krrish to Koi Mil Gaya. All it did was ruin the sweet memory of Rohit and Nisha from that movie (their fate in the sequel is just so horrible). Krrish would have worked much better as a stand alone. I mean, you can't have E.T. and then have Spiderman as the sequel. The Roshans argued that they needed an original reason for Krrish to have his powers. I'm thinking, nothing about Krrish is original! The Roshans have already borrowed so much from Hollywood that it wouldn't hurt to borrow a plot point from a Hollywood movie for the origin of his powers. Sacrificing some originality would have been worth it to keep the happy ending that Rohit and Nisha had in the last film.

Also, the twist at the end where Rohit turned up alive was just so ridiculous. By the way, another thing that really bothered me was that in Krrish, Rohit in the flashbacks while he was still young looked too much like the mentally handicapped Rohit from the first film. The first film already established that Rohit was completely normal and he even looked that way after Jadoo gave him powers. I didn't understand why the movie felt like it had to change that. Perhaps they just wanted the characters of Rohit and Krishna to be really different.

Preity Zinta was good in the 3 seconds that she was in the movie. I felt quite ripped off that that was all she got. The writers got rid of her character without much thought if you asked me. They didn't do much justice to a well established and well loved character. The scene when an old Rohit returns home to find Nisha dead will bring tears to your eyes and you wonder what the point is for the tragic fate of these two.

Rekha was the gem of the film. It was only in the scenes that had her in it did I feel like I was not watching a parody of a superhero movie.

Roshan couldn't find a nice balance between the superhero aspect of Krrish and the romance aspect of it, plus having to establish the background of the film. Perhaps he could've gotten a lesson or two from the Spiderman. This is another reason why I felt that a standalone film would have been better. As a standalone Krrish wouldn't have to waste valuable time telling what happened to Rohit and then trying to bring closure to that in the same film where they are trying to establish a new character entirely.

But the biggest shortcoming of this film was that it didn't make us empathize with Krrish and Priya the way we did for Rohit and Nisha in the first film. In the first film I rooted for Rohit and Nisha to overcome all odds to be together. Since Krrish was advertised as a love story before a superhero movie, I expected the same. Unfortunately the chemistry between Hrithik and Priyanka was colder than an iceberg. Not to mention that the character of Priya was just so weak that you wonder how the hero could fall in love with her. At the end of the film I still cared more about the characters from the previous film than i did for this one. All in all the movie left a lot to be desired and I hope if they make any other sequels that they will be respectful of the legacy that their prequels established.
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super dud!!
Vicky_baba21 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Krrish is being promoted as Indias first superhero movie even though that genre is probably the oldest in Indian film history. The movie is a sequel to a big hit of former years called 'Koi Mil Gaya'.After the death of Rohit(Hrithik Roshan),its the turn of the son,Krishna(Hrithik again) to shine as he has inherited the powers of the father.

The movie starts with the grandmother(Rekha) discovering the remarkable powers of her grandson.Fearing that his 'shakthis' will not give her 'mukthi' as they will be a cause for his exploitation,she leaves the place with grandson in tow to a remote corner of the world.The kid grows into a stud along with his horse.He can leap like crazy and climb trees like Tarzan.He is also supposedly very smart and very strong. Yada yada yada.

In this Utopian setting 'drops in' the super exploitive heroine,Priya(priyanka chopra) and wisks Krrish away to Singapore where he crosses paths with Dr.Arya(Naseerudin shah),an evil scientist who supposedly discovered the palmtop 20 years back and now wants to create a 'computer that can predict the future using astrology,astronomy and technology'!!And what does he plan to do with it?Rule the world of course.

The rest of the movie(30 minutes of it) is about how the 'superhero' defeats this 'supervillan'. In the first half,I mistook Krishh to be a kid movie,meant for kids below 10 years of age.In the second half i realized its not even a kids movie..its just a bizarre dumb movie that has more holes in its script than most adults can count.

Plus points:-

1.The graphics:-Pretty good for an Indian movie though flawed in their execution.(everyone knows u have to push down to move up..but newtons third law of equal and opposite forces don't matter for Krishh).

2.Hrithik Roshan:-The hard work is evident,but he cant salvage a horrible script.

Negative points:- 1.Script:-Holeridden and immature. The story moves back and forth of 20 years with no changes, with just the help of hair dye.

2.Product placements:-Placing commercial products in the hands of actors and its done so many times that its pathetic...many scenes are just ads without the voice-over.Hrithik endorses Bounrvita, Rekha is seen holding a bag of Tide(!!) and you can see more hordings on screen than a world cup match.

3.Veterans:-Rekha and shah.Rekha overacts..Shah just doesn't care,so he kind of 'underacts'.The boredom on Shah face is a true reflection of the audiences emotions.

4.Songs:-One average song and 3 other ones that sound all the same.They slow down the pace of the already dull movie.

Though the movie has a few sfx laden scenes that will make you sit up and take notice,the rest of the 3 hrs are a complete waste of time.

Bottomline:-Lots of south indians watch Balakrishna movies just to see how he makes a fool out of himself.Lots of North indians do that at Mithunda movies.Continuing in that line is Krishh.....amusing but for all the wrong reasons.
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Krrish and Bollywood Rock!
jwhale938213 September 2007
Krrish is the first movie from India that I've seen. I saw it on Youtube. I didn't have very high expectations, but after watching it, I was blown away.

Krrish is a film about India's first superhero. It starts with a young man named Krishna, who lives in rural India with his grandmother. Krishna has several unique abilities, including super-strength, super-speed, enhanced intelligence and levitation. One day, Krishna meets and falls in love with a young woman named Priya. After she goes home to Singapore, Krishna follows and hopes to ask Priya to marry him. In Singapore, he finds reasons to uses his powers to help mankind, including fighting a mad scientist named Dr. Arya. He becomes Krrish, the icon of millions of people.

Krrish is just an awesome movie. It has plenty of action, romance, humor and super-heroics. On top of all of that, I saw the movie as an up-close look at modern Indian culture. All in all, I thought this movie was great and Bollywood rocks.

If you love superhero movies you with love this movie.

The movie has since been removed from Youtube. I hope I can find it again.
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New Concept for a Bollywood movie
itskiwidude27 August 2006
A new concept for an Indian film, thus kudos to Mr rohan for making such a brave effort. Of all the Indian superhero movies made so far, i would say this was perhaps the least worst. People say it is copied and what not (then again we've all come to expect that of most bollywood films), but the fact is that the movie lacked general direction and purpose, thus a lot of the scenes were a drag. In addition, the plot seemed to be non-existent, and the sub plot was very weak. a movie with very general ideas that requires viewers to turn a blind eye to various plot holes. for example, kirsh and his father, despite a whole generation gap, seemed to be living in the same time period. even though i tried my best to watch the whole movie, it got too mind-numbingly boring thus i had to walk out about two thirds of the way through. and off the 4 people i sat down to watch the movie with, only 1 managed to see the whole thing. i found out from them what happens in the end, and by the sounds of things, i am very glad i walked out and saved myself and hour. Overall, this movie robbed me of two hours of my life which i shall never get back. still 3 very generous points awarded for the effort.
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The best sci fi bollywood can offer till date
vivekdlko23 June 2006
Well Krrish is the highly awaited sequel to "Koi mil gaya". The wait is finely how does it fare?Does it live up to the hype? well there could be mixed answers to this question.

Its definitely better than the first part. But on the acting point of view it definitely disappoints. the film solely relies on Hrithik Roshan's shoulders and he delivers but this is certainly not his best as an actor though as krrish i cannot think of anybody else but him playing the role , all the other characters are just passable which include the highly talented "Rekha" who looks uncomfortable in the role of a grand mother.Priyanka Chopra looks good and is camera friendly though not much of the histrionics on her part.

The story is quite predictable with hardly any twists.The first half of the film is a mediocre boy meet girl romance with tracing the origins of krishna aka krrish. the music is alright though not as good as rajesh roshan's previous attempts. its only in the second half that film picks up and the special effects come into play.These special effects are good according to bollywood standards. Like any other superhero movie it does have a villain in Naseeruddin Shah.he has played roles as a villain like in "Mohra" before but this time hes strictly okay.

The film has high production values the director has handled the product well.But overall he's confused whether to churn out an out and out sci fi flick or a mix of all genres.The film was Promoted as a Super hero movie though its more of a romantic-super hero type. That thing could be due to the budget constraints it was not made as solely as a science fiction/super hero movie. The special effects look a mix of "matrix" ,"crouching tiger hidden dragon" and other action flicks . On the whole krrish traces the origins of our very own desi super hero. it could be the first in the series with more to come. I hope the sequel will be more of a super hero type with more CGI and special effects romped in.

Go see krrish if you are a Hrithik Fan. you will not be disappointed.

all an all a popcorn flick with a difference.
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A Super-Hero is Born
SelvarajanK23 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Rakesh Roshan had a tough task ahead with krrish being a super-hero subject and no previous material to refer to. We should appreciate him because he is making a movie from scratch which is not based upon any comic book. Another way its also a blessing to him because he can be true to his imagination. Rakesh on the other hand gone in reference with some Hollywood films. Rakesh has done a wonderful job with Krrish. The story, well its neither concentrated on the superpowers, nor on good vs evil but full and fully on his son Hrithik Roshan and he lives up to to his dads expectation. The viewer should have a knowledge on Koi Mil Gaya (KMG) its prequel, oh oh don't worry if you have not seen it Rekha takes that responsibility in the movie to explain you whats happened so far, quite quickly of course. So how Krrish realizes his powers and uses it to save the worl.. wait a min no more saving the world, Rakesh gives a break to saving a world formula rather he adds family drama to it and pulls off a convincing entertainer out of it. The most app laudable aspect of the movie is the stunt sequence, Hrithik gets 5/5 for the stunts that he has performed on his own with out any dummies. The stunt choreographer has done an excellent job with the movie. Unlike any Indian movie so far this by far the best stunts that you can see which involves ropes, pulling and flying. Hardly you see any rope or even a hint of it in the movie, at least i didn't see it. The next aspect is the cinematography, music and above all the visual effects team. The music is good, if not the greatest background score Salim-Suleiman has done a decent job. The visual effects team along with the cinematographer has pulled of some exotic locations and some beautiful stunt sequence. Hrithik looks cool with his new hair style, and Priyanka Chopra does her doll role pretty well. If you loved KMG the for sure you will love this even more than that, if don't like the first one better keep away then complaining. In fact i felt this was even more technically advanced than KMG. Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, etc... because the list of movies which you have seen over and over the years, you will be forced to compare this movie with all those movies. I think is not fair to compare it with them. Even though you could see some shots similar to the movies mentioned you have to give Rakesh Roshan that much extra amount of space because of the budget constraint and the lack of the comic book hero that India has. Yes its technically the best Indian Super-Hero film I have ever seen, and A Super-Hero is Born.
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Krrish - What a great movie!!!
laddhu23 June 2006
This was a fantastic film! Hrithik Rosham delivers yet again! It has everything. Action, Suspense, Drama and Comedy also, without scrimping on the storyline.

Making a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya wasn't an easy job to do but Krrish delivered in every way possible. Special effects were great and extremely well done. If you haven't seen a bollywood film before, this is an excellent one to start with. You don't necessarily have to have seen Koi Mil Gaya to understand and appreciate Krrish but it does help with some things.

The cinema I saw this in was packed full and everyone in the audience loved it, so much so they were cheering for the good guys and booing at the villains and giving huge applause at the end. I thought it was fantastic! Don't miss out! A big thumbs up from me :)
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KRRISH - Kool RRiveting Indian Super Hero - Brilliant !
the_mantra_man28 June 2006
Shorter version : Don't Miss It !!

Longer version (No Spoilers !!) :

Rakesh Roshan may become the biggest showman India has produced in Hindi, for he definitely knows his filmKRAFT. Producing a good quality product and probably the first mega-hit SEQUEL with a steady increasing pace, that goes from 0-500mph by the time the movie is over requires planning, control and execution. RR delivers big time.

Hrithik takes RR's vision and makes it even better by performing at the highest level. If we are talking about a SuperStar phenomenon after the Big B, with a combination of Personality, Built, Charisma and Consistency, IMHO Hrithik will be IT in the years to come. The improvements needed would be a little more aggressiveness in angry roles.

KRRISH does begin where Koi Mil Gaya ended...and as the movie progresses does seal itself as a true sequel. When you walk out in the end, you feel justice is served to KMG.

The humor in the first half, the sequence of events, the songs (which are part of the movie, rather than being stuffed into the movie) "Chori chori...", "Aao Suanoon Pyar ki.." and "Dil Na Diya.." (what an amazing dance number by HK in the 2nd half) are refreshing. Action scenes do have the signature of HongKong Martial arts master Siu-Tung Ching, a little less in the 1st half and it takes quite a bit to introduce the character Krrish, which comes into existence only 15-20mins after the interval. The action is increasingly more than you can imagine in the 2nd half. The special effects are first rate.

N.Shah is just amazing as Dr. Arya and it would have been nice to see more of him but would have made it unnecessary. If Rekha and Hrithik deliver the most emotional performances throughout the film, Hemant Pandey, Puneet Issar, Priyanka & friends provide the comic relief in the first half. Sharat Saxena is menacing with his looks. APSingh is the perfect B****yBoss and the Chinese guy Gin Xia for his brief stunts

Overall - Great Entertainer and yes I'd like a sequel to Krrish :-)

Some Dings at KRRISH - The first child actor who plays Krishna is quite irritating (thanks to only a 5 min role), Introduciton of the character Krrish could've been a bit sooner in the film, The films length (the last song could've been cut even if it gets under your skin over time due to its softness and awesome picturization).
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Utterly disappointed despite Hrithik's honest performance.
Pankratz24 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see Krrish wanting the same impact that Koi Mil Gaya had on me. Unfortunately, I expected too much. Krrish did not have the heart that Koi Mil Gaya had.

Let's talk about the two leads, Hrithik and Priyanka. They didn't click, in my opinion. I would've much rather seen Preity play a different character and come back in the movie. She and Hrithik really worked in the first film. It was because of them that the first movie really worked. Not to mention that Priya, Priyanka Chopra's character wasn't very likable in the latter half of the movie. She came across as very selfish.

I also wanted to mention Preity Zinta. I had the impression that she was going to have a role in the film. I knew it wasn't a long role, but I expected more than 2 seconds. Which was what we got; literally. I even read somewhere that we would be seeing her in a new look with a sari and everything. Nope. Didn't get that.


In fact, in the end of the movie, after finding out Rohit didn't die after all and they all go back to their village, Nisha's the only one missing. If Nisha had to die, the least the writers could have done was not have Rohit turn up alive. To have those two separated just destroys the memory of the first movie. Such a tragic ending for them.

The movie also dragged on! So much! The movie doesn't really pick up until the last 30 minutes. And this is out of a 3 hour movie!!! There were too many things that Roshan tried to incorporate in the movie and overall it just didn't work. The romance came out flat (which didn't help since the character of Priyanka wasn't very likable, you begin to think: why would I want the hero to end up with her?). It's not like the Rohit/Nisha pairing in the first movie. In the first movie I really, really wished that Rohit and Nisha would end up together.

Also, another thing working against this movie is the fact that unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen a Hollywood superhero movie in the past decade. As a result, you can't help but see all the elements that Krrish ripped off from those movies. From Batman's mask, to Neo's trench coat look, to Superman's secret identity, to Spiderman's powers etc. There's not an ounce of originality to it. This may not have been so bad. After all, Koi Mil Gaya wasn't exactly original. We've all heard of the E.T. comments. But what saved that movie was that at the end of it, it wasn't about the special effects, but it was how much heart the film had. It had it in spades! The music also didn't live up to expectations. Rakesh Roshan unfortunately didn't deliver this time. Except for the number at the circus, the rest of the songs just made the film drag even more! There's a saying that the ending can make or break a movie. In my opinion, it broke this one. I won't explain, but you'll understand if you go see it.

As for the good things (that didn't outweigh the bad in my opinion): Rekha was very good in this movie, and if the movie had any heart at all, it came from her. The martial arts scenes were the only action scenes that really impressed me. Good work by Hrithik Roshan to make it look so impressive as if he'd been doing it all his life. Other than that, the movie showed flashes of brilliance, but unfortunately that's all there was. A big disappointment. I should have just waited until it was out for rent.

But really, my biggest grievance about this movie, (on top of all its little flaws that added up) was that it just ruined the first movie. It discarded the Nisha character so easily she may as well have not existed. I thought that the Roshans tainted the memory of Koi Mil Gaya for the sake of trying to rake in the audience from that movie as well to go and see Krrish. Krrish could have very well worked (with some tweaks here and there) as a completely separate movie. It was an underhanded marketing scheme.
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What A Crap ....
daywalkeri21 December 2006
What this movie is in real; nothing but an effort to create an Indian superman... ridiculous to see media making such a hype of this crap story... the story is OK but acting has nothing to do with this movie.. Hrithik Roshan looks good as always but as far as performance and acting goes he is still a kid... a kid encouraged and crowned by the Indian media... but it doest makes any difference.. if you want to see some Hollywood stolen special effects (and that too in poor performance), some idiotic dialogues and childish acting by Hrithik Roshan and want to waste some hours and in the end scratch your head and shout.. then you can watch it..otherwise let the children watch it and dream about being krrish... Brithik has done a good job in Dhoom 2 (he was the only one to do a good job) and I think he must focus more on such movies than being a clown like Krrish... this ain't a superhit but it is all the hype and publicity ...which is bad for bollywood itself... from the view of critics... in the end... good movie for children to watch but if this one gets any award (best actor/story/movie), then I got ONE word for this crap ... FLUKE !!!
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If you like superheroes, than this one is a must!
ijzeren_jan7 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I can't help it, but I simply love this movie. When I first heard about an "Indian superhero", my curiosity awoke immediately, even though I hadn't the faintest idea about Bollywood at the time. Since then, I've seen it many times, and always with pleasure. The entire movie is carried mostly by the Krrish character: a crossover between Tarzan, Batman and Neo, I'd say. What I particularly like in him is that in spite of his supernatural powers, he always remains a naive boy from the countryside. He cannot fly, doesn't use any gadgets, is not bullet-proof and unable to turn a person into ice with his touch... Krrish is simply a bit stronger and faster than others, and he can jump a little higher. That's about it. Yet, the credits for this charming character should definitely go to the actor playing it. Frankly, I can't imagine anybody else playing Krrish as well as Hrithik Roshan does.

Of course, the movie has a few weak points too, especially when it comes to the storyline. But then, superhero movies rarely have story lines that are particularly clever. Still, it is odd that Nisha managed to give birth to a son, while Rohit had been working non-stop in Singapore for two years (Krishna and Rohit are similar enough to each other to exclude the possibility of someone else doing the job for him). But okay, let's assume Rohit took a short vacation and met his wife. It is also odd that Krishna at the beginning of the movie meets a girl, who shortly after convinces him to travel thousands of miles to visit her in the very same city that by pure coincidence turns out to be the place where his father is still being kept alive artificially by the evil genius Dr. Arya. I mean, he didn't go there to save his dad, did he? Obviously, one of those typical coincidences that Bollywood seems to be fond of. How often have we seen situations like a fellow seeing the girl of his dreams in one place, and then completely accidentally meeting her again in a completely different part of the world, just a few days later?

However improbable, all these things are still theoretically possible. But how about this: after Dr. Arya witnesses his own tragic death caused by Krrish in the near future, he doesn't hesitate, goes to town, shoots poor Chris Lee whom he believes is Krrish, and returns home satisfied. But now he finds out he hasn't changed the future at all: in a few minutes, he is going to be killed by Krrish anyway. And indeed, Krrish appears. But Dr. Arya is well-prepared, because on this very moment he has a surprise for Krrish: Priya, the only weakness of the real Krrish. Could someone please explain to me why Dr. Arya would have abducted Priya, and when?

Apart from several holes in the script, I still think Krrish is a great movie. Hrithik Roshan is a fantastic Krrish, and I very much like Dr. Arya, subtly played by Naseeruddin Shah. Rekha does an excellent job as the sexiest grandmother ever. Also, it's hard to dislike Chris Lee, Krishna's Chinese friend. I'm not so convinced about Priyanka Chopra playing Priya, but several of her later roles prove at least that she is growing as an actress. Absolutely worth mentioning is also the wonderful background score by Salim-Sulaiman. The songs, written by Rajesh Roshan, aren't bad either.

All in all, heartily recommended. Eagerly waiting for Krrish 2.
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I am completely disappointed
a-laly26 June 2006
I was so eager to see the sequel to "Koi Mil Gaya" which in my opinion was not only a refreshing film, but had a great character written for Hrithik Roshan, and he DID deliver. But "Krrish" is so sappy and so one dimensional that even the most ardent fans of Hrithik, such as myself, found it difficult to sit through the overly sentimentalized movie. I wanted to wipe the perpetual smile off of his face and the almost infantile portrayal of the super hero was as flat as a day old chappati. The songs and dances will be forgotten as soon as you exit the theatre. And Priyanka Chopra is not someone who lights up the screen with her acting abilities. Nasiruddin Shah was having fun with his over the top villain role and not much else. The dialogue was so bland and cheesy and the stunts were from Matrix 101. That was the biggest disappoint. Hrithik just does not come off as a super hero and more's the pity. If there is a sequel to this, please Rakesh Roshan, hire a qualified script writer and give a better grip to the story with more shades of grey to the characters. I hope to see Hrithik soon in a better written film. He is a good actor wasted in substandard films. Maybe he should do a couple of films with Ram Gopal Verma to wipe out his goodtwoshoes image.
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krish is a awful movie
black_fairy20068 July 2006
Rakesh did his best but he couldn't make it he need a lot of improvement. Story of this movie is good but if they used some technology then they would have make a spectacular film. "krish" is the second part of Hrithik's film "Koi Mil Gia" which got some good ideas and made good business. They got some idea from the English movie spider man but i did get it that spider man used the web to fly around the buildings but what did Hrithik use to fly and climb mountains like spider man. Krithik have done a good job in this movie. Rakesh should avoid from Plagiarism and should use some own new ideas to make a blockbuster film. But "Krish is a good time pass movie.
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KRRISH ain't a Super-hero...He is a Super-zero
agrawalapoorv28 June 2006
Well, this movie released 5 days before Superman Returns.If u see both the movies you will find a great difference.Krrish is a mixture of spider-man, He-man, Superman, Batman etc...This movie is for kids of 6-7 years.. If you see the movie named "APARICHIT" it is far better than Krrish but Krrish has a budget that is 15 times greater than "APARICHIT".They show any rubbish showing Krrish fly and it's all rubbish... But it doesn't look fake THANK GOD... This movie will succeed all because of its hype and its a sequel to "Koi Mil Gaya"

Krrish is a loser, a boring movie and has no comparison with "Koi Mil Gaya"..Just avoid it..

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Krrish- The Indian Kukuboy
exinator15 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Indian "Steven Spielberg" decides to explore new grounds for Indian Cinema so after delivering India's first sci-fi movie (of course movies like Mr. India or Mr. X in Bombay were just gimmicks) where Son-Roshan was highly praised for his brilliant portrayal of the autistic boy, Rohit, from whose character Robert Zemeckis drew inspiration and made Forrest Gump, there were the others too that blatantly ripped off from Rakesh Roshan's magnum opus, Koi... Mil Gaya. Steven Spielberg shamelessly made E.T- Extra Terrestrial and not only that, even the end credits were stolen by the Star Wars team.

Now the Roshans are very creative people and creativity runs in the family. Be it the theme of Karan Arjun which was copied by James Cameron for Terminator or his "Tumne Joh Kaha" from Laawaris (Akshaye Khanna, Manisha Koirala) which was copied by the music band Aqua who took all the credit for Barbie Girl not mentioning even once that it was Mr. Rajesh Roshan's original tune that inspired them. This time too, Rajesh Roshan is cheated upon by the Turkish Military that make "Dil Na Diya" from Krrish: The Indian Kukuboy their theme and deny any role of Rajesh Roshan towards its creation.

But no worries, Indian Cinema should be proud at the way its progressing with movies like Krrish. The only problem is... the progress is negative. Taran Adarsh of course, was very amused by what Stealkraft.... I mean Filmkraft had done with Krrish but I believe other people would differ... I am referring to the "thinking class" of India.

There is no doubt that Krrish: The Indian Kukuboy will be nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Story... Best Gay Movie and Best performance in a supporting role (Archana Puran Singh. She was brilliant). So back to the story, there was none to start off with but if you're asking me what the 3 hour-long Kukuboy consisted of, well. Krrish is a very intelligent boy since childhood and it seems that he has inherited "Supernatural powers" from his father who is supposed to be dead but brings in his sorry wrinkled autistic ass in the climax (oops, I spoilt the climax for you film lovers).

The beauty of Krrish- The Indian Kukuboy lies at a place you cannot see and hence you tend to get misled into believing that there is no beauty at all but there is. When was it the last time that you saw an Indian Superhero? Agreed, Sunny Deol is a very innovative man and he makes well for a poor man's Hulk + Rambo - Pakistani Terrorists = An Obese Indian Patriot. Puneet Issar did break new grounds for Indian Cinema with his Desi version of Superman but Krrish is better.

There is no man braver on the scum of the Universe than Mr. Rakesh Roshan who is the true superhero of Indian Cinema and puts his life on the edge every time he's making a movie not bothering that his bald ass could get sued any moment by Hollywood directors who get his work registered as theirs but he carries on... like a true superhero! Don't be surprised if I tell you that a sequel to Krrish is already on its way to create new grounds for Indian Cinema and take it to new heights-irrespective of what the direction of the heights be... Laymen are stupid people that they choose to prefer Catwoman over Krrish- The Indian Kukuboy... coz Krrish is way better and we know it- Catwoman never got nominated for Best Film in Filmfare Awards, Krrish Will.

4/10 from
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ET meets Superman! How lame is that?
die_Heuchler9 July 2006
This is perhaps the worst superhero movie I've ever seen. What the Roshans have done is simply spent a week watching all the Hollywood superhero movies and spiced it up as 'Desi.'? And who ever on earth told them that Priyanka Chopra fitted the role? No man, don't even think about making the third part for this film. And what's up with the script, character artists and everything? Mr. Rakesh Roshan must take few lessons on writing a powerful screenplay and get rid of lame language. The big problem with the thing is that the Roshans have managed to make a 2006 movie with recipe, that worked only 11 years ago. They've failed to realize they're not making Karan Arjun. ( Well Roshans, hope to see an original movie next time around!
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Trailer looked very good...But the film was crap.
Angelus23 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailer and was moved. It was a different type of movie to what Bollywood was doing and looked very exciting; yes...The concept wasn't any good, the whole sequel to ...don't even remember the name...I know it was a copy of E.T....

So the trailer was very dark and grim with the fight scene in the warehouse looking very good and the song 'Pyar ki ek kahani' was refreshing. I've never been this excited for a Bollywood film before...And so I watched it.

It was a mixture of Payback, Superman, Spiderman and lord knows what else. The poster was a copy of Daredevil and Priyanka was very annoying, while the end was just awful, the warehouse fight which I looked forward to was awful..I mean Spidey's fights are pretty spectacular but c'mon!....

The only good thing was Pyar ki ek only good thing.
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Not "YET" as good!
Heatednemz26 June 2006
Hi everyone! I just saw the movie today and was extremely disappointed by the action! Hrithik looks Awesome as a superhero and his performance is good as well!

But i was extremely disappointed by the Action and jumping sequences! ..Having a career in Visual FX , i just could not believe how badly they have made it!.. Had rakesh roshan Used some CG (computer generated) Elements.. this movie would have been worth all they Hype it created!

Those who have seen the movie must agree with me that when u compare these movies to "Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship Of The Rinf" or even a superhero movie like "spider-man" (both made in 2001.. or at least the effects)

i Think they could have done a much better job! No doubt Hrithik looks amazing in the movie, he would even make a perfect superman given a look at his physique ..

But then i wouldn't recommend this movie to Hard Core Cinematics!

In the End .. a Good Attempt but not quite "marvel" as its Hollywood counter parts!

P.S .. Hrithik (again) has acted really well.. if ur a fan of his work.. Definitely go for the movie!

but if ur a spider-man/x-men/superman fan.. Ahem.. be ready to laugh ur butt off at the weird/fake/funny Action!
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