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Season 3

3 Jun. 2008
De verdwenen baby
While injury-wrecked soccer star Matthijs Kramer's non-Dutch wife Meral Kramer, who is about to divorce him, reports that while she visited a drugstore, their 4 months old baby Erkan is stolen, unnoticed. Shop security cameras allow identifying the laundry service van of Brian Russell, who is seen meeting drug lord Kemal Aziz's runner Ali Turan. Meral claims to be abused by Matthijs, who credibly denies and suggests checking up on her Turkish parents, who opposed a mixed marriage.
10 Jun. 2008
De verdwenen droomprins
Sonja van Moersel reports her boyfriend, big spender Hans de Leeuw, missing. The team discovers she actually dated a master crook who stole many identities before Hans's and always left with the loot after a few months. They even identify him working from a missing period, but find more crimes are involved.
17 Jun. 2008
De verdwenen tiener
Dutch air force lieutenant Johan Blok's teenager Tess, a pacifist rebel who calls him a 'murderer' since his recent return from UN missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and refused to dress suitably, even got a tattoo to spite him, is reported missing a day by her ma Cécile. The team works on his battle trauma and alcohol problem. Also unclear is the part of her youth friend Marc Scharing, son of Johan's battle-killed mate and about to join the marines after training, who was at the party Tess avoided attending. Lastly weekly threat letters are found from an unknown ...
24 Jun. 2008
De verdwenen DJ
Nightclub Outland's ruthless manager Laurens Faber reports independent international star DJ Patrick 'Pat' Wildschut, alias Wild P, presumed drunk and stoned as usual after work, missing since his last evening performance. Marketeer and home-mate Clara Prins says she left him a day earlier because he didn't defend her when Laurens banned her from the club, uneasy with the lifestyle anyhow, jealousy according to Faber, who financed his upcoming CD. The master version is missing from Pat's apartment. Club technician Jos Thijssen recognizes dancer Jasmijn Stender (18)'s ...
1 Jul. 2008
De verdwenen bankier
Senior banker Arthur Snoeck is reported missing by his boss Eduard Sprengler's sister and wife Eliza, who saw him last three days before. The marriage was in trouble, as she just returned from a three weeks holiday with their two kids, without him. Before they can find Arhur, the team goes trough his excellent performance at the investment firm and discovers his secret private life.
8 Jul. 2008
De verdwenen stagiaire
Dutch archaeology professor Ruud Langeberg's apprentice Emilie Fischer is reported missing by her elder house-mate Kristel Fernandes. The night of her disappearance, a unique Vesta statue from the controversial Ijselstein dig; which caused a major building project to be shut down, the key piece of Langeberg's prestigious exposition to show off his theory, is stolen, while the alarm wasn't set by depot manager Henk Bruyne. Kevin discovers the Vesta was probably planted by one of the archaeologists being identical to an older find which was donated to the museum. The ...
15 Jul. 2008
De verdwenen psychiater
Three days after failing to prevent the suicide of ex-patient Amanda Vorstenbosch (21), Zonzicht hospital psychiatry resident Renate Moret (29) is reported missing by her director, Marius van Doorn (45). Fellow staff confirms Amanda's widowed dad 's complaint she shouldn't have been treated or released by unqualified Renate. Kevin discovers serious miss-medication. The team finds trails of abuse, lack of therapeutic means and various problems with non-patients. Violent-crazy patient Pepijn de Bree makes an impossible confession, yet not quite meaningless. Timo is near...
29 Jul. 2008
De verdwenen rechercheur
Timo is as surprised as his colleagues, especially viciously jealous partner Max, to get a promotion for tireless zeal and sense of initiative. Then Timo goes missing himself. While the team hopes it(s about the promotion, an anonymous ransom demand arrives. Only Rossi could have tipped off the kidnapper, but has an alibi, yet ends up realizing she left the filing cabinet key on her key ring which she gave a neighbor to water her plants. Kevin finds a crucial case, concerning a colleague who died on Timo's watch and has a living son.

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