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5 Jan. 2006
Het verdwenen adoptiekind
Manuela, a four year old adoption child from South America, doesn't show up at the Arrivals hall. Several witnesses saw her getting out of the plane. So she disappeared between the exit of the plane and the Arrivals hall. It looks impossible.
12 Jan. 2006
De verdwenen echtgenote
Just before the honeymoon, the wife disappears when she goes to the dentist. Is it possible she has anything to do with the robbery on a petrol station?
19 Jan. 2006
De verdwenen wethouder
After a council meeting a council member disappears. It turns out he both loved women and the bottle a lot. Soon strange affairs come to light.
26 Jan. 2006
De verdwenen ouders
After years a daughter comes to visit her parents, but they're not at home. According to a neighbour they traveled to Australia to seek their daughter.
2 Feb. 2006
De verdwenen voetballer
A very valuable football player, who was to play his first match that evening, disappears. The football mad Nick and Timo are very distraught.
9 Feb. 2006
De verdwenen dochter
The daughter of a rich widow suddenly disappears. Two racists, from the same age, seem to know more.
2 Mar. 2006
De verdwenen student
A student plans to go to Bonaire with his girlfriend to meet her parents. When she waits at the airport, he doesn't turn up.
9 Mar. 2006
De verdwenen bruidegom
On their wedding night the groom is called away. He never returns. It turns out he kept a secret she wasn't to know.
16 Mar. 2006
De verdwenen moeder
A strong Christian man reports his wife missing. The team see him as a suspect. Max seems to know more about this mans history.
23 Mar. 2006
De verdwenen actrice
There is an attack on a publisher and his girlfriend has disappeared. The motor club, where the publisher was doing an article about, is a strong suspect.
30 Mar. 2006
De verdwenen huisarts
A doctor has disappeared. His wife, who temporarily lives somewhere else, finds an empty house. In the bed she sees a fresh pool of blood.
6 Apr. 2006
De verdwenen française
Nick has a date with a Française. When he comes to the hotel, where they were supposed to meet, she doesn't show up.
13 Apr. 2006
De verdwenen commissaris
A chief of police, just before his pension, suddenly disappears. It turns out Heleen knows more about the case then her colleagues.

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